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“It’s a lie.”

When she didn’t imagine that it would come out of Taekyung’s mouth, Soyoung burst into a cough-like smile without realising it.

“What’s so funny”

Yi Hwan, who took the seat next to So-young, whispered.

She shook her head, swallowing the remaining laughter.

“It’s nothing.”

“I think you drank too much earlier.

Don’t force yourself to drink.”

“Yes, I will.

Thank you for your care.”

Although they met today, Yi Hwan seemed to be good at taking care of people.

So-young, who had been in a good mood for some reason since Taekyung appeared, smiled without hesitation for the first time.

The bright smile changed Taekyung and Lee Hwan’s expressions at the same time, who were seated beside her.

Taekyung really only came because he was asked to and didn’t touch alcohol or snacks at all.

 However, he did not obscure the atmosphere by being quiet.

He naturally blended into the atmosphere by demonstrating appropriate manners and closeness, and people paid attention to him with a mixture of curiosity and liking.

Strangely, however, to So-young, Taekyung seemed to be overdoing it.

The reason was unknown, but she thought he was in a low mood.

So it kept bothering me.

“Why do you look at me like that Do I have something on my face”

Tae-kyung asked in a voice that only So-young could hear, perhaps it was obvious that she kept glancing.

So-young opened her mouth with red cheeks.

“No, it’s not that.

It’s just that you look tired than usual.

It’s understandable, but still…….”


“Are you okay”

At that moment, Taekyung smiled lightly as if the wall between them had collapsed.

So-young stared at him without realizing it.

She came to her senses and turned her head, but she couldn’t help her fast-paced heart.

* * *

The drinking party was over about an hour later.

It was almost midnight, so it was clear that it would be past one o’clock if she washed up and slept.

With that in mind, it was time for So-young to pack her stuff.

Lee Hwan approached her.

“Which direction are you going”

“Towards Sadang.”

“Oh, then with my car…”

Lee Hwan was about to recommend So-young to accompany him.

“Manager Han, let’s go.”

Taekyung’s clear voice cut the conversation.

Before she knew it, Taekyung in a coat stood behind them.

So-young asked him back with a puzzled look.


Then Taekyung replied as if her asking the question was natural.

“Who else is here besides you”

The eyes of people preparing to return home busily were on the two.

“Oh, a boss who takes care of his subordinates.”

“Team leader, can you give me a ride”

“Me too!”

There was a loud commotion, whether it was booing or envy.

But Taekyung waited for Soyoung’s answer with an indifferent expression as if the disturbance around them had nothing to do with him.

Team leader, I’m sure you’ll feel uncomfortable in the car.….

She thought so, but she didn’t want to refuse Taekyung’s favor for some reason.

“…Thank you.”

Eventually, So-young, who had hesitated, nodded.

Then, Taekyung’s expression, which had been expressionless all the time, relaxed a little.

“I need to walk to the parking lot.

Do you feel cold”

“It’s okay.

Thank you for your care.”

Taekyung smiled lightly and shrugged.

The two walked down the streets in silence.

For some time, I saw Taekyung’s car parked in the outdoor parking lot.

“I’m going to smoke.

I’ll turn on the heater.”

Tae-kyung, who opened the passenger seat door to So-young, bent down and pressed the warm seat button as she sat down.

So-young, who suddenly hardened like a rabbit at their close distance, breathed out only after the door was closed.

“Shall we go”

Taekyung, who returned from smoking a cigarette, had a subtle mixture of the smell of wind, bitter tobacco, and the perfume he usually used.

He took his hand sanitizer out of the glove box and gently rubbed his hands.

Fingers intertwined and intersecting each other were reflected in the dim light.

At that moment, Soyoung was conscious of the fact that Taekyung was a man.

The tension resulting from her realization made her almost unconsciously gaze at her Taekyung’s groin.

The moment Soyoung’s gaze naturally fell down, Taekyung grabbed the coat as if he had sensed something.

Then she suddenly came to her senses and turned her head in a hurry.

The two remained silent while the car was driving on a quiet road.

Since it was a silence that had already been experienced once, So-young was not as awkward as before.

Instead, she stared out of the window, buried in a hot seat.

At that time, the cell phone she put on her lap vibrated.

Yi Hwan : It was nice to meet you today.

Yi Hwan : Let’s have lunch together soon.

Yi Hwan: Good bye~ 



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