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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 2185: Descend on earth

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Above the green sea, the light had dissipated and returned to normal.

Within the Yuhua Gate, there was silence.

Everyone looked at the direction of the back mountain, their faces full of shock.

They don't know what happened.

But they all clearly felt the monstrous magic energy emanating from the back mountain when the light was blooming the most.

That is the strongest magic power that can swallow the sky and block the sun.

Back on the mountain.

The wooden house has been destroyed by the explosion of Fa Neng.

Fang Yu stood there, looking at Hong Tianchen in front of him.

At this time, Hong Tianchen didn't have the same radiant and radiant look before.

His face is full of wrinkles, his body is rickety, and he is very old.

Even, already exuding lifelessness.

During the process just now, he had already passed all the power of the big sky and stars on his body to Fang Yu.

And with his meridians damaged, after doing this...Shouyuan also came to an end.

Fang Yu looked at Hong Tianchen in front of him, took a deep breath, and said: "Old Hong, I will do my best to live up to your expectations."

At this time, Hong Tianchen needed to raise his head to talk to Fang Yu.

He raised his head with difficulty, smiled at Fang Yu, and said: "If Zhao Chengfeng is still alive, if you... can see him, remember to tell him that I have done my best."

After saying this, Hong Tianchen could not stand steady and fell to the ground.

Fang Yu reached out his arm to support Hong Tianchen.

And Hong Tianchen... has no breath.

His eyes were closed, and his wrinkled face still had a faint smile.

This is a smile of relief and relief.

For many years, he has become the ancestor of the Datianchen Star, witnessing the human race on the Datianchen Star from its peak to decline, but there is nothing he can do... It is also torture for him.

He can only delay the process of the destruction of the human race, but cannot prevent the destruction of the human race.

But it's the same as what he said last.

Within his ability, he has tried his best.

Fang Yu looked at Hong Tianchen's remains, his eyes flickering slightly.


In the evening, Fang Yu buried Hong Tianchen in the back mountain and erected a tombstone.

"The Tomb of Xing Ancestor, Hong Tianchen."

Fang Yu and Hong Tianchen didn't get along for a long time, and the relationship between the two was very delicate.

Hong Tianchen is the eighth master of the halberd of the sky.

And Fang Yu is the ninth.

It is precisely because of this relationship that Hong Tianchen noticed Fang Yu so quickly.

After the tombstone was erected, Fang Yu summoned the Sky Celestial Halberd.

The sacred halberd of the sky was suspended in the air in front of the tombstone, shaking slightly, making a buzzing sound.

"Senior died well, and I and the human monks should all be our ancestors as an example, to protect the human race, willing to sacrifice their lives." Ye Ge was beside Fang Yu, her eyes flushed slightly, but her tone was extremely firm.

Fang Yu did not speak.

On the other side, Shi Yuan also looked solemn.

He had never seen Hong Tianchen before, just heard of the name of Xingzu.

Therefore, he did not know how much Hong Tianchen contributed to the Human Race.

"Well, we have to prepare for the next thing." Fang Yu said lightly.

Ye Ge looked at Fang Yu.

"No matter what method we use, we have to find the most holy pavilion's lair. Then, we will kill all the dogs..." Fang Yu's voice exuded a chilling intent to kill.


At night.

Fang Yu sat alone at the tea table in Houshan.

The wooden house has been rebuilt, but he did not enter the house to rest. Instead, he sat in an easy chair and looked up at the stars in the night sky.

In fact, he has been thinking about a problem since he came to the upper plane.

What is the relationship between the plane he is on and the plane where the earth was before...

Is it the most direct relationship like up and down the floor, or is it overlapped in the same space, just in different dimensions

The first kind of relationship is easy to understand, and the second kind is the so-called parallel world.

Combining his previous experience, Fang Yu prefers the first relationship.

After all, he did personally experience the process of going to the upper plane.

If it is a parallel world, the way to go shouldn't be that shuttle...

But in fact, it's impossible to say.

Fang Yu shook his head and didn't think about this problem anymore.

He raised his left hand, a blue magic ball containing the power of law condensed in his palm.

This group of laws can appear, and you can sense a majestic breath.

This is the source of Datianchenxing.

Speaking of it, the source power of Datianchenxing can be used directly.

Why did the Earth Source Crystal integrated into Fang Yu's body...but not much performance

At least, Fang Yu couldn't condense the power of the stars from the earth.

"Who can answer this question for me" Fang Yu asked in his heart.

"Master, the earth source crystal has been integrated into your body and has become a part of your body." Cryogenic Tears said, "At present, you really can't condense the earth's magic energy alone, but in fact, in every magic energy you use , Has its shadow."

"So..." Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly.


At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps from behind.

Fang Yu didn't look back, and knew it was Hua Yan's footsteps.

Huayan came to Fang Yu's body, bit her red lips, and said reproachfully: "Sorry, I didn't succeed in saving him."

"Are you talking about Lao Hong" Fang Yu looked up at Hua Yan and asked, "That has nothing to do with you, that is Lao Hong's choice."

"It's a pity." Huayan sighed, then looked at Fang Yu a little cautiously, and said, "Don't... be too sad."

"I'm okay, I respect his choice~www.novelhall.com~ Fang Yu said lightly, "People will definitely live a long time. I used to... That's it, let alone him. "

Huayan squatted gently beside Fang Yu, looked up at Fang Yu slightly, blinked like a little girl who wanted to hear a story, and asked, "Why do you... live enough"

"It's a long story," Fang Yu said.

"May as well, I want to know your previous...story." Hua Yan whispered.

"Oh, you want to know about Lin Batian, right Yes, I just have time to talk to you." Fang Yu smiled.

"No, I want to hear your story too." Huayan said, looking straight at Fang Yu.

"Uh...well, then I will pick some things that I have experienced with Lin Batian." Fang Yu said.


Eastern Region, above Dingfeng.

Zhidingfeng is the highest peak in the entire Datianchenxing, with a height of 10,000 meters.

At this moment, the top of the mountain was covered with snow, and it was white.

This is a place off the beaten track, but at this moment... there are 25 people here.

Twenty-four people stood in the square team, and a figure stood in front of the square team.

This person was wearing a platinum robe and his face was elegant, but his face was very solemn and pale at the moment.

This man... is God, Yuan Chen!

He was ordered by the Holy Lord to lead the team to the lower plane's ancestor star, Earth!

"I hope you are all ready for this trip... We are going to cross the plane and reach the lower plane!" Yuan Chen's lips were a little dry and his voice hoarse, "This action is very special and full of unknowns."-

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