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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1253: Dragon and Phoenix Fight

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In this way, Huang, as the last swallowing dragon, has lived until now.

It wasn't until half a year ago that a clone of it located in Huaibei sensed the emergence of the essence of the dragon, and it suddenly awakened!

It knows that the time has come!

As a result, it summoned the clones, merged into one again, and then searched the world for the breath of the dragon's origin.

However, after searching for a period of time, the location of the source of Shenlong has not yet been discovered.

Of course, in this process, it swallowed many other powerful creatures and human monks.

The descendants of the Phoenix in front of them are even more unexpected!

If it were able to gather the origins of both the dragon and the phoenix at the same time... it is impossible to imagine how strong it would be!

Even the dragon that soars away can find revenge in person!

Therefore, Huang was extremely excited.


The power of Devouring Source is getting stronger and stronger.

The red lotus that was swallowed by the power of annihilation in the sky, even if the body was destroyed, the power of the original source would be absorbed by the source of swallowing in an instant.

However... the shortage at this moment has continued to absorb for a long time, but has not absorbed any original power.

Why is this!

Guren suffered a blow from the power of annihilation, and even if he did not die, he would be seriously injured.

It is impossible for her to still have the ability to fight against the source of devouring!

Huang looked at the sky above, the red light in his eyes became more intense.

At this moment, in the sky.

Under the bombardment of the power of annihilation, it is difficult for all creatures to maintain their lives, even their flesh and blood must be crushed in an instant.

This is the terrible thing about the power of annihilation.

Its existence is to restrain vitality.

However, the red lotus at this moment... was shrouded in red fireball.

The tyrannical power of annihilation was unable to penetrate this fireball, and could only pass by it!

Gulian inside the fireball closed his eyes.

At this moment, the surroundings were a vacuum to her, there was no sound, no sight in sight.


After a few seconds, the fireball suddenly increased!

The Huang below, seeing this scene, immediately retracted his left claw.

At this moment, the fireball enveloping the red lotus in the sky burned violently like a red sun.

The temperature of the whole world is rising sharply.

Huang looked at the fireball in the sky and closed his mouth wide.

It knows... the time is not yet.

This phoenix offspring really still has something to do.


The flames in the sky burst out!

The circle of fire formed by numerous flames flies in all directions!

Layer by layer, like a flame net.

In the face of these rushing fire waves, Huang roared, and a majestic breath erupted from the dragon's body.

The black energy spread to the surroundings, forcibly isolating the flames.

And the black energy also enveloped the ground behind the dragon swallowing.

At this time, the entire space seemed to be divided into two.

Above it is the red flame in the sky, and the huge fireball in the center.

And below, is the black air space created by Huang.

From a distance, this scene was extremely shocking.

In fact, this is the collision of two forces.

The source of the devouring waste, the source of the phoenix against the red lotus!

The huge fireball in the sky gradually spread out an opening, revealing the internal situation.

A pair of huge flame wings folded together and stood high in the sky.

Looking at this figure, Huang stretched his left paw forward.


The power of a huge thunder rushed into the sky.

However, just when the giant thunder was about to touch these closed wings, the wings suddenly opened!


At this moment, the world changes color!

The power of the flames in the sky suddenly increased several times, and instantly formed a momentum of crushing the wasteland below!


The deserted location was instantly overwhelmed by flames.

Above, Honglian's body was revealed.

There was a burst of bright light above her body, and her pupils were completely burning.

Nirvana of the Phoenix!

At this moment, Honglian truly controlled the power of the Divine Phoenix Origin!

She looked down at the flame-shrouded position, her wings for a while.


At this moment, the entire sky was lit.

The flames below shrank suddenly like a dragon whirlwind.

The wilderness in the flames feels the endless pressure and heat all around.

In the case of ordinary creatures, the temperature alone can make them disappear, let alone the flames that are still compressing infinitely.

Guren swooped down towards the bottom.


At this moment, a roar erupted from the shrinking flame below.


