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So-young closed her mouth again to swallow the moans.

Her whole body trembled, and her weak legs kept trembling.

Taekyung held her in his arms and supported her, who couldn’t stand at all.

So-young couldn’t come to her senses.

Her clit was rubbed roughly, and the vibrator buried deep vibrated strongly and hit the vaginal wall recklessly.

The pleasure, which had already lasted for hours, was more of a torture.

She scratched Taekyung’s forearms with tears in her eyes.

“Ngh, uhngh, p-please turn it off.”

Taekyung tilted his head with a look of contemplation for a while, but rather than stopping, he began to shallowly rub his fingers.

Just the insertion gave her a sense of climax, and So-young groaned.

Taekyung licked her wet cheeks and chewed on her warm earlobes.

His eyes gradually began to have fierce lust.

“If you take longer, they’ll think it’s weird.

So don’t hold it in and come.”

“Hngh, ugh.”

“If we weren’t in the company, I would thrust into you.

What a shame.”

So-young trembled at Taekyung’s whisper.

It was unfair that she was the only one who couldn’t pull herself together.

So-young glared at Taekyung with tears in her eyes.

“Team leader, your personality is really bad.

A confession…… In the end, ugh, you’re bothering me, right You asshole….”

“No way.”

Taekyung smiled lightly and denied So-young’s words at once.

The gaze in front of her was affectionate, but the answer with his red-hot lips was terribly lewd.

“My taste is not to play with such a toy, but to drive your pussy so that it melts away.”

“Haa, ahh, mhngh…”

“I’m trying to be on par with you.

Don’t you know

Taekyung hugged So-young.

Her eyelids trembled as his long fingers moved smoothly along the skin.

He twisted his lips violently, staring straight at her, eroded by pleasure.

“I get annoyed and twisted in my stomach just by imagining someone else seeing this face.”

So-young’s heart jumped sharply at the desire expressed by Taekyung.

She turned her head to hide her excitement.

At the same time, the touch of caressing became rough.

The swollen clit was pressed flat and rubbed like friction, and the fingers wrapped were stuck in the vagina and poked recklessly into her.


At that moment, Soyoung reached her climax.

She trembled with Taekyung’s arms attached to her, crying.

In the meantime, her core was wet.

“Haa, hm… Ugh.”

Taekyung swallowed her lips, which had been smudged with pleasure, without hesitation.

The smooth tongue dug deep into the helpless open mouth and moved promiscuously.

So-young trembled in the aftermath of orgasm and hung on to him.

“Heuk… ugh”

After a short but persistent kiss, the vibration that rang in the body also stopped.

Taekyung, who turned off the switch, licked his lips with a disappointing look.

So-young couldn’t stand the force and stumbled down on the empty chair.

“…Haa, ha, ugh… That’s too much….”

So-young blamed Taekyung even though she couldn’t hold her breath.

Then he smiled and asked a question.

“If I’m jealous in this situation, am I crazy”

“Haa, what is that…”

Taekyung lightly shook the vibrator remote control he had put in his pocket.

“Let’s not use this kind of thing from now on.

It feels like I’m just watching you have fun by yourself.… It’s a lot dirtier than I expected.”

Soyoung was lost about what to say.

It was entirely his fault that she became like this, but now he proudly expressed displeasure.

I knew he was originally a shameless person…….

So-young, who was smiling, turned her head completely with a face that she didn’t want to deal with.

Then, the loud-pronounced genitals came into view.

Her cheeks heated up even more.

Taekyung, who bowed his head along Soyoung, smiled and pointed to the door at the tip of his chin.

So-young, who had licked her lips, turned her head away with a face that she didn’t want to deal with him.

Then, the erect penis came into view.

Both of her cheeks grew even redder.

 Taekyung, who lowered his head following Soyoung, smiled and tapped the tip of her chin to the door.

“I think I need more time, so get out first.”


Soyoung finally buried her face in her hands.

The current situation was far different from her vague imagination.

Far from being organized, it felt more complicated.

Taekyung’s monopoly desire, and kindness that he couldn’t hide even while being grumpy, all of those emotions were overwhelming and easily paralyzed Soyoung.

How shallow and helpless she is.

So-young swallowed her self-help, trying to calm her sensitively excited nerves.

She couldn’t even imagine how much she would be swayed by Taekyung in the future.

Suddenly, she felt like a warning light dimly lit in her head.


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