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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1085: uninvited guest

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The next day, Fang Yu received news from Bai Konggu, and went to Gyeoping the Sky.

In Bai Konggu's mouth, Fang Yu learned all the words that the monk Li had said when he came to Gyeukyu yesterday.

"When you explore hell, sooner or later, **** will swallow you."

Fang Yu frowned slightly when she read this sentence.

According to the context of the dialogue between Bai Konggu and Li Yuan at the time, the meaning of these words should refer to an alien race.

If you explore the alien race, you will suffer the backlash of the alien race

He said something like this... Does it also mean that he has had similar experiences before

Otherwise, why would he say such a thing

"Li Yuan retired from Wujue Temple back then and returned to the mountains and forests. Looking back, it is indeed very abrupt." Bai Konggu frowned and said slowly, "At that time Wujue Temple was in its heyday, and it has become the capital of the North. The potential of a force."

"But suddenly, Li Yuan announced that he would withdraw from Wujue Temple and return to the mountains and forests since then."

"And Wujue Temple did more resolutely and disbanded immediately..."

Fang Yu touched his chin and asked, "Do you think that the events back then...are it related to his current attitude"

"You mean, he suddenly left Wujue Temple, and it has something to do with alien races I have thought about it... But there was no sign of alien races in the entire summer!" Bai Konggu said solemnly, "Where did he come into contact with alien races The influence was so great that he quit Wujue Temple"

"If there were any foreign races at that time, it would be impossible for the Gutian Bureau where I was to be heard."

Hearing Bai Konggu's answer, Fang Yu nodded.

In the past few hundred years, Fang Yu has been living at ease, and there have been no special incidents throughout the hot summer.

If there were foreign races appearing at that time, there would definitely be wind.

But it didn't.

"He can say that, not necessarily because he has really come into contact with a foreign race, but it may also be because he has known some secrets about the foreign race." Fang Yu said.

"...It's possible," Bai Konggu replied.

"Is there his position I want to see him." Fang Yu said.

Bai Konggu's face was solemn, and he shook his head, and said, "Li Yuan chose to retreat back then. After so many years, he has not revealed any whereabouts and no one has seen him. Many people even thought he was dead..."

"His whereabouts are too secret to be found out."

"Then after Wujue Temple was disbanded, can those members be found inside" Fang Yu narrowed his eyes, "If you can find these people, you should be able to ask something."

"I can send someone to find the members of Wujue Temple." Bai Konggu replied.


After talking with Bai Konggu, Fang Yu left the inner courtyard.

When I came to the square outside, I found that many people were already standing in the square.

Most people are staring at the top list, a few people are looking at the holy list.

"Today is the time to update the list again"

Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly, and he looked at the two lists from a distance.

At this time, the surrounding discussion also came into his ears.

"It's that Dragon Kill again, he's topped the top list again!"

"Yes! Sikongchen fell to second place, and Murongjian was squeezed to third place..."

"What's the origin of this dragon Why does he surpass these long-established gods"

Fang Yu looked at Tian Bang.

The name at the top is indeed Dragon Kill.

Descending in order are Sikongchen and Murongjian.

"The number one in the holy list has also changed!"

At this time, Fang Yu heard an exclamation from a distance again.

Fang Yu immediately looked at Sheng Bang.

Fang Yu narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw the name of the first place on the Saints List.

It was the Li Yuan that I discussed with Bai Konggu just now.

The second place is Huaixu. The third place is Yuan Sanquan.

"Li Yuan is ranked number one...what level will the cultivation base of the holy list be" Fang Yu frowned, thinking.

"Master Fang."

At this moment, a voice rang beside Fang Yu.

Turning around, it was Murong Jian.

"Master Fang is also interested in these lists" Murong Jian asked curiously.

"Just in time, take a look by the way." Fang Yu replied.

Murong Jian nodded and looked at Tian Bang.

"You seem to have fallen again, how do you feel" Fang Yu asked Murong Jian after a glance.

