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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 2001: Adapt to the status quo

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Ye Ge nodded, and then spoke a word with the sound transmission of God's Sense.

After listening to Wu Ran, his face changed and he immediately looked down.

His eyes were fixed on the two stone statues in front of the back mountain.

Then, I saw the face of the stone statue next to the Lin Batian stone statue... exactly the same as Fang Yu in front of him!

At this time, Wu Ran's eyes changed completely.

"The head of Fang is trustworthy." Ye Ge said, "In today's situation, only the four of us have a chance to break the game."

Wu Ran did not speak, but silently looked at Fang Yu.

At this moment, Fang Yu was also looking at Wu Ran.

Judging from the temperament and breath, Wu Ran should indeed be a cultivator in the fairyland.

But the first few steps in Climbing Wonderland are still not visible.

And the two of the three remaining world veterans of the human race that Elder Lun Tian said... are already in front of them.

In any case, these two should be the top forces in the human realm on both sides of the Hong River.

The cultivation base of climbing the fairyland, the identity of Jie Zun...

However, whether to join them and join hands with them... Fang Yu has not yet made a decision.

Because Fang Yu didn't understand the two people in front of him.

Ye Ge said a lot, but all came from his own mouth, and the authenticity has not been verified.

At least, Fang Yu would not join it until he was confirmed to be trustworthy.

"Isn't he caused the situation now If he hadn't acted too arrogantly..." Wu Ranjian frowned and said.

Seeing Wuran's tone of dissatisfaction, Ye Ge immediately spoke: "Brother Wuran, you and I all know that it is only a matter of time before such a situation arrives, and you cannot blame the head of Fang for this. The other party is just using this as an excuse to continue with them. The plan decided long ago."

"Even if it is a matter of time, it is because of his arrogance that speeds up the process, and we are completely unprepared!" Wu Ran frowned and said solemnly.

Ye Ge shook his head and said, "Brother Wu Ran, with the current state of the Human Race Realm, the longer time we drag on, the weaker our combat power will become. At this point in time...it happens to be that we still have a chance. The chaos of the Human Race continues, and internal friction will only become more and more serious. At the end of the scattered sand, we just want to integrate, but it is difficult to achieve..."

"I'm talking about preparation! No matter what, even if we want to start a counterattack, we have to discuss it first, instead of acting like this." Wu Ran said coldly.

"War is about to start, and we are always preparing." Ye Ge smiled. "It's still too late, as long as we join hands."

Wu Ran glanced at Fang Yu, then looked at Ye Ge, and shook his head slightly: "Ye Ge, I am far less optimistic than you, and... I dont trust him that much. But since you are here today, I dont Continue to hold him accountable. As for joining hands...I still need to consider time, see you later."

After Wu Ran said this, he glanced at Fang Yu again.


Immediately, his figure disappeared into the air instantly.

Ye Ge stood there and opened his mouth, but before he could say a word, he could only sigh heavily.

"It seems that you haven't reached a unified opinion between the three world veterans." Fang Yu said.

"It was discussed before, but it seems... Brother Wu Ran's thinking has changed." Ye Ge turned around and smiled bitterly, "He may have adapted to the status quo."

"It's normal, people are comfortable with the situation, not to mention that he is a saint, and he should use this to the extreme." Fang Yu laughed, "The higher the cultivation level, the more he cherishes his life. He doesn't want to take risks, it can be understood."

"Where are you, the head of Fang" Ye Ge looked at Fang Yu, squinted slightly, and asked, "If you agree to join hands with me, even if the other two world veterans don't join, we will have a big chance."

"I, I still have to think about it." Fang Yu raised his brows and said, "but don't worry, I originally had enmity with Wandaoge and many mutant big clans, and I won't join hands with you... I will still find They settle the accounts and there is no conflict with your plan."

Ye Ge looked at Fang Yu and wanted to say something, but finally he said: "Okay, you think about it for a while, then I will talk to the other two Jie Zuns and see what they think."

Fang Yu nodded.

Ye Ge turned around, preparing to leave, and remembering something, Fang Yu said, "Head Fang, the other party's primary goal must be you. You...be careful. If you encounter difficulties, you can contact me at any time."

"Yes." Fang Yu said.

"Then I will leave first, see you later." Ye Ge's body drifted away in the wind.

In Fang Yu's left hand, a piece of white jade suddenly appeared.

In this way, the air was quiet.

Fang Yu looked down, and many demon spirits were still in a state of restlessness.

"It's okay, go back to sleep." Fang Yu said.

Hearing these words, these demon spirits calmed down and returned to live on the edge of the island.

Fang Yu frowned slightly looking at the completely undefended island below.

"This Sage Yuandao is really impolite. He destroyed all the magic circle on my island. He left without apologizing..." Fang Yu shook his head and dived down.


The speed of dissemination and fermentation of public opinion is often very rapid.

Especially the remarks sent through an authoritative organization all over the star ~www.novelhall.com~ are even more exaggerated.

In one day, Yuhuamen and Fang Yu have become the endorsements of the demon, and anyone mentions them with hatred and contempt.

In the entire Datianchen Star, only the situation in the Southern Region is slightly better.

Because all the major realms of the Southern Territory have demolished Wandao Pavilion at Fang Yu's request.

However, it is only slightly better.

Public opinion cannot be blocked by the boundaries of the realm. News from outside the realm will always enter the southern realm, and it is constantly being added to the vinegar during the dissemination.

By the time they returned to the southern border, Yuhuamen and Fang Yu were no longer as simple as Demon Sect and Demon Head.

"No wonder that the already decayed Yuhua Gate suddenly rises, and that Fang Yu is born out of the sky, sweeping everything! It turns out that he is a demon! This can explain everything!"

"Yes! I was also surprised before. If Fang Yu is so strong, it is impossible for Fang Yu to suddenly become famous now. He should have become famous long ago! Sure enough, he is the demon!"

"You only know now, I said before he killed several cases, this Fang Yu definitely has a problem!"

"The Overlord and the Yuhua Gate are really not guaranteed in the late festival... How brilliant they were back then, and now they have fallen to the point where they are offered a reward by the whole star, it is really sad..."

All kinds of opinions are endless.

Even the Great Shadow Demon became an accomplice of Fang Yu, the Extreme Fire Sect was washed white, and Fang Yu became a demon and was discovered, and the Extreme Fire Sect Heaven Palace was destroyed in a rage...

In short, the remarks are getting more and more outrageous and exaggerated, but more and more people believe.

After all, public opinion is the most difficult thing to control in this world.

With the fermentation of public opinion, by the third day, many monks have spontaneously come to the Green Coast and condemn the Yuhuamen together.-

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