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It’s been a long time since she met Taekyung in this way.

So-young felt awkward, so it was difficult to even look him straight in the eye.

Taekyung looked closely at her, who was openly stiff, and smiled.

“I’m the one who got dumped, but why do you look nervous”


So-young was surprised by the uncomfortable topic without notice.

As Taekyung said, he confessed and was dumped, but rather, she panicked.

When she stuttered, he started the engine with a light smile.

How come the team leader is so normal

In this situation, So-young was the only one who should be more relaxed.

But she was the only one who was swayed and embarrassed as if she had been the one who confessed.

So-young felt a strange backlash when she saw Tae-kyung, who was calm.

So she replied coldly, pretending to have an expressionless face.

“I’m okay.”

“Really You’re more cold-blooded than you look.”


While So-young, who was speechless, just rubbed her lips, Taekyung started the car.

He turned the steering wheel and spoke to her with an indifferent look.

“By the way, can you check with CEO Han if he can postpone the schedule for a few more days I think I should report it to Director Jeong first.”

“What Ah… You mean the Southeast Asian, right”

“That’s right.”

Until just now, he was being friendly, but now he suddenly talks about his work.

So-young nodded in embarrassment because she couldn’t keep up with the changing topic.

“Yes, I’ll check it out.”

“And I’ve been thinking about it, and it’s better to prepare for the launch results to be included in the regular council.

Let’s talk about this tomorrow with Deputy General Manager Shin.”

Throughout the journey home, the conversation between the two was only about work.

So-young, who was nervous at first because she didn’t know Taekyung’s intention, gradually lowered her guard.

This was because he maintained a dry attitude toward his subordinates as a boss.

If the team leader takes her home today, as a gesture to organize their relationship, only then will she understand why Taekyung suddenly showed kindness.

He expresses his will to give up on Soyoung in his own way.

So-young felt a bit disappointed, but she knew that such a heart was nothing but an egocentric regret.

As much as Taekyung treated her as an employee, she was also obligated to treat him as a boss.

While So-young was trying to shake off her uneasy mind, the car arrived in front of her house.

As always, Taekyung stopped the car in a dark alley between officetels.

“Thank you for bringing me here, team leader.”

Soyoung bowed her head.

On the way home, she memorized her rationale about boss and subordinates, and she acted quite naturally.

Taekyung shrugged with a feminine expression.

“I thought about it.”


“About you rejecting me.”


“I understood it, but I couldn’t give up right away.”

Tae-kyung threw a ball as if he had been waiting for So-young to let her guard down.

After being beaten without notice, she could not hide her expression.

“What is that…”

Until just now, Taekyung, who was wearing a mask of a polite boss, was staring at her with a disturbing gaze.

So-young, surrounded with embarrassment, swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.

Then he curled his lips at an angle that looked good.

Just watching it, she knew it was a smile that sparked unknown anxiety.

“You’re usually quiet, but that day you spoke in front of me, I knew for the first time that you were a good speaker.”

She didn’t know if it was sarcastic or not.

Taekyung lightly tapped the leather cover with his elongated finger while putting his hand on the handle.

“Even if the reason why we can’t be together, which you said, is actually just a meaningless worry.

It’s not a problem to me, but I can’t force someone who doesn’t like it…”


“So I thought about it in my way.”

What are you going to say….

Taekyung smiled vaguely at the expression that revealed his feelings.

Then he asked her in a light tone.

“You don’t want to go out with me, but you still like me, right”

“What are you saying…”

“You can use it however you want.

My body.”

Soyoung doubted her ears.

As if wedging into her question, Taekyung accurately pointed to his groin with his index finger.


“Team leader…”

So-young rubbed her lips with a devastated face.

She couldn’t figure out what Taekyung was talking about.

He smiled leisurely as if savoring So-young’s confusion and tilted his upper body toward her.

A sound that was good to hear was whispered in her frozen ears.

“To be more precise, it means that you can spread her legs whenever you want and I’ll do the rest.

Does this make sense”


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