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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1113: Open the door

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"Then you have to see if Fang Yu is really seriously injured." Dao Kong said lightly.

Ouyang Xiu swallowed and said, "If the elders of the Wang family are not opponents, then we..."

"Do you think I am Fang Yu's opponent" Dao Kong interrupted Ouyang Xiuyuan and asked with a smile.

Touching these amber eyes without a trace of emotion, Ouyang Xiuyuan felt cold all over, and immediately replied, "Fang Yu...how could it be Master Daokong's opponent"

Dao Kong shifted his gaze away, looked forward, and said, "Don't worry, Fang Yu has destroyed my semi-spiritual world, I will not let him go."

"But I still need to wait."

"If I can successfully obtain the inheritance of that person, the world is in my hands. As for now, just watch these locusts dance in the northern capital."

Ouyang Xiuyuan looked at Dao Kong, his eyes full of fear and a touch of complexity.

The Ouyang family, as they wished, stood firmly in the northern capital, and even became the focus.

But at this point, Ouyang Xiuyuan didn't feel happy.

The situation seems to have deviated from his original idea.

The Ouyang family has indeed become the top family in the northern capital, but these so-called Tianjiao in the family, the so-called sacred list power...In fact, they are not members of the Ouyang family at all.

These people were all squeezed in by Dao Kong, and apart from using Ouyang as their surname, they had nothing to do with the blood of the Ouyang family.

The real Ouyang family does not have such a strong foundation at all.

The current Ouyang family is nominally the Ouyang family, but in fact... it is already Daokong's palm.

Ouyang Xiuyuan is not unconscious of this situation.

But now, he has no turning back.

The Mr. Ji who had contacted him before was just Dao Kong's subordinate... and Dao Kong's strength might be comparable to Fang Yu.

For the sake of his own life and the lives of his relatives, Ouyang Xiuyuan was already riding a tiger and could only take orders from Dao Kong.

"Don't worry, the position of Patriarch is now yours, and it will be yours in the future." Dao Kong suddenly said.

Ouyang Xiuyuan trembled and immediately lowered his head.

"You helped me a lot. As long as I don't make a big mistake, I won't hurt your life." Dao Kong continued with a smile on his face.

"I understand, Master Daokong." Ouyang Xiuyuan lowered his head and responded.


Beidu No. 101, in front of the gate.

Since Fang Yu's address was exposed, many good deeds came to this legendary building and looked inside.

It's just that the wall is too high and they stand on the ground and cannot see what's inside.

At this moment, inside the mansion, on the back mountain.

Fang Yu's condition was similar to before, still in extreme pain.

The phantom on the surface of his body is still changing.

Fang Yu meditated on the ground, his eyes closed tightly, and gritted his teeth to endure the severe pain that had lasted for more than a month.

The past period of time has made him get used to this pain.

In this way, the pain seems to be acceptable.

But in any case, this pain greatly affected Fang Yu's ability to move, and the interference was still great.

Su Lengyun was still 100 meters away, silently watching Fang Yu.

At the gate in the afternoon.

Two men in black and gold robes, with a team of fifty people, stood in front of the gate.

All are monks.

On the chest of their clothes, the wordking was printed.

This group of people looked solemn and murderous.

Wang family!

Sure enough!

There were already many monks gathered around.

Seeing this scene, the expressions of these monks became excited.

The Wang family really wants Fang Yu to do it!

This hatred that the Beidu martial arts world is looking forward to is finally over!

The two elders standing in front of the team are the two elders who returned to the Wang family this time, the fourth elder and the seventh elder!

The cultivation bases of these two elders are at the peak of the fit period.

"Fang Yu, you hurt my heirs and trampled on the dignity of the royal family while we were away that day!" The seventh elder opened his mouth with a cold expression, amplifying his infuriating voice, "Today, we will give you a tooth for a tooth and let you pay the price you deserve!"

After saying this sentence, there was no response.

The two looked at each other, their eyes full of killing intent.

Since no one responds, go ahead!


At this moment, several people in the mansion happened to gather together, and they all heard the words of the seventh elder of the Wang family.

