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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1650: Extreme cold is coming

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Heaven and earth, the main feature of the celestial state.

The Bone Eater King in front of him was in a raging mood, his aura rose continuously to a very high level.


The King of Bones roared and stamped his right foot down!


Half of the entire top of the mountain collapsed!

Containing the power of endless magical energy, Fang Yu rushes straight ahead!

Fang Yu squinted slightly, his heart moved.


A complex magic pattern gleaming with bright golden light was condensed in front of him, blocking the bombardment of this surging magic energy.


The two collided, and there was a deafening noise.

Half of the entire mountain was collapsing, and the tens of thousands of soldiers below fully awake, shouting and rushing upward.

"After this guy got angry, he was really desperate." Fang Yu glanced at the crumbling Bone Eruption Palace in front of him, and said to himself, "Don't even want your own home"

"Overlord Fist!"

Fang Yu was still thinking, and the Bone Eater in front of him burst out again!

His strong right arm muscles tightened, and his big fist wrapped in the air of Dao Gang suddenly slammed out!


Like thunder and burst!

A translucent fist shadow zoomed in the air, like a mad lion with its mouth wide open, trying to swallow the Fang Yu in front!

Fang Yu looked calm, lifted his right palm, and extended his index finger.

This action is simple and light, and it seems to take no effort.

But the blasting boxing shadow contains violent magic power, extremely terrifying!


When Fist Shadow blasted in front of Fang Yu's right finger, a crisp sound of glass breaking broke out.

There seemed to be a broken line of invisible glass.

Fang Yu still stood in place, unharmed.

And the breath of that terrifying boxing shadow quickly disappeared.

The process of disappearing...like being sucked in by a black hole.

A hint of surprise flashed across the rugged face of the King of Bones.

In the next second, in front of Fang Yu's outstretched right finger, a group of equally huge boxing shadows suddenly condensed!

"I never like to owe others things, so... I'll give you back this punch."

Fang Yu smiled faintly, and lightly touched his right finger forward.


The same shadow of fist, accompanied by the howling sound of breaking through the air, blasted towards the Bonebreaker King!

The Bone Eater is too close to dodge, so he can only raise his arms to block it!


The Bonescutter King shocked all over, and his body flew out.

Fang Yu leaped slightly and rose into the air.

At this time, the entire mountain collapsed more severely.

"Wang Zun is attacked, all guard, take this gangster down!" Nearly 20,000 elite soldiers below roared, attacking Fang Yu in the sky!

Some of them lifted the halberd and rushed, some pulled their bows and arrows in the distance, and some began to cast spells.

Twenty thousand elite soldiers with a realm above Guiyi realm!

This is an extremely terrifying force.

They release the breath together, it is enough to make the liver and gall!

Fang Yu glanced at the nearly 20,000 elite soldiers below, and a sneer evoked at the corner of his mouth.

He felt that he had returned to the moment when he killed those alien creatures.

Of course, this group of soldiers is not only stronger, but also more intelligent than those alien creatures who have no brains.

But seriously, the difference is not big.

Anyway, it couldn't cause Fang Yu to trouble.

Fang Yu pinched the tactics with both hands, looking at the nearly 20,000 elite soldiers below, among his pupils... the golden cross sword quickly turned!

"The extreme cold is coming."

Fang Yu's eyes were cold, his hands pressed forward.


The whole world under the mountainside suddenly swept into an extremely cold chill!

This pale blue light swept toward the numerous soldiers.


It was like a cold wind blowing.

However, the consequences caused by the cold wind are far from being as simple as bringing a chill.

Nearly 20,000 elite soldiers below, after being swept by the cold wind, their bodies immediately stiffened!


Among them, some are still in the process of casting spells, some are rushing towards Fang Yu in the sky, and some are shooting sharp bows and arrows!

However, at this moment... they all stood still.

The movements in the hands, the breath released, and even the bows and arrows that have left the longbow... all stopped in the air, as if time was still!

But if you look closely, you can see all the people or objects that are still, and the surface is covered with a light blue frost.

This is the power of extreme cold!

It can freeze everything!

Including the breath released!

Therefore, the whole world starts from below the mountainside.

Time is not standing still, but forcibly frozen by the extreme cold!

Above the top of the mountain, Fang Yu looked at the nearly 20,000 elite soldiers who had stopped still with a smile on his face.

Unleash the power of crying tears through the eyes of the avenue, with half the effort.

In the vision of the Eye of the Dao, no one can escape the sweep of the extreme cold!

Even the bows and arrows fired had to freeze into the air.

The Bone Eater King who was blown away to the distance stabilized his figure, looked down at the foot of the mountain, his eyes changed.

Seeing those subordinates who were still and breathless, he knew...Fang Yu in front of him was definitely an extraordinary enemy.

Just raising his hand to make 20,000 elites stand still... you can see the terrible Fang Yu.

However, the King of Bones had no fear in his heart.

He raised his head to look at Fang Yu in the distance, and asked coldly: "Where are you from"

"I don't come from any camp." Fang Yu said, "I've said it all. I am looking for you just to ask you one thing. We didn't need to do it~www.novelhall.com~ You can leave it alone, but I must be very I'll know your identity soon," said the Bone Eating King Han.

Between the words, the breath of the Bone Eruption King rose again.

"Can't you speak well" Fang Yu was a little helpless.

"Fire of Nine Suns!"

The King of Bones roared.

On his back, the world and the world, the eyes of the one-horned creature suddenly burned with raging fire, showing a golden light!


At this moment, the surface layer of Bone King's body was eroded, and that layer of Daogang Qi also burned.

In an instant, the Bonescutter King turned into a burning man.

"Set yourself on fire What kind of operation is this" Fang Yu was taken aback.

And at this moment, in the direction of Heaven and Earth behind the Bone Eater King, the giant ape-like one-horned creature raised his arms, and his two giant palms joined together!


Fang Yu was instantly swallowed by two hot flames from all directions, without any dead ends!


The flame burned extremely fiercely, the surrounding temperature rose suddenly, and the moisture in the air was burned completely.

The Bone Eater King, who had become a living person, suddenly rushed to the flame-shrouded Fang Yu's position!


His speed was extremely fast, leaving a golden stream of fire in the air.


When he arrived in front of Fang Yu, the Bonebreaker King blasted out another iron fist!

But this time, the world behind him also followed him to make exactly the same movements.

Therefore, it seems to be just a punch, but in fact it combines the power of two punches!


This fist hit Fang Yu who was shrouded in flames in front, and there was a terrifying muffled noise.

The flames were all shaken away, but Fang Yu... was still in place.


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