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Chapter 2314

At this moment, a huge star far away from the third largest, in a slightly dim room.

In the shadow, a figure held the token in its hand.


Then, with a crisp sound, the token was crushed to pieces, turned into dust, and slowly dispersed in the air.

"Fuzheng, Fuzheng...no small things can be done well."

The figure in the shadow shook his head, his tone cold.

It can be heard from the voice that this person is the seven-star leader who had previously communicated with Fang Yu, eight yuan!

"Tell the fourth department to be ready, and whoever transmits from the third department is immediately detained." Eight Yuan said again.

"Yes, my lord."

At this time, beside him, a shadow turned into a human form and walked out of it.

The humanoid shadow didn't take two steps, then stopped again, and asked in that cold voice: "Sir, do I need to bring my subordinates to assist If the fourth major can't win the opponent..."

"No hurry, I'll have to see...what the third club wants to do." There is no warmth in the eight yuan's tone, "They dare to deduct the Fu Zheng I sent, and then pretend to be Fu On the other hand, to extract information... With such courage, is it just a piece of the **** stone to provide them I don't think this is the case, there must be other support."

"So, just take a look, what makes them brave... What else is there besides making the **** stone."

"Yes." The humanoid shadow replied.

"Haha...interesting. In recent years, fewer and fewer people have dared to resist the alliance. I didn't expect that under my hands... this could happen again." Ba Yuan sneered coldly.


After talking to Ba Yuan, Fang Yu returned to the cell and made slight adjustments to Fu Zheng.

This trip is going to the fourth department. Everyone I see knows Fu Zheng very well, and the details must be in place.

After half an hour, Fang Yu left the cell.

At this time, he was completely Fuzheng, and he couldn't see the slightest strangeness.

"Well, it's time to go to the fourth largest department." Fang Yu and Tian Nan went to the teleportation platform together.

"Do we need to go with Master Fang" Tian Nan asked with a frown, "After all..."

"You don't need to go, I'll do it alone. As for the subordinates that Fu Zheng brought, I told them to send them to perform other tasks." Fang Yu said.

"Okay, Master Fang...be careful." Tian Nan said.

Soon, he arrived at the transfer station.

Fang Yu stood alone on the huge teleportation platform.

"I hope this passage can be smoother," Fang Yu said.

Tian Nan seems to be in a nervous mood and is not in the mood to make a joke.

"Don't be so nervous, it's not that you go to the fourth department." Fang Yu smiled, "Don't worry, when I come back, the fourth department must be under my control."

"Under... Naturally believe in Master Fang!" Tian Nan knelt on one knee and said firmly.


Immediately, Tiannan activated the transmission platform.

The magic circle light masterpiece on the transmission platform, the powerful space power burst out.

"call out!"

Fang Yu on the transfer platform entered the space channel and disappeared on the transfer platform.


Just like last time, the space channel is still extremely bumpy.

"Damn, can't this space channel be better" Fang Yu muttered.

"Such a long space channel is already very powerful if it can be built. Do you still want to be smooth and comfortable" Li Huoyu said angrily.

Fang Yu did not speak, but closed his eyes.

Taking advantage of this time, he happened to enter the Universe Tower to see the condition of the germinated seed.


Fang Yu entered the Universe Tower and saw the seed, still the same.

There is a prototype, but there is no obvious growth.

But what is certain is that the aura on its surface is very close to the power of heaven.

This also shows that Fang Yu's guess is probably correct.

This seed must have a connection with the Heavenly Dao Sword.

At this moment, the Sword Spirit of Heaven was on the side, walking around the germinated seed in circles.

After Fang Yu arrived, he watched it turn dozens of times.

"Aren't you tired" Fang Yu asked.

"Master, master..."

The Heavenly Dao Sword Spirit stopped, and it seemed that Fang Yu appeared behind him.

It looked at Fang Yu and blinked.

"It's okay. Keep going around, I just come in and take a look." Fang Yu waved his hand and said.


The Heavenly Dao Sword Spirit responded and continued to revolve around the seed.

Fang Yu stood up and looked into the distance.

Except for this position, there is no change in other areas.

It is still a large area of ​​wasteland, waiting for him to open up wasteland.

"If you want the earth to be turned over here to reach the third level, it will take the year of the monkey..." Fang Yu shook his head and sighed.


The fourth major part, the transmission station.

At this moment, around the teleportation platform, on the inner three floors and the outer three floors, stood more than 5,000 monks in black armor.

Their palms rested on their chests, and a light red magic energy was condensed in their palms.

And the place where their magic power flocks is the teleportation station.

If you look at it from a distance or from a top-down perspective, you can clearly see that the periphery of the huge teleportation platform...has been enveloped by several layers of extremely tough magic circles.

The function of these magic circles is naturally a limitation.

Wait a minute, no matter who will be sent from the teleportation station~www.novelhall.com~, they will be bound by these magic arrays that are set up in advance and pressured by five thousand elite monks. They will not escape!

On the front of the teleportation platform, besides several layers of magic circles and enchantments, there were also a group of monks with solemn expressions.

For the first two star leaders, the left shoulders are all three stars.

Two Samsung leaders!

Long Yuan, Shine Yang!

Together with Fu Zheng, the three constitute the highest power core of the fourth largest ministry.

At this moment, Long Yuan and Zhao Xinyang both had stern faces, and their eyes flashed with fierce light.

Long Yuan's face is white without beard, wearing a plain gray robe. Zhao Xinyang is even more ostentatious, with a goatee and a fierce face. The surface of the armor he wears is gleaming like dragon scales.

And behind them, there are the chiefs of the four major districts and some high-level leaders.

There was dead silence around the entire transmission platform.

No one spoke, and the atmosphere was extremely suppressed.

This is of course the tone set by Longyuan and Zhao Xinyang!

You know, this task is directly assigned by Master Eight Yuan who controls the Eastern Region!

The weight can be imagined!

Even if you don't know anything about the details, this task must never be missed, let alone treated lightly!

After a while, no matter who appears on the teleportation platform, they must be taken down immediately and put into prison!

After that, follow the instructions of Master Eight.

As time passed slowly, the atmosphere around the transmission platform became heavier and more serious.

The gazes of all the cultivators present stared at the center of the teleportation platform.

Some time passed.


The magic circle on the teleportation platform shone, and the power of space exploded.

At this moment, the surrounding monks immediately held their breath and looked awe-inspiring.


The third largest group of people will finally show up!

(End of this chapter)-

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