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“Good night.”

“I will.

Team leader, get home safely.”

Even though she said goodbye, Taekyung couldn’t take his step easily.

Only after So-young repeatedly told him to go in did he reluctantly get in the car.

So-young looked at the back of a foreign car moving away and climbed the stairs.

It was the first time she had spent a full day with someone like this.

The time that would normally have flowed without her being aware was different, and it felt as if she had gone on a trip and then returned.

The time with Taekyung was fun and peaceful, but she couldn’t shake off the tension of being sexually conscious of him.

For that reason, So-young indulged in the time spent with Tae Kyung and felt a desire to escape.

It was because the stimulus he gave was excessive.

Then, when she entered the familiar studio alone, an unexpected emptiness flooded in.

“What’s that…”

Soyoung fell down on the bed.

The rebound caused her hair to fall on the cheek.

Unlike usual, my hair smelled like Tae Kyung.

When she recalled the fact, her heart fluttered.

So-young closed her eyes and recalled her time with Tae Kyung.

Having let go of his strictness at work, he was gentle.

He played pranks on So-young all the time as if he couldn’t stand the time she was away for a while.

Above all, Tae-kyung could not hide his loveliness even when he saw So-young’s bare face.

She knew ‌such feelings were not something one could make up.

[If you’re sleepy, go to sleep.]

When she dozed off, Taekyung easily hugged her and headed to the bedroom, while giving her an arm pillow.

Tae Kyung’s arms were warm and generous, as if they would be safe from any threat.


So-young gave a long breath with her hair on her face.

Then she recalled the question she had asked herself repeatedly.

Really…… What’s the point of trying to reject the team leader while being so ambiguous

If she thought they shouldn’t have been together from the beginning, she should have suppressed her pathetic regret.

She shouldn’t have left any room for Taekyung’s affection.

Her ambiguous attitude was just a trick of turning a blind eye to the emotions that had already sprouted.


Let’s become a moth that jumps into the fire even though we know it won’t work.

It was a very impulsive decision.

And when she did that, she laughed for no reason.

So-young buried her head in the pillow again and fumbled and held her cell phone in her hand.

Han So-young: Thank you, team leader.

For everything.

For now, even with the greeting of gratitude, Taekyung might read the sincerity behind it.

* * *

Kim Yihwan: Assistant Manager.

Kim Yihwan: Are you busy this evening

Ahead of dinner, So-young received a message from Yi Hwan.

Yi Hwan has expressed constant interest in So-young since he got to know her.

No matter how unresponsive So-young was, it wasn’t hard to not notice his favor.

Such awareness led to a natural iron wall.

It was the first time in a long time that Yi Hwan contacted So-young.

Han Soyoung: Hello.

Han Soyoung: I think I’ll probably work overtime today.

Kim Yihwan: The same goes for me.

Kim Yihwan: Do you want to have dinner with me

Soyoung hesitated for a moment.

She knew that Lee Hwan’s affection for her was not very serious.

No, she didn’t even know that he was interested in her.

It might just be a ridiculous illusion.

There was only one reason to be more cautious than necessary.


So-young shook her head by erasing Tae Kyung’s reflective face.

It was nothing to just eat with someone.

“Are you here”

“Hello, assistant manager.”

“You’re busy these days.”

As she went out to the elevator at the promised time, Yi Hwan, who was waiting in advance, approached So-young with a sad smile.

She shrugged with a smile.

“Well, it’s always the same.”

“This organization has a lot of work overall, but I think that statement is especially true of you.”

“Everyone’s going to get better next year.

I wonder if it’s possible.”


There was no room to go out of the company, so the two headed to an in-house restaurant.

Sitting opposite each other over their own plates, the two started eating in a slightly awkward atmosphere.

Yi Hwan said to So-young with a polite smile in his mouth.

“You look so busy these days that I couldn’t even talk to you well.

I’m afraid I’m bothering you.”



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