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Soyoung closed her eyes at the strangeness that spread from the nipples.

His lips, colder than usual, sucked at her breasts, and his smooth tongue skillfully wrapped around the raised nipples.

Her breathing was starting to get worse.

Tae-kyung held So-young’s chest in her mouth and wrapped his penis with one hand.

As soon as the long fingers rubbed the thick pillar from the root to the tip, a dull frictional sound rang.

“Haa, hngh… uhngh.”

Soyoung slowly blinked her hazy eyes.

Even if she lowered her gaze a little, she could see a handsome face that was preoccupied with caressing her breasts.

His broad shoulders and arms, which he repeatedly moved, clearly showed what kind of action he was immersed in now.

As she watched the man masturbating without hesitation in front of her, her body warmed up little by little.

“Ha-ang, uhngh……”

Taekyung stubbornly sucked her nipples.

Her nipples, which had already been swollen, increased in size and became more prominent.

At first glance, the puffy, swollen flesh looked like a ripe cherry.

“Hngh, w-wait…”

So-young twisted her back with a gasping breath.

From Taekyung’s persistent lick and sucked chest, the tingling pleasure spread, and eventually, liquid leaked out of the vagina.

“Ahngh, hm…”

Soyoung’s moans were gradually mixed with blatant nasal sounds.

Taekyung didn’t even touch her core, but just by squeezing her chest, her body became hot as if she was about to reach a climax.

Soyoung bit her lip and rubbed her legs to somehow withstand the rush of pleasure.

Her clitoris, untouched by her finger, pounded like her pulse.

Reading her flirtatious gesture, Taekyung mouthed off her nipples and sighed.

“No matter how much I think about it, I wonder how sensitive you can be…”

So-young protested with a thin shivering and crying voice.

“If you do like that… Ahngh!”

Tae-kyung nodded with a face that So-young was right, but he parted the wet mound with his hand.

He ran through the gap, and the puddle of her love liquid dripped down to her perineum.

Soyoung’s face turned red at the naked sensation.

“The bottom is starting to leak again.

What should I do

Taekyung smiled deeply and licked her fingers wet with love juice.

Soyoung swallowed her disturbed breathing and turned her head away.

 Her earlobe, visible through her hair, were red


Taekyung hugged Soyoung.

Their bare skin was tangled in the gaps in her disheveled robe, and his glans pressed against the wet core.

Soyoung rolled her eyes.

It was because his face was so enchanting that her breath was mixed, and she couldn’t find a place to tix her gaze.

Taekyung, who was examining her excited face, gently curved his lips.

“It’s going to be hard for you…”


“Should I just put it in”

She knew it was nonsense, but somehow she couldn’t reject it.

So-young hesitated and turned her head away.

Taekyung, who read permission in silence, gently inserted his penis with a different momentum than before.


The vagina, which had already been more open than usual, swallowed his penis without difficulty.

A thick pillar slowly dug into the walls.

The deeper the insertion, the tighter the filling feeling increased.

So-young groaned and looked at Taekyung with a gentle feeling of pleasure.

With a friendly touch, he swept the hair on her cheek behind her ears.

“Do you feel good”

“Haa, yes… Ngh”

“I like it, too.

It’s warm.”

Tae-kyung kissed So-young and covered the edge of her lower abdomen with his wide-open hand.

His eyes narrowed carefully as if to gauge something.

“Did it go this far Or this far”


“At first, you couldn’t swallow me properly, but now you’re doing well.”

“Hngh, if you say that…”

“You are the only one who’s I’ve connected like this.”

As Taekyung said that, there was a smile of satiety in Taekyung’s eyes.

As if he was more than willing to monopolize Soyoung.

Soyoung was speechless and bit her mouth.

Once again, her emotions began to ripple like waves.

Tae-kyung was mischievous and friendly at the same time, and after establishing this kind of relationship again, he approached So-young without hesitation by erasing the line.

If he was like this to a sex partner, he would have been more affectionate to his past lover.

After recalling useless questions, So-young distorted her forehead.

Unproductive delusions and assumptions always ended with similar displeasure.

It heated up as if salt was sprinkled on the wound.

“…Don’t say that.”

And Han So-young, stop thinking about useless things.

So-young grabbed Tae-kyung’s neck and pulled him back.

So that he can’t see her so that she can hide the excitement in her shaky eyes.

With her white legs wrapped around his strong waist, the man’s body became stiff in an instant.

The momentum of the penis, which had stayed still while filling the inside, became fierce.

“Heuk! Ugh, hngh, ah!”

“Haa, hoo.”

So-young gladly hung onto Taekyung and closed her eyes, shaking.

It was only foolish of her.

She was afraid that if she gave meaning to every little action of Taekyung’s in this way, she would end up committing a mistake.

She had already made a foolish choice, but now she had a plausible excuse of exchanging pleasure.

But if I cross this line…….


His digging inside broke the intermittent thought.

Soyoung shuddered at her sharp pleasure and clung to Taekyung.

As if it were a signal, his penis piercing through her vaginal opening became stronger.

Eventually, So-young fell into complete pleasure without continuing any more thoughts.


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