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So-young found out that Taekyung’s judgment was right.

After work, she often fainted as soon as she washed up, so she couldn’t handle the exhaustion of her tired body.

The problem was that even though she knew that, she kept thinking about sex with Taekyung.

He took So-young, who was a sex beginner, to the last stage.

In other words, she also learned of the feeling when her physical pleasure was not satisfied.

So-young blinked with her cheeks attached to the desk.

Now… Wouldn’t it be unreasonable to go back to a time when we didn’t know anything

It was an assumption that she had never seriously thought of, but the relationship between the two could end without notice at any time.

In that case, this feeling would remain in So-young.

A chilling imagination passed through So-young’s mind.

She couldn’t stand her dissatisfaction with her desire and even asked Taekyung to have sex again.

It was okay once, but not twice.

Then… Should I buy something like a masturbation device for that time

So-young, who had become serious over something that had not yet happened, soon realized her patheticness and breathed heavily.

As the desire and dissatisfaction piled up, she’s having strange thoughts.

So-young lightly patted her cheek a couple of times and calmed herself down.

Soon, the gaze, which became serious again, was fixed on the print.

* * *

Deputy Director Shin and Soyoung arrived in Frankfurt around lunchtime.

When they left the airport and checked in at the hotel, it was close to 4:00 PM, so instead of going to work, the two had a light briefing in the hotel lounge and took an early break.

The next day, she got moving early in the morning.

After greeting the head of the corporation, the two immediately conducted consultations with the executives in charge and local employees.

When they started, there were small and troublesome problems that the head office was not aware of.

Although the two people have sorted out the points as much as possible, Taekyung was also needed for important matters that determine the big direction.

“You did a great job today, Manager Han.

I don’t even know that much time has passed.

I didn’t even have to worry about jet lag.”

“I know.

Even though the schedule was tight, I didn’t know it would be this bad…”

When she finished dinner with the corporate people, it was already close to 8 p.m.

As soon as she sat in the taxi, Deputy General Manager Shin sighed, fixing his tie loosely.

So-young also laid herself on the seat feeling exhausted.

“Oh, I think the team leader has arrived”

So-young raised her head at the words of Deputy General Manager Shin, who was fiddling with his cell phone.

Taekyung, who is scheduled to join from tomorrow, seemed to have reached Germany.

She asked Deputy General Manager Shin, pretending to be as fine as possible.

“Did he arrive at the hotel”

“Yes, I think so.

Wait a minute.”

After asking for So-young’s time, Deputy General Manager Shin called Taekyung.

She pretended to look out the window and paid attention to the dimly ringing connection.

“Team leader, did you arrive safely”

“Team leader, have you arrived Yes, we greeted the head of the corporation today and even the expatriates gathered to discuss.

Overall, it was okay, but some issues, such as linking our dot-com and retail sites, and query settings, seem to require decision-making.

We will put this part together and report it to you separately.”

In the middle of what Deputy General Manager Shin said, Taekyung’s voice sounded mixed with a dull noise.

So-young fiddled with her cell phone for no reason.

“Did you have dinner Yes, I see.

I’ll do that.”

The call ended short.

So-young asked Deputy General Manager Shin, trying not to sound impatient.

“What did he say”

“Since we had a hard time today, take a good rest, and meet separately and talk about it before going to work tomorrow.

Can you talk to Anna to secure a meeting room At about seven.”

“Yes, I’ll call right away.”

She expected it, but she didn’t think she’d see Taekyung today.

So-young nodded, reflecting on the vague regret.

The darkened city was quiet and cool.

Black trees lined up on both sides of the stretchy highway, and the cloudy night sky spread endlessly above it.

So-young relaxed her last remaining tension by staring at the lonely night scenery.

“Good job today, Deputy General Manager.”

“See you tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, even an assistant manager like you should go in and rest.”

Even after arriving at the hotel, the two organized their work in the lounge for about an hour.

When she uploaded the work to the team community, it was just past nine o’clock.


As soon as So-young entered the hotel room, she fell into bed.

From the day she arrived, she worked hard to adjust to the time difference.

Perhaps because she was busy all day, her shoulders were stiff.

So-young, who had been drooping with her eyes closed for a while, turned around and lay down.

When she searched through the bag, she held her cell phone on her fingertip.

So-young’s eyes, who checked the screen without much thought, shook vaguely.


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