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“Ahngh, hic…”


Soyoung groaned and trembled.

She was not at all used to the pressure of her wet vagina, stretching.

Her ass tightened as his glans, barely digging into her opening, scraped against her walls.

A vertical crack was drawn on Taekyung’s forehead due to the tight pressure.

“Ah… ahh, hngh….


Soyoung moaned with her back floating off the desk.

Her slender belly tightened as his thick penis filled her inside, and it began to swell little by little.

She trembled as if she didn’t know what to do.

The corners of her eyes and her cheeks were burning red, and beads of sweat were forming on her slender neck.


When Taekyung finally buried his thick and long penis to the roots, Soyoung reached a light climax with just that.

Taekyung bit his lips and soon raised his back strongly because of the feeling of the wet walls tightening the penis.


Soyoung’s body, which had been trembling, jerked up.

Her vaginal walls shriveled up as if protesting against hjs violent penetration.

Both of them stopped breathing for an instant and stiffened.

“Haa, i-it hurts…”

Soyoung blinked her blurred eyes, and powerlessly scratched the back of Taekyung’s hand.

Taekyung, who had been holding his breath for a while, smiled with a face that did not believe the slightest bit of her protest.

“Don’t lie.

You say it hurts with your mouth, but with your pussy, you chew like you’re going to eat a cock.”

“No, hngh, it’s not.”

“You sucked me so hard just now that I almost came just now.”

As if responding to vulgar words, the vaginal walls trembled and spit out new love fluid like spring water.

When Soyoung started crying, Taekyung smiled softly as if relieved.

The moment she relaxed that gentle smile, his waist slammed into promiscuity in an instant.

“Ugh! Ah! Ahngh! Mhngh! Ahng!”

“Hoo, ha, haa.”

The heavy wooden desk rattled and crashed into the wall as the two moved in the recoil.

Every time the huge penis pierced deeply and deeply, a star flew in front of Soyoung’s eyes.

She struggled with both of her legs as she groped his hand, which gripped her waist tightly.

Bubbling white foam began to form at the fast-rubbing junction

“Uh, ahngh, ngh, heueung!”

The body that Tae-kyung persistent pushed jnto felt pleasure rather than pain, even with rough sex.

Every time he pushed his penis deep, Soyoung wandered through the eerie pleasure of falling off a cliff.

“Ugh… hngh, ah!”

The harsher his penis was pushed in and out, the louder Soyoung’s voice was.

Every time the thick penis scratched the vaginal wall, the heated folds trembled with joy and convulsed.

Even the sensation of slapping her perineum, which had been firmly attached to the tight testicles, seemed to be replaced with pleasure, so Soyoung shook her head violently and sobbed.

“Heuk, uhngh! Ah, stop, hngh ……!”

Taekyung pushed Soyoung’s blouse and bra up at once.

Then her bulging breasts fluttered and popped out as if they were waiting.

“Ahngh, ugh… haa.”

Taekyung shook her back, sucking her chest like a dog.

Their groins, which were connected like one body, clashed deeply, and each time, the sound of water sticking to each other resounded loudly.

For a while, the two reached a sharp climax almost at the same time.

“Haa, ha….

hngh… uhngh.”


Soyoung grabbed Taekyung’s neck and took a rough breath.

Her heart pounded with two bats as if she did a sprint, and her whole body was drained of strength.

Taekyung smiled and kissed her.

“I decided not to, but I was rough again.”

So-young barely responded, swallowing her gasping breath.

“Every time… You’re, haa, you’re rough.”

“That’s what I mean.

Why am I so rough with you”

At Taekyung’s indifferent muttering, Soyoung’s earlobes turned red helplessly.

He would occasionally spit out words that could be misunderstood.

It was only Soyoung’s responsibility to become embarrassed and conscious of that indifference.

Enjoying the drowsiness after ejaculation, Tae-kyung, who had been ramming into So-young, raised her upper body.

Then he gently hugged her and put her down on the bed.

His large hands took off her clothes quite familiarly.

Crumpled blouses and bras, skirts, messed up underwear, and torn stockings.

Soyoung, who became naked in an instant, unconsciously wrapped her chest and shrugged her shoulders.

Taekyung smiled as if she was cute, and he started taking his clothes off himself.

The wrinkled shirt and the sleeveless shirt exposed under the suit were so beautiful that they could be admired no matter how many times she looked at them.

To express it, Taekyung’s body was like a sculpture with all his heart and soul.

The muscular body was so manly, but rather than crude, it gave a delicate and racy feeling.

It was probably because of smooth skin without any blemishes.

Taekyung, who put his clothes on the back of the sofa, turned to the bed.

Unlike Soyoung, who shrugged with shame, he had a dignified attitude without even a single point of hesitation.

Even though he still had an erect penis.

He narrowed his eyes as if gauging something and sighed.

“Let’s wash together to save time.”

“What But…”


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