"A group of shameless guys ran over when the master was not feeling well! When the master was in good health, why didn't they come and die!" Xiao Fengling said angrily.

Zhao Zinan's face was pale and a little scared, and asked in a low voice, "Should I tell Brother Fang Yu about this matter..."

"Mr. Fang's situation has not improved, and he must not be disturbed now." Ye Shengxue shook his head firmly.

"Let me go." At this time, a violet with long purple hair came out from behind.

Violet now has his arms fully restored.

"The two old men have the peak cultivation base of the fit period, very powerful, Xiaozi, you are not their opponent, so forget it." Xiao Fengling stood on the stool and said.

Violet's face was calm and said, "If I don't go, who else can go I owe Fang Yu a life, and I can pay him back now."

Hearing these words, the faces of the others present were very heavy.

The Sky Eater lay on top of Zhao Zinan's head, yawned lazily, and wagged its tail.


The seventh elder of the Wang family used Zhen Qi to amplify, and Fang Yu in the back mountain naturally heard it.

Fang Yu raised his head and looked at Su Lengyun in the distance.

At this moment, Su Lengyun had stood up, ready to find Ye Shengxue.

"Leng Yun, come here." Fang Yu shouted weakly.

Su Lengyun's expression changed, and she immediately flew in front of Fang Yu.

"Brother Yu..." Su Lengyun looked at Fang Yu's somewhat pale face, her eyes full of unbearable.

"People from the Wang family come here, none of you need to come forward," Fang Yu said. "Throw the black dog in front of them, and it's fine."

Su Lengyun was stunned for a moment, then nodded, then looked at Fang Yu with concern, then turned and left.


Outside the gate, the two elders of the Wang family exchanged glances, and their anger exploded.

The peak cultivation base during the fit period is extremely powerful.

Even if they brought them, the group of monks from the Wang family standing behind had no blood on their faces and their bodies trembled.

The two elders raised their hands, pinched the law, and prepared to blast towards the front door.

At this moment, the two stone gates in front slowly opened.


A fist-sized black ball flew out from the crack in the door.

The two elders of the Wang family immediately stepped back for several walks as if they were approaching enemies.


This group of black objects was falling on the ground in front of the two elders.

I took a closer look and realized that this is a pet dog!

A little furry black dog!

After seeing it clearly, the faces of the two elders of the Wang family changed slightly, and then they burned with anger.

At this moment, Fang Yu actually threw a black dog over!

Isn't this an obvious provocation to them!


Especially at this time ~www.novelhall.com~ this little black dog barked a few times, wagging its tail at them, looking like they were not shocked by their breath!

Damn it!

The seventh elder of the Wang Family was so irritable that he couldn't help it anymore and slapped the little black dog on the ground.

The power of this palm is unbearable even for a cultivator in the Transcendental Stage.


In an instant, the ground in front of the gate was blasted and collapsed.

Everyone thought that this was purely an act of venting the anger of the Seventh Elders.

But I didn't think about it, just in the next second.


A roar like a beast came from the front.

In the smoke and dust, a two-meter-high black shadow threw out.

The goal, point to the hands-on Seventh Elder of the Wang Family!

The Seventh Elder's expression changed, and he immediately wanted to go back.

But at this time, the vision in front of his eyes became pitch black.

Shouts of horror came from behind.

They saw that in front of the Seventh Elder, there was a mouth wide open!


In the next second, the entire body of the Seventh Elder was swallowed by this mouth.

Everyone looked intently, and a black dog appeared in front of them!

The black dog's eyes glowed with blue light, and his body was like a Tibetan mastiff.

After its mouth is closed, it is no different from an ordinary dog.

But one opening... can become very huge!

What kind of monster is this!

At this time, the black dog opened his mouth again!

Its goal is the four elders who are standing by the side in a daze!


The four elders exclaimed and immediately displayed their body skills, wanting to escape.

However, it was too late.


The black dog's mouth closed again.

The fourth elder of the Wang family... was also swallowed in the mouth and disappeared.-

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