Murongjian looked calm and replied: "It doesn't feel much. My master told me not to care too much about the so-called list. This will only bring unnecessary pressure to me, and may even make me crazy."

Fang Yu nodded, and said, "Your master is right."

"My master also said that the so-called Heaven List is nothing more than the capital used by the great families and sects to compare. It has no real meaning." Murong Jian shook his head slightly and said.

"Oh Your master is good, what's his name" Fang Yu asked.

"My master's name is Yuan Sanquan." Murong Jian replied.

"Yuan Sanquan Who is the third on the sacred list now" Fang Yu asked in a daze.

Murong Jian looked at Sheng Bang, his eyes were surprised, and he nodded and said, "Yes."

"Why didn't I see him the last time I went to the Dragon Slashing Pavilion" Fang Yu asked in confusion.

"Master travels around the world and only returns to the Dragon Slashing Pavilion every five years." Murong Jian looked at the holy list and said, "This year is exactly the fifth year since he left last time. If Master Fang wants to see my Master, please wait. After he returns, I can introduce him."

"Your master's holy list is third, don't you have any thoughts" Fang Yu asked curiously.

Murong Jian hesitated for a moment, and said, "Master...regressed. He had been ranked first before."

Fang Yu was even more surprised when he heard these words.

It turned out that Murong Jian had always been the first disciple of the holy list before.

I can't see it at all.

Putting it on other Tianjiao, it will definitely promote this identity.

"If your master knows that you are doing miscellaneous work for me, wouldn't you be upset" Fang Yu asked, raising his brows.

"No." Murong Jian replied, "My master taught me that the grace of life-saving should be repaid regardless of dignity and fear of life and death."

Fang Yu looked at Murong Jian and patted him on the shoulder.

Judging from his facial expression, Murong Jian's remarks showed no signs of fraud.

These qualities are not possessed by most people today.

This made Fang Yu even more curious about Yuan Sanquan.

"I have something to do, let's go first, you take a good look at Gyeoping the Sky." Fang Yu said.

"Okay." Murong Jian replied.

Fang Yu quickly left the Jingtian Bureau.

Murong Jian stood at the door of the inner courtyard, looking up at the holy list.

After a while, there was a stir at the gate.

Murong Jian turned his head and looked around, frowning.

At the gate, a team of twenty people appeared, all wearing sky blue robes.

The headed man looks very young and looks handsome.

Murong Jian knew this person.

It was Si Kongchen from Xuanyuanmen!

But at the moment ~www.novelhall.com~ Sikongchen's breath is quite strange.

It's completely different from before.

At the same time, Si Kongchen and the group of people behind him looked very wrong.

Twenty people were all expressionless and their eyes blank.

Taking a closer look, there was still a faint dark purple light in their pupils.

This team appeared at the gate of Peeping the Sky, and the breath emanating from their body immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the square.

"Well, isn't this Si Kongchen from Xuanyuanmen! Why did he come here"

"His look doesn't seem right, is he here to seek revenge This shouldn't be Sikongchen himself..."

"But the clothes he wears are Xuanyuanmen clothes!"

There was a whisper of discussion around.

Si Kongchen was expressionless, and walked towards the square with his men behind.

The front is full of people.

Si Kongchen stopped.

He didn't speak, but the icy breath exuding from his body changed the complexion of the group of people who stood in front of him, and they avoided it in fear.

In this way, the crowd gave way to Si Kongchen.

Si Kongchen lifted his feet and walked towards the door of the inner courtyard step by step.

Murong Jian's eyes were awe-inspiring, and he walked to the steps of the inner courtyard.

At the same time, the two guards of the Lin family behind him also felt something was wrong, one of them immediately ran to spread the word, and the other was fully guarded.

Si Kongchen led his men and walked to the steps of the inner courtyard.

He raised his head, looked at Murong Jian, and said coldly: "I heard that you are here as a guard, but I didn't believe it... I saw it today, it turned out to be a fact."

"What do you want to do" Murong Jian asked directly, ignoring Si Kongchen's words.-

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