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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1135: 1 wooden door

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Dao Kong's mood was completely messed up.

He now has no confidence before.

Since Fang Yu first appeared in his eyes, his estimation of Fang Yu's strength has been continuously improving.

It can be said that he has been cautious enough, even overly vigilant.

He didn't even choose to confront Fang Yu head-on before he had cultivated to the Mahayana realm or had reached the four stages of spiritualization.

For this reason, he even gave up the semi-spiritual world that spent a lot of effort and most of his followers.

Until the spiritual energy recovered, he finally broke through to the early stage of the Tribulation, arrived in the Mahayana realm, and finally became a four-stage spiritualization.

Today he chose to fight Huaixu, and he was ready for Fang Yu to appear.

He is very confident. He thinks he is very sure that he can solve the two problems of Huaixu and Fang Yu at the same time.

But the reality... it slapped him.

Fang Yu's demonstrated strength completely crushed him.

After fighting for more than a dozen rounds, he couldn't even break the phantom shadow on Fang Yu, let alone damage the opponent Yu!

And he suffered the most tragic pain in his life just when Fang Yu grabbed his arm up close!

The legendary Tai Sui Jia was even stripped off by Fang Yu abruptly!

Before that, he had always wondered why Jiu Kong, who was fused with Tai Sui Jia, died, and even Tai Sui Jia was lost.

He has always believed that after the integration of Tai Sui Jia, the worst result is defeat and will never die.

And now, he already understands what happened to Jiu Kong.

When Dao Kong's mind was chaotic, the holy golden lion king that had turned into a stone statue fell down.


The petrified Saint Golden Lion King was quite heavy, smashing the ground into collapse.


At this time, Fang Yu in the air blasted out with a palm.

The stone statue of the Saint Golden Lion that sank to the ground exploded.


Dao Kong spouted a mouthful of blood, stepped back several steps, his face pale.

The Holy Golden Lion King is his main source, and the two have been completely integrated many years ago. The Holy Golden Lion King's body was bombarded...It was equivalent to breaking his arm.


The candle nine yin in the sky turned to look at Dao Kong on the ground.

Dao Kong immediately felt his whole body erect, like falling into an ice cave!

This sense of danger like a needle light is extremely permeating.

Dao Kong immediately lowered his head, not daring to look at Zhu Jiuyin's slender and evil eyes.

"Fang Yu, where did you get this evil spirit!" Dao Kong shouted suddenly, "Don't you claim to be righteous!"

Fang Yu raised his brows and said, "I never said I was the right way."

"Then why have you blocked my half-spirit from doing things so many times" Dao Kong asked, "Have our half-spirit ever provoke you!"

"You really provoke me." Fang Yu smiled. "Otherwise, I won't waste time doing it on you."

Dao Kong was silent for a moment, and then shouted: "You are not the right way, but Huaixu is! If the people of the world know that Huaixu treats your evil cultivation as a good friend, how would they treat Huaixu!"

Fang Yu took a deep breath, squinted slightly, and said, "To be honest, I would love to talk to you."

"But the way you procrastinate... is too low-level."

"Like a stupid child who is very anxious."

Hearing these words, Dao Kong's face changed slightly.

At this moment, his body is changing.

He wants to use the power of the void beast again to escape through space!

But Fang Yu's thoughts have been seen through.

Dao Kong's body was covered with silver-white scales.

Fang Yu was not in a hurry, slowly falling from the air.

Dao Kong's face was pale and his heart was extremely anxious.

"You can give it a try, can you still teleport away" Fang Yu asked with a smile on his face.

At this time, Dao Kong had been spiritualized, and he meditated in his heart.

But for some reason, the power of space belonging to the origin of the void beast... can't be used at all!

Dao Kong looked up at Fang Yu, his face pale.

He noticed that Fang Yu's pupils were glowing red, and there were smiling white runes in them, turning.

why! Why can't we travel through space!

Dao Kong was anxious.

And Fang Yu had fallen in front of Dao Kong.

"Can't go" Fang Yu asked with a smile.

Dao Kong's face was bloodless, and his heart sank to the bottom.

Fang Yu smiled jokingly.

