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After Zheng Xiuchen agreed to Yang Yinzhu's plan, within three days, the business community in the whole Jiangnan area was undercurrent.

Tang family, study room.

Tang Mingde's face was blue, and his cell phone kept ringing.

"Tang Dong, the Founder Group unilaterally announced the suspension of cooperation with our Tang Group..."

"Tang Dong, the Crown Tianhe Investment Group is requesting to divest..."

"Chairman, Charm Communication Group..."

One call after another, the notifications were all bad news.

The major partners of the Tang Group announced the termination of their cooperative relationship with the Tang Group at almost the same time!

"How could this happen How could this happen!" Tang Mingde looked ugly, with blue veins on his forehead.

It took decades for the Tang family to establish its position in Jiangnan business community today.

But now, the allies of the Tang family have announced their separation from the Tang family!

Just forget about one or two, and the impact on the Tang family is not great.

But now more than a dozen families broke together, for the Tang family, it was undoubtedly a disaster!

More importantly, Tang Mingde didn't even hear a reason.

He has no idea what caused these partners to leave!


At the same time, Ji family.

Ji Dongshan was so angry that he pushed with both hands to fly out all the documents on the table.

"These dog things, even if they pay liquidated damages, have to sever ties with our Ji family! Ask them and don't give a reason, what do they mean!" Ji Dongshan said angrily.

Ji Rumei squatted down, slowly said that the documents that fell on the ground were picked up, put them back on the table, and softly persuaded: "Dad, don't get angry, stay calm. These companies do not hesitate to pay huge liquidated damages, but they will also deal with us. The Ji family's severance of cooperation must be due to their reasons. We will find out if we send someone to check."

Ji Dongshan shook his head, his face still ugly.

He knew it was useless to get angry now, but he still couldn't calm down!

No matter what the reason for these companies to do this, but they did it, it was a big blow to the Ji family!

It can be expected that after today's event, the share price of the Huanben Group under the Ji family has dropped to the bottom. When shareholders run away, Huanben Group will collapse!

Although Ji's family has other side businesses, they mainly rely on the Group!

If the Huanben Group falls, the Ji family will fall too!

In this situation, Ji Dongshan couldn't keep calm at all.

After several generations of hard work, the Ji family has developed in the south of the Yangtze River for more than a hundred years before it has its current status. If it is destroyed in the hands of Ji Dongshan, how will he face the ancestors

"We must find a way to save it!" Ji Dongshan said with red eyes.

Ji Rumei frowned and said, "Dad, I will find out the reasons behind these companies doing this and give me half a day."

Ji Dongshan rubbed his temples and nodded.


On the weekend, Fang Yu was lying on the bed in the room, thinking about some things.

He wanted to go to the Absolute Peak in the northwest to see what secrets were hidden in the ruins of the Five Poison Sect.

A series of things that happened recently made him feel a little confused.

Many things that had long disappeared in his mind suddenly appeared one by one.

This inevitably made Fang Yu a little suspicious, was there something wrong with his previous memory, or was his perception at that time wrong

If it were not for these two reasons, what could have caused these disappeared things to suddenly recover


Thinking of this word, Fang Yu's eyelids twitched, and a bright light flashed in his mind.

In the midst of it, something seems to have recovered...

what is it then

Fang Yu put his hands on the back of his head, frowning.

Afterwards, he heard a soft bang from outside the house, and Yu Yueyue's exclamation.

Fang Yu recovered from his thoughts, got up and walked out of the room, and saw Yu Yueyue sitting on the ground, rubbing her left knee.

Her knee was a little red and swollen, and she seemed to have suffered a serious injury.

Fang Yu stepped forward, helped Hui Yueyue up and let her sit on the sofa.

"Brother Fang Yu, did I wake you up" Yu Yueyue said apologetically, "I think it's almost noon... Today my mother is not on holiday, so I want to cook some noodles first..."

"How did you hurt your knee" Fang Yu asked.

"I accidentally fell during the rehearsal yesterday afternoon, so I took time off and did not go to the rehearsal..." Yu Yueyue sighed and said sadly, "The school celebration party will be held next week. I hope my knees will get better by then."

