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Taekyung, who threw the belt randomly, loosened his tie that covered his view.

Then, he made eye contact with So-young, who widened her eyes.

Taekyung smiled fishily at So-young, who had hardened as if she had shaken her back with excitement.

His eyes, with excitement, gave off a dangerous atmosphere.

“Was it good to have fun alone”

“No, that’s not… A-are you okay”

“It’s a little painful, but it’s bearable.”

Taekyung shrugged, touching his wrist.

There was a clear red mark on clean skin.

It was when So-young’s eyes turned red when she saw it.


The feeling of climax that had subsided for a moment soared and attacked Soyoung.

She met her orgasm while having her waist held by Taekyung.

Taekyung let out a rough breath as the pressure tightened on his penis, but she realized the situation one beat later.


Before reaching her peak alone, So-young licked Taekyung’s wrist.

Recalling the fact, he shed a smile.

Then she was half out of her mind and clenched her trembling jaw.

The focus was gradually focused on So-young’s eyes.

Taekyung smiled provocatively and licked his wrist too.

Just that made her face turn red and lost what to do.

The overflowing sorrow soaked heavily in the intersection.

“You’re really a perv.”

“Ha-ang, uh-huh…… Ah!”

Even before So-young recognized the situation, her vision changed.

She had already been laid under Taekyung.

His penis, boasting his size, was still deeply embedded in her core.

Taekyung lightly grabbed So-young’s two chests as if he had wanted to do so from before.

The sweet pleasure spread out, and the sweat on the skin stuck to the palm as if it had been waiting.

When Taekyung twisted the nipples, Soyoung trembled helplessly and groaned.

“Don’t tie my wrists from now on.”


“Now it’s my turn.”

Even before So-young protested, the penis, which was still inside, scratched roughly against the vaginal wall and was pulled out.

From that point on, the thick pillar of flesh began to be rammed inside.

“Ah, ahh! Hngh! Ahngh!”

“Hoo, ugh….”

“Ahngh! Ugh, uhngh!”

So-young opened her eyes wide.

It was right after she went through an orgasm.

In that state, as his penis picked up speed, the fading climax began to soar sharply again.

The thick and long genitals slipped out, then he repeatedly pounded them all the way to the root.

Each time, the foamy love liquid flowed profusely and wet the ass thoroughly.

“S-stop! Hngh! Ahngh!”

Soyoung let out a sharp voice and shook her head violently.

In a state of being sensitive, her pleasure was so overwhelming that she felt like she was going to die.

Her whole body convulsed, and her legs trembled uncontrollably.

Tae-kyung stared at So-yeong, who was sobbing in awe, with a force to eat her whole.

“So, argh, who told you to provoke people like that”

“Uhngh! Ahngh, sorry, mhngh, stop, n-no, ahngh… ah!”

Taekyung, who raised his upper body, grabbed So-kyung’s two ankles shaking and opened them.

Then the part, which was burning red and swallowing a huge penis, opened its mouth wide.

The cramped vagina had its mouth open with greed, and the erect penis was firmly swollen.

The inside of the thigh was wet with pain and shiny.

Taekyung’s waist became rougher.

So-young shook her head like a doll that fell off the string.

“Heuk, no, mhngh, I feel… hm!”

How much did she endure Soyoung opened her eyes wide.

It was because the pleasure of the climax soared from the lower abdomen.

“Heuk, ugh, uhngh..


With her head tilted back, So-young flinched and groaned with a stiff body.

As if her nerves were broken, her eyes were blackened.


At that moment, the wall of the vagina was cramping.

At the same time, a viscous liquid burst out.

Taekyung, surprised by the feeling of his groin getting wet, stopped moving.

“Heuk… ugh… hngh…”

The liquid Soyoung spewed wet the groin as well as the sheets.

The moment the blurry eyes opened towards Taekyung, she twisted her forehead and stiffened his whole body.

The penis that had filled her insides twitchef and poured semen.




Both of them were speechless because they were obsessed with a long and terrible orgasm.

For some time, it was Taekyung who came to his senses first while struggling with the pleasure.

When he realized that he was putting weight on So-young, he hurriedly got up.

The penis, which had not flaccid, escaped from the smooth wet hole.


Tae-kyung, sitting next to So-young, rubbed her cheek roughly with a large hand.

So-young twitched and blinked slowly.

Tears that she didn’t know when they had gone flowed down the corner of her eyes.

“Are you okay”

“Haa… haa, hu….”

“And that’s…”

It was when Taekyung’s gaze was toward the wet sheet.


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