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A large part of the eastern region dared to declare war on the entire Kaishan Alliance!

Such behavior happened for the first time in the long years of the rule of the three major alliances...

In the realm of Xu Yuan, there have been many forces that want to resist the three major alliances, but most of them are just a little trouble, it is difficult to make a big wave.

Basically, the three major alliances can be suppressed by sending only one or two large groups.

But this time, the situation is very special.

Not only did they declare war head-on...but it was a large part of their Eastern Frontier who declared war on the Kaishan Alliance!

A large part of his men has openly declared war on the entire alliance!

As soon as the news came out, the entire Open Mountain Alliance became a sensation.

The four major frontiers of east, west, north and south, forty major divisions, and forty base camps, including the tens of millions of monks affiliated to the Open Mountain Alliance, are discussing this matter enthusiastically.

"What's the situation Is something wrong This is impossible!"

"It really doesn't seem to be a real thing, how can you be so bold Such a public declaration of war... isn't it looking for death..."

"The declaration of war was issued from the highest level of the third largest department, and it was jointly named by the three star-level leaders of Tiannan, Ren Le, and Qiu Liang. This is definitely not wrong."

The entire Open Mountain Alliance, whether it is the various cultivators, the high-levels of the major base camps, and even the major departments... are in a state of shock and confusion.

No one knows why the third largest group would commit such a big rebellion and seek a dead end.

If you think about it for rebellion, no one can punish you for it.

Once it is made public, it is the capital crime among the capital crimes!

The entire third major department, even the lowest cultivator... will be implicated by this, and the soul will be destroyed!

Therefore, many monks believe that the three highest powers of the third largest group are crazy.

Indeed, the comprehensive strength of the third largest department ranks in the forefront, or even the top three, among the top ten departments of the Eastern Region.

But this strength, compared to the entire Open Mountain Alliance... is nothing.

However, for the vast majority of low-level monks, being able to witness such an event happen in these boring, tired and depressing days is a bit more fun, and you can watch the excitement.

They all wanted to see how many days this third largest group in the Eastern Frontier could sustain after publicly declaring war on the Kaishan Alliance.

Some cultivators felt that it would not take three days, and some cultivators felt that the third largest group dared to do so, and they would have to rely on it and might be able to support it for a month.

There are still many monks who feel that...in less than a day, the third largest group will be destroyed.

In short, regardless of the length of time... the monks in the entire Open Mountain Alliance believe that...

The countdown to the death of the third largest has begun.


The ninth part, the top floor of the West Command Tower.

"Brother, it didn't take long for Fang Yu to go to the third club. The third club publicly declared war on the alliance. This must be Fang Yu's trouble!" Wufeng said a little excited after learning the news.

In front of him, standing is his brother, the two-star leader, who has no appearance.

Wuxiang frowned and squinted, "Why does he have the courage to do this"

"It's a good thing for me and Wujian!" Wufeng said excitedly, "If he dies, the marks left on me and Wujian will disappear, and we will no longer be restricted by him!"

Wuxiang glanced at Wufeng and nodded: "It is true. He declares war like this. It is far more than our opponents who are waiting for him."

Wufeng's eyes were cold and the corners of his mouth curled up and smiled.

After accepting Fang Yu's blood contract, he was so desperate that his life would always be controlled by Fang Yu.

But I didn't think that the good news came so quickly.

Fang Yu went crazy and directly led the third party to declare war on the alliance!

If you want people to perish, you must make them crazy.

Fang Yu, who had emerged from nowhere, was obviously already on the path of destruction.

What he and Wujian want to avenge, Kaishan Alliance will help them avenge!


In the eastern region, within a huge star in the center.

In an ancient castle-like building, in a dark stone chamber.


Eight yuan released a trace of breath, instantly turning all the facilities in the entire stone chamber into dust and dissipating in the air.

"Fang Yu, Fang Yu..." Eight Yuan gritted his teeth, the killing intent in his pupils exploded.

He had just sent out Sanying, the strongest killer under his team, but before Sanying arrived, Fang Yu did something that made him even more angry.

Openly declare war on the entire Kaishan Alliance!

This is the third largest part of the Eastern Region!

This kind of thing happened under Ba Yuan's eyelids, it was completely hitting him in the face!

The above will definitely be blamed!

"Damn it! Damn it!"

Ba Yuan gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, angrily abnormal.

As the leader of the Seven Stars, he controls a large area of ​​the Open Mountain Alliance. He is highly powerful, and there are few things that can make him so angry.


At this moment, a light curtain suddenly appeared in the stone room full of smoke and dust.

Appeared in front of the eight yuan.


After the light curtain flickered, a figure appeared from it.

It's just an outline, and you can't see the face clearly.

But at the forehead of this outline, there was a bend, shining with a red mark.

A closer look reveals that this mark...is in the shape of a dragon!

Seeing the appearance of this outline, Ba Yuan's expression changed and he immediately got up.

Then, he knelt on his knees, and his head fell on the ground.

In the entire Xuyuan realm, there are not many people who can make the Eight Yuan under the Seven Stars do such a big gift...

But this one, Ba Yuan must kneel.

Because this is his husband.

One of the eight heavenly monarchs of the Kaishan Alliance, Zhenlong Tianjun!

"Master Tianjun..."

Eight yuan's forehead was firmly on the ground, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

Because he knew very well why Zhenlong Tianjun came.

"The third major treason, what do you think should be handled"

Zhenlong Tianjun's tone is very calm, his voice is not loud, but it is extremely thick, as if it contains the power of the law, and it is shocking.

"The subordinates are about to lead the team personally to level the third big team." Eight yuan replied nervously.

Zhenlong Tianjun was silent for a while, and asked: "How sure is it"

Hearing this question, Ba Yuan gritted his teeth, his eyes were full of harshness, and replied firmly: "My Lord Tianjun, his subordinates promise...with 100% certainty that the third party will be wiped out!"

"If it is not completed~www.novelhall.com~ what shall you do" Zhenlong Tianjun asked again.

Eight yuan was shocked.

But he knew very well the temperament of his own gentleman.

Therefore, Ba Yuan settled down hard, gritted his teeth and said: "If it is not completed, the subordinates will kill themselves!"


This can be said to be the heaviest promise.

But Ba Yuan knew that he had no other choice.

Zhenlong Tianjun couldn't tolerate sand in his eyes.

Once there is a mistake, the six relatives do not recognize and must be sentenced to capital punishment.

Eight yuan gave the outside world a violent and brutal impression, which was learned from Zhenlong Tianjun.

"Okay, I hope you can do it." Zhenlong Tianjun didn't say much, and the light curtain disappeared as soon as the voice fell.-

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