"Small injuries, I can heal you." Fang Yu said.

"Brother Fang Yu, do you... still heal" Yu Yueyue asked with her eyes wide open.

When Fang Yu connected her broken right foot, she was in a coma. After that, Wang Yan didn't mention it to her, so she never knew.

Fang Yu did not speak, but stretched out his right hand and placed it on Yu Yueyue's left knee.

Yu Yueyue's body trembled slightly, her face flushed.

Afterwards, she felt a warm current on her knees, which was very comfortable.

"Brother Fang Yu's palms are so warm... If you can hold it in your hands, it will definitely be more comfortable" Yu Yueyue thought to Fang Yu as she looked at Fang Yu in front of her.

Ten seconds later, Fang Yu took away his palm.

"Okay, it should be all right, you can stand up and try." Fang Yu said.

Yu Yueyue was still feeling a little regretful for Fang Yu's palm being removed, but when Fang Yu said that, she stood up and moved her left foot lightly without feeling anything abnormal.

Then she tried to stom her left foot again, but still did not feel the pain.

"Brother Fang Yu, my knees are really good!" Yu Yueyue was surprised and looked up at Fang Yu.

Fang Yu picked up the water glass and took a sip of water.

"Brother Fang Yu, are you hungry, I'll cook noodles for you." Yu Yueyue said.

"Let me come, I have no confidence in your cooking skills." Fang Yu stretched out, stood up and said.

"Then I will give you a hand!" Yu Yueyue said.


After eating at noon, Yu Yueyue immediately rushed to the school for rehearsal due to the recovery of her left knee injury.

Fang Yu wanted to rest for a while, and then set off to the Northwest Peak.

But when he was about to rest, he received a call from Qin Yimo.

"I'm going to participate in a calligraphy and painting exhibition in the evening, can you accompany me" Qin Yimo asked.

"I feel like you have become dependent on me recently. This is not a good sign." Fang Yu replied.

Qin Yimo was silent for a while, and said, "I told you before that Grandpa transferred all the people around me back to the capital... Recently, the danger lurking around me has increased, and I have no other way. "

Fang Yu thought for a while and sighed.

Who made Qin Yimo the granddaughter of Qin Wudao

The reason why Qin Wudao's old boy would do this was because he believed that Fang Yu would not die of his granddaughter

"Well~www.novelhall.com~ see you then come to me again, I want to rest." Fang Yu said.


Two hours later, Fang Yu sat in Qin Yimo's car.

Looking at Fang Yu with sleepy eyes and impatient expression, Qin Yimo felt very upset.

As long as she has a reliable bodyguard by her side, she will not look down to find Fang Yu!

"If you don't want to come, you can reject me directly. Since you are here, there is no need to show my face. In addition, I will pay you the corresponding reward, and will not let you do it for nothing." Qin Yimo couldn't help but Opened the mouth.

Fang Yu wasn't impatient, he just didn't wake up.

However, since Qin Yimo wanted to pay him, he certainly would not refuse.

"If you are paid, try to give me the inner alchemy of the monster beast. I lack this thing, and I don't lack everything else." Fang Yu said.

Qin Yimo turned away and said nothing.

There was silence in the car.

Ten minutes later, Qin Yimo suddenly remembered something and asked Fang Yu: "The person who gave me the Gu that day..."

"Dead," Fang Yu replied.

He used the soul chasing charm to leave a mark on that person's soul, thinking that when this person returned to the base camp, he would look for him again.

But I didn't think that Fang Yu could no longer feel the mark left two days ago.

Fang Yu didn't think that anyone could solve the mark he left by using magic techniques.

Then there is only one possibility, that is, the person who played the Gu is dead, so that mark will disappear.

As for how the person died, there are many possibilities, but it is meaningless to guess.

"Dead" Qin Yimo's face changed slightly.

"Well, my clue here is broken. To find out the identity of this person, you can only rely on the Qin family to check it yourself." Fang Yu said.-

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