There was a deafening explosion.

The devastating breath suddenly dispersed!


The flames below were all shaken away!

The terrifying power shattered the ground of the entire space!

The gravel splashes, the world shakes!

At this moment, the terrifying aura dedicated to Dragon Swallowing completely spread.

The red lotus, who was diving, felt a huge force coming, and his body was hit hard and flew backwards.

She stabilized her figure and looked down, shocked in her heart.

The black Devouring Dragon has grown in size.

It stared at the red lotus, the red light in its eyes, shocking.

At this moment, various auras continued to radiate from Swallow Dragon's body.

The power of annihilation, the power of thunder, the power of space...

Hundreds of energies are fluctuating within its body.

Long Wei shakes the sky!

This is the overlord of the year, the power of the dragon!

Once the dragon body appears, its momentum alone can suppress thousands of creatures!

Swallowing Dragon stared at the red lotus, his left paw suddenly lifted, mobilizing the power of heaven and earth!


Gu Lian was directly hit by the thunder falling from above, groaned painfully, and swooped down.

She raised her head, gritted her teeth, and her palms came out.


Layers of flames blasted towards the swallowing dragon in the distance.

Tunlong's body shook, and the huge dragon tail swept out.


This sweeping sweep led to various complex powers.


The flame was directly scattered, and even the ground was lifted to a large layer!

At the same time, this sweep was accompanied by a circle of terrible energy that spread like water waves.

The wings on Gu Lian's back flapped suddenly and flew upward.

And the spreading energy blasted at the waist of the volcano in the distance.


The position of the volcano's waist was directly blasted to pieces, with roaring noises.

Honglian immediately turned his head to look at the location of the volcano, shocked!

Inside that volcano... is everything left by the Feng Clan back then, and it is a treasure that has been preserved for tens of thousands of years!

She must not allow these precious Feng Clan heritage to be destroyed like this!

"Swallowing Dragon..." The anger in Honglian's heart made the whole world even more hot.

She looked at the Dragon Swallowing below, no longer hesitating, flapped her wings and rushed over!

Tunlong raised his head and opened his mouth wide to face the rushing red lotus.


In front of its big mouth, a huge energy ball is condensed!


At this moment, the surrounding space couldn't bear the heavy pressure and began to crack!

The devastating breath burst out in the energy ball!

In the process of Honglian rushing towards the Dragon Swallowing ~www.novelhall.com~, the wings were completely opened, and the flames between the heaven and the earth were being absorbed by her onto the body.

The red lotus at this moment, like a huge flame blade, flew quickly towards the neck of the black dragon below!

She wanted to use this blow to directly cut down the head of the huge swallowing dragon!

This was a rather risky blow, but Guren had no other choice.

The strength of Dragon Swallowing exceeded her expectations.

If she entangled slowly, she would only lose in the end.

And she... will never escape!

This is the world left by the Feng Clan, her territory!

If she escaped, she would have given up her dignity as the Phoenix Clan, and at the same time she would not deserve to be the offspring chosen by the Divine Phoenix!

Therefore, she can only counterattack!

Combine all her current beliefs and strengths into one blow!

If you don't succeed, you will become benevolent!

The place where the wings flew across the back of the red lotus was filled with red flames.

She rushed towards the Dragon Swallowing, just like rushing towards the Dragon Swallowing with the whole world, with a monstrous aura.

However, in the face of such an imposing red lotus, Huang didn't mean to dodge.

Its head lifted, and the energy ball in front of its mouth became bigger and bigger.

At a distance of about 100 meters from Red Lotus, the energy ball burst out!


The terrifying energy, accompanied by a devastating aura, blasted towards the red lotus ahead.

At this moment, Honglian only felt that what was blasting from the front was a meteorite-like power.

But there was an angry voice in her throat.

She does not flinch!


Honglian carried a sky full of flames, and directly collided with the blasting energy.

At this moment, the world is shaking!


The surrounding space is falling apart!-

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