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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1525: Black Dragon

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But Fang Yu didn't care about where these creatures came from or what ethnic group they were.

Maybe it was just when the Heavenly Dao Sword was used to cut through the law, it shocked these fierce spirits...otherwise, they shouldn't have their heads up so quickly and still look murderous.

"The empress wants to use these dozens of fierce spirits to kill me" Fang Yu frowned slightly, then nodded, and muttered to himself, "From this point of view, there is nothing wrong with the empresss plan... Ling, even if Guangchen or Cangrong comes in... it's hard to escape death."

"She definitely thinks that no matter how strong Rong Dao is, it will not be stronger than Guangchen and Cangrong."


Fang Yu shook his head, holding the Heavenly Dao Sword in his hand, swaggering towards the huge ancient city.

He just walked into the city gate.


Many fierce spirits roared together!

Among them are giant beasts that are nearly 100 meters high, insects that emerge from the ground and look like centipedes, and other beasts that are attached to city walls and grow colorful wings like lizards and snakes.

Although different in shape, they have two things in common.

That is... huge size, and... the opponent Yu is full of hostility.

When Fang Yu stood at the gate of the city, all the eyes of these fierce spirits gathered.


The group of fierce spirits let out a low growl, killing intent and breath exploded at the same time.

"They seem to be so vigilant and full of hostility because of the aura of the Heavenly Dao Sword..." Fang Yu squinted slightly and slightly raised the Heavenly Dao Sword in his right hand.


At this moment, many fierce spirits pounced on Fang Yu!

Using their respective advantages, they either rushed from the ground, causing a burst of smoke and a huge crack.

Either flap your wings directly and dive from a height.

More is shaking his limbs and rushing!

They have their own big killer, and their aura is extremely fierce.

With so many giant fierce spirits rushing forward, the courage of normal people will be frightened!

But Fang Yu was not in a hurry and looked calm.

"God walks without a shadow."


Fang Yu's figure turned into a ray of light and disappeared in place instantly.

The bodies of the many fierce spirits rushing towards Fang Yu's position shook in the air and stopped.

Then they sensed the breath again and suddenly turned their heads.

At this moment, Fang Yu was already standing in front of the Houcheng Gate, under the tree with the holy fruit.

"Take the holy fruit first, and then deal with you." Fang Yu stretched out his hand and grasped the black-skinned holy fruit.


The sacred fruit was picked off by Fang Yu and held it in his hand.


At this time, the fierce rush of many fierce spirits made the ground shake.

Fang Yu turned around, looked at these fierce spirits, clenched the Heavenly Dao Sword, and slashed forward.


The fierce sword energy directly cuts the space!

A pitch-black crack is heading towards many giant fierce spirits!


These fierce spirits were far from touching Fang Yu, and their body was blasted to pieces by the sword aura and the space rift that came quickly!


At this time, the ground under Fang Yu's feet suddenly exploded!

Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly, and he took advantage of his strength to fly upward.

At this time, through the divine sense, he discovered that under the ground below... there was even a bigger fierce spirit!

It is like a tortoise, with a huge ancient city on its back, and the whole ground... is its shell!

Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly, and he looked at the head of this super-large fierce spirit.

Its head is full of edges and corners, its mouth bulges forward, and it has many long beards.

Above the head, there are two edges and corners, and the pupils glow with ancient golden light.

"Xuan Jialong, Ancestral Dragon's line..."

Fang Yu's subconscious immediately understood the identity of this creature.

Obviously, this is one of the dragons!

After fusing the dragon origin, Fang Yu could recognize these real dragon creatures at a glance!

"There is also a dragon in this place! And it is also a dragon of the Ancestral Dragon line..." A look of surprise flashed in Fang Yu's eyes.

He originally thought that his opponent was the giant group of fierce spirits. He had never thought that under this ancient city... there was actually a giant dragon!

Ancestral Dragon, Xuan Jialong!

"Is this profound armored dragon the guardian spirit of the holy fruit, or was it stuffed here later" Fang Yu squinted slightly, wondering in his heart.


While Fang Yu was still thinking about it, the profound armored dragon raised his head and let out a long roar.

At this time, the entire ancient city on its back had collapsed.

"Boom boom boom..."

The Xuan Jialong moved, bursting with roars.

It raised its head and opened its mouth toward Fang Yu's location.


In the next second, there was a loud noise!

A terrestrial fire containing powerful might suddenly blasted towards Fang Yu high in the sky.

Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly, holding the Heavenly Dao Sword and gently waving it down.


The whole ground fire that blasted, was instantly cut in half by the fierce sword energy, and shattered in the air!

But the sword energy didn't stop there, it still slashed towards the profound armored dragon below.


Sword Qi blasted on Xuan Jialong's back, leaving a deep sword mark.

However, this sword energy did not completely penetrate the thick armor on the back of Xuan Jialong.

"As expected to be the Xuan Jialong, the thick armor on this back is full of bones, and the strength is against the sky..." Through the eyes of insight, Fang Yu could see the terrifying density within the Xuan Jialong's back.

This strength is probably comparable to the spirit dragon in the far north.


As if feeling the pain, the Xuan Jialong roared from the sky.

"Sorry, I'm leaving here in a hurry." Fang Yu looked down at the dragon, his eyes squinting.

In the next second, he raised the Heavenly Dao Sword in his hand and released the magic energy with his right hand.


Above the sword body of the Heavenly Dao Sword, divine light broke out!

The heavenly sword intent burst out.

Then, facing the giant Xuan Jialong below, he suddenly smashed it down!


At this moment ~www.novelhall.com~ Space is shattered!

The sword light fell like a shooting star, and the light was dazzling.

The fierce sword aura swept the Quartet, shattering the space!

The profound armored dragon below only had time to open its mouth and let out a final cry of horror.


After a second, the sword energy reached its body!


The terrible roar of Xuan Jialong shook the world.

The trembling sound radiated to the extreme, and the thick armor of Xuan Jialong's hardest back was instantly smashed by sword energy!

The proud thick armor has no resistance before this terrifying sword aura!

Suddenly, the dragon's body under the thick armor was cut into two from head to tail!

And this... is just the beginning!

In this sword aura, the sacred power and the strong law contained in it are still sweeping toward the body of the Xuan Jialong divided into two halves!

The body, blood, bones of the Xuanjialong... were all shattered... turned into particles, scattered in the void!

The Xuanjialong that was huge enough to hold up a huge ancient city... was smashed under Fang Yu's sword... so that there was no vitality!

The mighty power contained in this sword is evident!

In the high altitude, Fang Yu raised the brightly illuminated Heavenly Dao Sword, and lightly brushed his left hand on the sword.


At this moment, the sword energy below exploded.

The entire space was completely shattered.

"I can finally go out..."

Fang Yu glanced around, stopped staying, raised his left hand, and condensed a portal in front of him.


Immediately, he rushed into the portal and disappeared.

And the original space is still in collapse.


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