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Secretly Meeting With My Boss - Chapter 40.1 - Sleepy Translations

4-5 minutes 29.12.2021


As soon as Tae-kyung and So-young met eyes, So-young was caught in an unavoidable awkwardness and lowered their eyes.

He smiled and responded in a light voice to her greeting in a stiff voice.

“You came to work early.”

What she was worried about was of no use.

With the freshness of nothing more intimate than the boss and subordinates, So-young became rather puzzled.

While she missed the timing to answer, the conversation ended like that.

So-young turned her head as she entered the office.

Taekyung was standing against her and talking to the deputy general manager.

His wide back looked more dignified than usual.

So-young put her bag down on the desk and wrinkled her forehead without realizing it.

Of course, I didn’t want him to feel awkward.…

Taekyung looked so normal, so strangely, it wasn’t very refreshing in a way.


Did he stab me with a feeling that he wasn’t serious at all

Taekyung didn’t seem to have that personality, but she didn’t know.

In addition, it was a relationship that could not be found to be serious from the beginning, so even so, there was nothing strange.

“What I’m…”

So-young smiled in vain when she realized that she had been persistently thinking unconsciously.

Even if Taekyung isn’t serious, she had no right to criticize or be disappointed with him.

You rejected him.

Now that you’ve done that, don’t be pathetic.

So-young tapped her cheek a couple of times to come to her senses.

It was selfish to feel strange disappointment at the fact that she was not shaken when she refused Tae Kyung.

Thinking like that made her a little shy.

* * *

After Taekyung’s confession, the communication between the two almost disappeared.

Maybe it’s because they didn’t have much time to see each other during business hours before, but they’ve also become psychologically distant.

So-young felt strange as if she had become complete strangers with Taekyung.


It was already time to get off work after she finished her hectic work.

It was Family Day, which came back once a month.

As of today, everyone had to leave work before 6 o’clock, so everyone was busy packing.

So-young was also about to turn off her laptop.

A message pop-up popped up in the bottom right corner of the desktop.

Cha Taekyung: Are you going home

So-young felt her heart drop.

She was so surprised at the moment that even the tip of her finger felt numb.

She stared at the message window as if she were thinking and put her hand on the keyboard.

Han So-young: Yes, I’m going now.

Cha Tae-kyung: I’m on my way, so I’ll take you home.


What are you thinking

Recently, it was Taekyung who didn’t care about So-young at all.

So she believed that he had cleared up the relationship between the two.

Unfortunately, she thought it was unnatural, but she didn’t know why Taekyung contacted Soyoung now.

Natural vigilance arose over the reflexive excitement felt by his name.

Because of that, she could neither affirm nor deny his proposal.

Cha Taekyung: Can’t I even take you home just because I was dumped

Taekyung asked back as if he had read So-young’s mind.

She did not hesitate this time and immediately replied.

Han So-young: I didn’t think about that.

Cha Tae-kyung: Then don’t be awkward and come to the parking lot.

Cha Taekyung: Unless you’re going to keep things like this.

Taekyung’s messenger status has changed offline without Soyoung having to respond.

Soon after, he appeared in his seat.

So-young couldn’t even dare to look at him and stared at the monitor.

“Good job today, team leader.”

“Everyone, go home early.”

Tae-kyung responded to the greetings of the team members one by one and disappeared without even glancing at So-young.

As a result, it became ambiguous to refuse.


So-young thought about whether she could be swept away.

It was quite meaningless.

She was still reeling from lingering feelings and staying on the day Taekyung confessed.

It was a regret that she didn’t want to be caught by anyone.

Not long after Taekyung left, Soyoung quietly turned off her laptop and got up from her seat with her bag.


When So-young opened the passenger door, Taekyung, who was already waiting in the driver’s seat, curled his lips.

“You’re here”


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