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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1031: Important 1 day

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Just now, if Fu Han did something, it was normal behavior.

But under Su Changge's frenzied provocation, he could still resist not doing it... this actually shows that there is a problem.

Bai Konggu said that as soon as Fu Han came to take over, he wanted to get Fang Yu's detailed information.

When he saw Fang Yu, he still resisted not doing it. It was likely that someone behind him asked him to do so.

With such a cruel character in Fuhan...If he hadn't been ordered, how could he bear that tone just now

Who is behind Fu Han

Wuchenzi, or another old man in the divine secret.

"Investigate me... and don't want to do anything to me for the time being. What do you want to do" Fang Yu squinted slightly, thinking in his heart.

"Master Fang, that Fuhan is also bullying and fearing hardship. I provoke in every possible way. He didn't even dare to put a fart. It seems that he was afraid of your reputation as a villain in the northern capital..." said Su Changge, who was next to him.

"It may be that your acting is too exaggerated, and he has seen our intention of probing." Fang Yu said.

"How is this possible How arrogant I was just now I was so arrogant that I wanted to lick myself." Su Changge raised his eyebrows.

With that, Su Changge was a little scared and asked, "Master Fang, the Fu Han just now showed killing intent to me more than once, let alone the men behind him. They will not be murderous. Come and avenge me"

"Don't worry, he didn't do it just now, and it will be even more impossible to do it afterwards." Fang Yu glanced at Su Changge and said lightly, "Moreover, even if they want to do it, they must look for me first."

"Master Fang...what the **** is this Fuhan I haven't heard of his name before, and he can't be seen on the lists. But the faint aura of cultivation base that he exudes is not stronger than those of the holy list. Weak!" Su Changge said with a little amazement in his eyes.

"He comes from Shenyinhui. As for what Shenyinhui is, I haven't figured it out yet. But then we will definitely deal with them often." Fang Yu said with a smile, "It won't be long, their old bottom Will show up."


Peep into the sky.

"Master Fuhan, why don't you let us do it That kid is too arrogant!" a subordinate said angrily.

"I said, it's not time yet." Fu Han said calmly.

"That kid is just a time to change his mind! I want to kill him, it's as easy as drinking water!" The other man said in an annoyed voice.

"The provocative person is not to be afraid. The point is not him, it is Fang Yu." Fu Han turned around and said.

"Even Fang Yu... it's impossible to be Fu Han's opponent your opponent!" another subordinate said.

Fu Han was expressionless and said, "When I face him, I can't see his depth."

"Master has ordered that he cannot be moved for the time being."

"My patience is limited, don't mention this matter again."

The expressions of each subordinate changed, and immediately lowered their heads and replied in unison: "Yes!"


Fang Yu returned to the bamboo building at home, took out the documents he had obtained from Bai Konggu, and opened it for a closer look.

The document contains the location and time of 37 ancient ruins.

The ancient relics on the file are also arranged in order of opening time.

"There are seven ancient ruins to be opened in February, twelve in March, twelve in April..."

Fang Yu saw behind, his eyes changed slightly.

The last ancient ruins recorded in the document will be opened on the 15th of April.

On this day, twelve ancient ruins will be opened at the same time.

Not only the same day, but the same moment!

This is particularly strange.

The ancient ruins in the front will be opened at different time points even on the same day.

But on the 15th of April, the remaining twelve ancient relics were opened at 12 noon at the same time!

"April 15... there are still about two months left." Fang Yu frowned slightly, looking at the record on the file.

Twelve ancient relics are in twelve different locations.

Some are in the north, and some are in the east and west... where there is no pattern.

The only thing in common is that the twelve ancient relics are all in the hot summer.

Throughout the afternoon, Fang Yu had been looking at this document, and took out a map, marking the location and opening time of the ancient ruins.

April 15th.

This day was highlighted by Fang Yu.

There is a feeling in his heart.

This day... something unprecedented will happen.


Dongri Island, southern archipelago.

This sea area is rich in resources and is the favorite place for fishing boats.

But half a year ago, an extremely terrifying thing happened here, and the legend of a ghost island that appeared from time to time spread...

Since then, few fishing boats have dared to come in this area.

No amount of benefits, no life is precious!

At this moment, it was close to evening.

In the remote waters, there is a small island standing alone in the sea.

This small island is very small, and the place where it appears...is exactly where the ghost island is located in the legend of Dongri Island!

This small island is the ghost island!


At this moment, the entire ghost island is shaking.


Dark clouds appeared in the sky, lightning and thunder.

The vibration of the ghost island continued and became more and more intense.

At this moment, in the middle of the island, there was a figure in black.

This is a man.

The man's eyes were glowing red, and his right hand was pressed on the ground, with a monstrous aura!

There was a crazy smile on his face.

"Hahaha... the 3000-year-old Tai Sui beast was finally caught by me!" The man laughed, and a strong black light suddenly appeared on his right hand!


The whole island vibrated violently~www.novelhall.com~ just want to rise in the sea!

"Don't struggle, be my food, be a part of my strength! It is your honor to be part of Dazhao Mo's bloodline!" the man shouted.

Between the words, veins appeared on his right hand.

It can be clearly seen that bursts of silver-white blood flowed through his blood vessels.


After a few seconds, the whole island began to roar!

Everywhere on the island seemed to evaporate, and wisps of black air rose, all converging towards the man's position!

"bring it on……"

The man left the ground with his right hand, opened his hands, raised his upper body, and looked at the lightning above!


In the huge roar, the entire island evaporates into black air, all entering the man's body.


The man's body shines brightly, and his breath is extremely strong.

His eyes are red, and the half of his body, including his face, are transformed into a black dragon shape!


The man opened his mouth and let out a roar.


In the sea below, countless hundreds of meters high water column exploded!

And in the spray, the man's body completely transformed into a small black dragon, rushing towards the lightning above.

"Why do you always show up You want me to lose my body You are not qualified!"

The black dragon transformed by the man rushed directly towards the dark clouds in the air.


When its figure was submerged in the dark clouds, a popping sound that seemed to shatter the space came out.

At the same time, a large cloud of clouds in the sky...crashed!-

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