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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1517: Assassination failed

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In the vision of the Eye of Insight, the outline of the gray shadow was particularly obvious, and it was located above Fang Yu.

Hearing Fang Yu's words, the gray shadow that had originally wanted to move stopped.

It looked at Fang Yu's location, and seemed to hesitate.

"Don't hide, Master Daotian." Fang Yu said with a smile.

As soon as the words came out, Grey Shadow's body shook slightly.

Then, its figure began to show up.

This is a... bat

At least in appearance, this so-called celestial master is a larger bat, about one meter in length.

But it is different from ordinary bats. There are many fangs-like spikes growing on its back wings, and dense small black spots grow on these spikes.

After zooming in through the Eye of Insight, I found these little black dots... it seems that they are all eyes!

It's just like the compound eyes of a fly, but it grows in a special place.

As for the head, it is very similar to a real bat. Although the mouth is tightly closed, two long gray teeth are exposed from the upper jaw.

Its eyeballs were pitch black, exuding an icy breath, extremely permeating.

Once this bat-shaped creature appears, it gives people an uncomfortable feeling.

Although it hasn't moved yet, it hasn't moved visibly.

But that uncomfortable feeling is quite obvious, and it comes from the body's self-reaction.

"So you are a bat." Fang Yu squinted slightly and said, "A sea bat"

"His Royal Highness... I'm very curious, how did you discover me" Da Chutian also stared at Fang Yu, and there was no emotional color in his dark eyes.

But as soon as it spoke, it began to emit a burst of grey air.

This breath immediately filled the surroundings.

The surrounding scene suddenly became blurred.

"How did I find you" Fang Yu raised his brow.

Obviously, under the disguise of Xuan Ran Qi, Da Chuo Tian Master could not see his pair of insightful eyes.

"If you wait an hour after I enter here, of course I can't find you. But as soon as I stepped into the space tunnel, you followed up with your back foot. Do you really think I am a fool" Fang Yu said.

The Great Sky Master hugged his wings forward, his entire body suddenly turned around and stood upside down, his pupils still staring at Fang Yu.

"I really didn't expect that His Royal Highness would possess such a keen sense of perception." Da Chong Tianshi's tone was extremely cold, and the killing intent contained therein was quite obvious, and he made no secret of it.

"Tianshi, you directly assassinated my prince, it doesn't seem to be in compliance, right" Fang Yu raised his brows and said.

"Since you have entered this ancient city, then your death... is naturally a logical thing." Da Chuotian said slowly.

"I just don't understand. I work hard and risk my life to get the sacred fruit for the Shenhai Dynasty. Why do you have to kill me" Fang Yu asked.

"Prince Rongdao, yesterday the emperor specially commented on you...Did you really not realize anything" Da Chong Tianshi's tone became even colder.

"You really dare to mention the empress, it seems that you really made up your mind and were extremely confident to kill me." Fang Yu smiled.

"Prince Rongdao, you have to blame... you are too high-profile, you were noticed by the empress." Da Chong Tian said, wings suddenly opened, "Originally, you could live a little longer... but you I just discovered my existence."

"Shoo, hoo..."

When speaking, the numerous spikes growing on the dark wings of the Great Cupola shot out at the same time!

But when these spikes rush towards Fang Yu, the trajectory of each is different!

The tiny eyes that grew on the spikes are bursting with light!


A weird spell could be released, covering Fang Yu's body.

The surrounding scene is even more blurred.

And the angles where many spikes rushed towards Fang Yu, each one was extremely insidious, hitting the key.

"The purpose of the eyes on these spikes is to find weaknesses Well, don't you need so many eyes" Fang Yu's eyes were slightly drenched, and true energy was released from his body.


With a loud sound, a large amount of true energy burst out in Fang Yu's body.

However, this qi couldn't shake away the sharp spikes.

Their eyes flashed on the surface, sucking the blast of true energy into them.

And they only need to absorb a tiny hole, enough to pass through the zhenqi and directly into Fang Yu's body.


These Zhen Qi thorns were on the surface of Fang Yu's body.

However, they have encountered another layer of protection.

A faint phantom appeared on the surface of Fang Yu's skin, flashing light.

These spikes broke apart one after another, and the numerous eyeballs attached to them exploded, exuding a burst of black air.

This scene shocked the great master above.


At this moment, there was a sudden noise.

The Great Master was on guard, and subconsciously folded his wings to protect himself.

At the same time, it can see the outside through the eyes growing on its wings.

"This strength is indeed enough to kill a prince, but it's a pity..." Fang Yu appeared on the back of the Great Sky Master, speaking with a sneer.


The wings of the Great Sky Master suddenly released a large amount of poisonous black gas.

This poisonous gas has vitality and can penetrate through the pores of any creature's epidermis.


However, ~www.novelhall.com~ when this group of poisonous gas approached the golden light shield on the surface of Fang Yu's body, there was a strange sound of being burned, which was useless.

Fang Yu had already stretched out his hands, grabbed the two bones of the Great Sky Masters wings, and tugged.


The Great Master made a scream, unable to resist Fang Yu's tremendous power.

Fang Yu's folded wings were torn apart by Fang Yu!

The main body of the Great Master was just exposed in front of Fang Yu!

"How could he have such great power!" Da Chongtian was shocked!

Regarding the strength of Prince Rongdao, he had a psychological estimate...At most it was similar to the previous Prince Guangchen or Prince Cangrong, and the probability was weaker.

Therefore, it is 100% sure of the assassination of Prince Rongdao.

It does not have soul jade, nor does it have particularly powerful magic powers.

But it has strong hunting skills and can target all living creatures.

In its expectation, when those poisonous needles were released just now, Prince Rong Dao would be dead!

But I didn't think that these poisonous needles could not hurt Prince Rong Dao, but were destroyed.

And right now, the power displayed by Prince Rong Dao made it even more violent!

How could it be so powerful !

At this time, the Great Master discovered again that the soul jade on the forehead of Prince Rongdao did not even shine!

This shows... he has not yet used the power of the soul jade!

how is this possible……

Why did the previously unknown Rong Dao suddenly become so powerful!

"To be honest, neither you nor the empress have a good brain." Fang Yu said with a sarcastically smile, "A person becomes stronger inexplicably, why don't you want to investigate it"


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