He has used the eye of insight to cut off all the spatial laws connected to Dao Kong's body.

Therefore, it is impossible for Dao Kong to leave with any teleportation technique.

"After hiding for so long, why did the aura jump out as soon as it recovered" Fang Yu said sarcastically, "No matter how strong the aura is, no matter how fast the level of cultivation improves, it will eventually require precipitation and accumulation."

"How did you calculate the 70% certainty you said"

Facing Fang Yu's sarcasm, Dao Kong couldn't say a word, and kept stepping back.

He was unwilling, he was unwilling to die in Fang Yu's hands like this!

He obtained the Heavenly Inheritance from two hundred years ago, and his cultivation base has been advancing by leaps and bounds, and he has become the lord of the semi-spirit race, with many followers!

Now finally waiting for the aura to recover, but he is going to die!

He cannot accept it!

Hearing Fang Yu's sarcasm, he regretted it.

He did come out too early and he was not cautious enough!

It has only been more than a month since the spiritual energy has recovered. He should have continued to practice until he got the inheritance of that existence. Then he would fight Fang Yu again, and the situation would be completely different!

Why can't he take it today! why!

Dao Kong regrets, fears, and is unwilling. His expression is changing and his body is trembling.

"The more I say, the more you retire, how can you talk about this"

Fang Yu frowned, raised his right palm, and moved forward.

The fierce infurience struck Daokong's knees.


His kneecaps were instantly shattered, and Dao Kong screamed and fell to his knees.

Dao Kong was holding his knees, shaking all over.

Fang Yu walked forward, looked at Dao Kong condescendingly, with a cold smile, and said, "I wanted to beat you for a long time. It's just that you have been hiding before, so it's hard to find you."

"Now that you jump out by yourself, I can't waste such a good opportunity in vain."

While speaking, Fang Yu stretched out his right hand and grabbed Dao Kong's head.

The phantom on the palm of his hand touches Dao Kong.


Dao Kong twitched all over and let out a scream.

Tears flowed down handsome face.

If you only see this scene, it is hard to imagine that this is a monk standing at the pinnacle of martial arts.

Extremely embarrassed.

Fang Yu just grabbed Dao Kong's head and didn't do anything else.

But Dao Kong's reaction became more and more intense.

"It's good to let other people feel the pain I have endured for more than a month." Fang Yu looked at Dao Kong with a blank face and said in his heart.


Dao Kong's screams became more and more stern, and later turned into crying, and then... the voice became lower and lower.

At a certain moment, he rolled his eyes sharply, his body suddenly twitched, foaming at the mouth, and he fainted.

Fang Yu squinted slightly and retracted his hand~www.novelhall.com~ I don't know if I can use the Spirit Devouring Jue now..." Fang Yu thought for a while and extended his right hand to Dao Kong.

But at this moment, a majestic breath suddenly appeared in the air behind Dao Kong.

Fang Yu stagnated and looked forward.

A light shone.

A door appeared in the rear.

That's right, the ordinary wooden door appeared alone in the air.


Open the wooden door, you can see a white mist inside.

Fang Yu squinted slightly and grabbed Dao Kong's right foot.

He knew that 90% of the door that appeared suddenly was to save the aisle.

But at this moment, Fang Yu felt his right hand lightened.

Looking down, Dao Kong's entire body, from a solid...slowly to a virtual body, translucent.

Fang Yu stretched out his hand again, but he could only hold the air instead of Dao Kong's body.

Looking forward, the eye of insight can only see extremely complex lines, layered by layers.

Fang Yu was trying to cut all these lines, but the Dao Kong in front of him sank into the wooden door in front.

"Snatch people in front of me"

Fang Yu reacted quickly and immediately rushed to the wooden door in front.


But at this moment, the wooden door snapped shut.

Fang Yu clenched his right fist and blasted out a punch at the wooden door.


With a loud bang, the entire wooden door shook, and a large number of cracks appeared, almost breaking apart.

Fang Yu was about to punch again.


Suddenly, a tyrannical energy blasted out of the wooden door and directed towards Fang Yu.

Fang Yu crossed his arms in front of him.


A huge crater blasted out at the feet and on the ground behind him.

But Fang Yu just didn't take a step back.-

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