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So-young stared at Tae-kyung with tears in her eyes.

He spoke his words, blushing slightly.

Even though he was confident the whole time, there was a hint of hesitation in his voice.

“But in the meantime, you’re only focusing on me.

Can you do it”

“Why is that so obvious… Other than the team leader, who else would I do this too”

Soyoung asked as if wondering whenever she said something wrong.

Taekyung felt a great sense of relief at that.

This made it clear.

So-young would not find someone else as long as Taekyung gave her enough pleasure.

That was enough for Taekyung, and there was no reason to hesitate anymore.

When Taekyung got up from his seat, his lower body, which had been hidden under the desk, was revealed.

So-young’s eyes shook greatly after checking the condition of his lower body.

She looked down at his front, which was swollen as if it would explode.

His penis that usually has to be carefully hidden is now lewd and erect, boasting a distinct majesty over slacks.

“I feel like I’m going to explode now…”


“Don’t you feel responsible”

Taekyung smiled and looked at Soyoung.

She blinked her wet eyes slowly.

Then slowly, she nodded.

With a smile, Taekyung stretched out his arm to her arm.

* * *

“High, ah, ugh!”

She couldn’t see clearly.

An intense feeling of pleasure scratched between her burning legs without mercy, as if he were embracing a fireball. Puck! As the penis pierced from her back seemed to reach her navel, Soyoung groaned and scratched the desk with her fingertips, her chest pressed against her desk was swept and crushed.

In the meeting room, like this…….

It was late, and it was an empty office, but anyone could come back.

The conference room door also did not completely block the sound.

If someone comes back to the office, they’ll find the groans flowing in the corner of the conference room…….

When she thought about that, she was more excited with the fear of tightening her core.

“Ngh, mhngh, ah…”

“Hoo, you’re spewing more water than last time.”

Taekyung, who was holding So-young’s waist and pushing his penis roughly, lowered his upper body.

His chest and her back touched, and the breath mixed with heat wet her red ears.

When So-young moaned as if sobbing, Taekyung smiled low and whispered bitterly.

“I think you’ve been spilling more in close situations, right” The nipples are tightened to the point where they’re standing close to each other…….

I want someone to watch me get stuck like this.”

“It seems to be more arousing, is that right The nipples are upright and the pussy tightens as if they’re about to eat my cock… I want someone to see this.”

“That’s, ngh, not it… mhngh, ah!”

“As expected, you’re not normal.”

“No… Ahngh!”

“It’s the same for me.”

Taekyung bit Soyoung’s earlobe tightly and licked it softly.

She moaned in pain at the tickling that followed.

As he lowered his upper body a little more, his penis was pushed inside even deeper.

As the blunt tip crushed the sensitive spot, the newly gushing liquid flowed out.


Heung, ugh, uhngh.”

The deeply inserted penis moved like waves and rubbed against the vaginal wall.

Soyoung’s hair felt like it was being pulled.

It felt like a stinging light was scattering in her brain.

Soyoung, unable to overcome the vivid sensations as if they were creepy, twisted her waist as if to run away.

Then Taekyung, who raised her upper body, grabbed her ass tightly as if to stop her.

His gaze was blatantly fixed on the copulation region.

“You’re greedy, so you can’t pretend.”

As Taekyung said, a small red hole was opening its mouth greedily to swallow a huge penis.

From the perineum to the vagina, the hot and moist core was excruciatingly sensational.

As he slowly pulled his waist back, his thick and long penis came out endlessly.


Soyoung burst out a moan as the genitals were being pushed inside again.

As the small body trembled and stiffened, Taekyung lowered his speed as he kicked his tongue.

Since his posture was backward and his penis was too large, Taekyung was considerate of Soyoung and did not move greedily.

Even so, she groaned and sobbed, stiffening and collapsing over and over again.

Whether it was in pain or pleasure, the response was vague.

I wish it would be pleasurable for her.

“Hngh, hm….”

So-young flinched and tightened when Taekyung pulled his penis out of the tightly opened hole.

His penis had a blunt glans, and it became thicker toward the center and then sharper at the tip again.

Because of that, the vaginal wall was inevitably stimulated in every trajectory of 23qhis penis inside.

“Ahngh, mhm…”

As Tae-kyung slowly and visibly entered the hole, strength entered So-yeong’s soft buttocks.

She groaned and then dropped her head on the desk.


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