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Soyoung could not make a proper judgment.

Since their relationship went wrong, there has been no moment when Taekyung is not disappointed.

However, she felt guilty to cover up his confession as if it had never happened and take only the negligence he gave me.

The reason, desire, and guilt have been mixed up, making it impossible to know anything in the past.

But… You say it’s okay.

The person concerned said it’s okay, so why would I refuse

Soyoung swallowed her dry saliva.

Tae-kyung smiled as if he had noticed how she had begun to lean on one axis similar to him.

Unlike before, it was a smile that showed explicitly colored light.

Taekyung’s breathing almost reached.

“I wanted to look good, so I prepared a gift that you would like.”


“Will you accept it”

……Why is this man so tempting

So-young closed her eyes instead of answering.

Then Taekyung lowered his head without hesitation.

As soon as their lips were gently overlapped, So-young was engulfed by a distant drop.

* * *

Taekyung’s heart for So-young was sincere, but that did not mean that his behavior suddenly changed.

Even at a time when he was aware of his mind, he was being cheeky and enjoyed her reaction of returning by choosing words and actions she was ashamed of.

So-young should have realized sooner that Taekyung’s desperation for her could not change his natural nature.

It was a regular meeting time that came back every week.

“Central and South America have expressed their intention to participate in this project.

If the headquarters’ budget is limited, we are active enough to bear our own funding.”

“We report the interim results and include the contents.

If the CFO report goes well, the budget will somehow cover it.”

“Yes, team leader.

And another thing I need to tell you is…….”

Thanks to leaving work early together yesterday, the team atmosphere was more energetic than usual.

Taekyung expressed his opinion at the end of the presenters’ reports, and the team members listened to him and asked questions or added additional comments.

While everyone was focused on work, Soyoung was the only exception.

So-young’s complexion was very white.

Her eyes shook unstably, and the lips that had been bitten since earlier swelled redder than usual, creating a strangely sensational atmosphere.

Even a drop of sweat was formed on the round forehead.


So-young tried to turn a blind eye to the pleasure of chiming between her legs, giving strength to her hand holding a pen.

She was afraid that she would moan even if she let her guard down a little.

The contents of the meeting didn’t catch her ears at all, but she thought she wouldn’t be suspicious if she pretended to take notes.

[I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.]

Taekyung said that last night.

So-young wondered, but she didn’t show it and left the house at the time he said.

[I told you I prepared a present that you would like.]

Taekyung, whom she met early in the morning, was clean as usual.

No, she thinks he was cooler than usual.

He smiled beautifully at So-young.

While she was possessed by the smile, he held out a luxurious box.

[What’s this]

So-young opened the box without hiding her doubts.

Looking at the size and design of the box, she thought it would be accessories such as a necklace and bracelet.

However, there was an object in it that betrayed her expectations.

It was a white, smooth oval egg vibrator.

[T-Team Leader!]

So-young was surprised as if she were on fire and threw the box at Taekyung.

He looked carefully at her face stained with embarrassment and smiled even deeper.

Then, he opened the glove box with the vibrator that fell on his thigh in his hand.

It contained hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and latex gloves.

[You are always soaked in a close situation.]

[When did I ever….

What is this….]

[We’ve seen each other, and now we’re trying to do something new.

Don’t you want to do something you’ve never done before]


So-young was inserted with a vibrator as soon as she arrived at the company.

When Taekyung lowered her underwear, her legs were already more wet than usual.

He licked the folds with his finger and did not hide his joy, teasing So-young until she couldn’t stand the shame and shed tears.

“You swallow it well.”

Taekyung, who thoroughly brought latex gloves, pushed the vibrator deep into the vagina, and instead of pulling out her fingers, repeatedly inserted them, raising Soyoung’s body to the brink of a light peak.

Soyoung came into the office with a vibrator in her arms in an ambiguous state, and immediately attended the meeting.

It was not long after the meeting began that the vibrator, which had only been buried in the vaginal wall, began.


So-young let out her hot breath and lowered her head.

The body, frustrated with the desire just before its peak, was so excited that she couldn’t help it, but in that state, she literally felt like she was dying to endure the vibration.

The front of her eyes was dimly blurred and her back kept flinching.

It was then.

“Manager Han, are you uncomfortable”


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