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“No, it’s nothing.”

Soyoung smiled awkwardly.

It was fortunate that it was dark inside and could hide her red cheeks.

While she was at a loss, Taekyung focused on intertwining their fingers deeply, pretending to be indifferent.

Ten fingers were woven dizzy and soft flesh stuck together.

The man’s smooth fingers carefully caressed the back of his soft hand.

“No, I’m not….


Soyoung tried to concentrate on the conversation somehow.

Perhaps because she couldn’t see it with her eyes, the feeling of fiddling and fumbling was clearer than ever.

Manager Joo, who was not aware of So-young’s situation, asked her, putting a chocolate in her mouth.

“If you don’t meet anyone, should I introduce someone to you”

“No, thank you, but it’s okay.”

“Oh, Manager Joo is playing the role of a matchmaker”

“What do you mean matchmaker… Deputy General Manager Hyun is making it obvious that he .



 It’s a wonderful age, so I hope you enjoy it.

Manager Han, you really don’t have any thoughts There happens to be a good person.

Do you remember when we took a group photo at the workshop He asked me to introduce him to him if he was into it.”

“What matchmaker… The current deputy manager is really a gossiper now.

She’s at the best age, so I want her to enjoy it.


Han, do you really not know There’s only one person out there.

Remember the group photo we took during our previous workshop He asked to introduce anyone who might be interested in him.”

“Wow, you’re so popular.”

“Is he from our company”

People’s attention was focused on So-young.

This kind of story has always been easy to attract interest, regardless of age or gender.

Soyoung smiled awkwardly.

She felt a slight force in Taekyung’s hand.

Even if she didn’t check with her eyes, I could easily imagine what his expression would be like.

“Manager, I really don’t have any thoughts.”

“I don’t really say these things, but I’ve known him for a long time.

He’s handsome and has a good personality.

As an accountant, he often goes on business trips and is busy, but there is nothing missing from his academic background and family.

I’m just two years older than you, so you should try.”

“That’s right, manager.

Just try.”


It would be nice to meet him in person.

It was the moment So-young, who was pushed by people’s momentum, was forced to give an ambiguous answer.

The table, which had been quiet, suddenly rattled.

As a result, a whiskey glass that was barely hanging on the corner fell to the floor and was smashed.

“Are you okay, team leader”

“I’m sorry.

My hands slipped.”

Taekyung smiled and raised his wet hand as if he was embarrassed.

An employee approached to clean up the broken glass and spilled whiskey, and the blind date story was gone.

Soyoung speculated that Taekyung would have done this on purpose.

“Give me another cup of the same one.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Taekyung interrupted the topic.

Deputy General Manager Shin rubbed his face and asked him.

“Come to think of it, what kind of style do you like”

It was a pretty awkward question to ask Taekyung if he was dating anyone.

Deputy General Manager Shin looked to see if he was uncomfortable.

Despite such concerns, Taekyung gently opened his mouth.

“I like people who don’t act as predicted.”

It was an abstract answer that went beyond the ‌expected category.

People exchanged their eyes with puzzled expressions.

Taekyung smiled vaguely and added kindly.

“I know little about them and it keeps me on my toes.

And they’re reckless beyond being honest with their desires.”

“….You must like those active ones.”

Fortunately, Manager Joo found a decent expression while everyone could not speak out hastily.

Taekyung gently accepted and fiddled with the fresh glass.


Whether or not I changed, I seem to be attracted to one’s candid and outspoken personality.”

“The person you’re meeting right now is amazing… No, it’s nothing.”

Deputy General Manager Hyun hurriedly closed his mouth, but everyone thought similarly.

Taekyung is definitely in a relationship, and they don’t know, but he seems to be obsessed with a pretty unique woman.

So Young-man remained silent with an indescribable expression.

No matter how she looked at it, he was teasing her.

When So-young pressed and pinched the back of his hand, Taekyung covered his face with a large hand and swallowed his laughter


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