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When she relaxed even a little bit, as if she lost her mind for a moment, she kept thinking about that night.

The memories began to fade little by little, but the sensations engraved on her body were still vivid.

The rumination of her senses led to the excitement of her body, and it was impossible to get a proper rest in such a state.

The sexual pleasure that she woke up to for the first time in 28 years was so intense that she could never go back to knowing it.

Unfulfilled desires persistently tormented Soyoung.

Even in her dreams, Taekyung was present.

She tried pushing her hand into the underwear to her core.

But no matter how So-young tried, it was clear that she could not revive the sense that Taekyung had given her.

It was So-young’s recent routine to turn a blind eye to her heated desire and forcibly close her eyes.

The accumulated desires gradually increased in density, and the clumsy heat eventually adversely affected the condition of her body.

While So-young struggled with her life’s first desire and dissatisfaction, Taekyung seemed to be so normal like he felt nothing.

It was an incredibly neat relationship arrangement that she couldn’t believe he was the man who pushed her without hesitation before sex.

While Soyoung struggles through the day, suffering from desire, Taekyung seems to be ruthlessly normal.

Before they had sex, they had such a simple relationship.

She didn’t know if he slept with her once and didn’t have any more business with her since he lost interest because his sex with So-young was worse than he thought, or if he was originally such a man.

It was completely unknown to her.

So-young felt unfair why she had to suffer this pain alone, and her pride was a little hurt.

The problem was that even if she wanted to do something about her thoughts, she had nothing to do.

* * *

Time steadily passed while So-young continued a steep tug-of-war between desire and reason.

Fortunately or unfortunately, her only comfort was the fact that her workload exploded ahead of the project’s launch, eliminating even the room to have thoughts.

“Which meeting room should I go to”

“Meeting room C.”

“I’m going to stop by a cafe.

Do you want me to buy you coffee”

“It’s okay.

I’ve already had two cups.

It’s enough.”

“Your coffee intake has increased a lot lately.

You should take care of your health.

Anyway, no one knows that you work by grinding your bones.”

“No, it’s not like that.

If there’s nothing else, then I’ll go first.”

“Yes, save me a seat.”

It was the weekly meeting time that was held every week.

So-young, who worked hard without knowing that time was passing, got up from her seat with her laptop and data.

As Manager Joo said, recently she worked harder than ever.

It was a tearful effort to relieve sexual desire constructively.

It was time for So-young to take a big step.

The door to the office was wide open, and Taekyung appeared behind the glass door.

Although they were in the same department, they had no reasons to meet unless it was during the meeting.

It was even more so after their relationship went wrong.

So-young stopped standing tall like a person who was unexpectedly attacked.

Taekyung was very smooth and neat today.

He was wearing a black collar shirt and a bright gray suit, and his hair, which was usually arranged at a knife-like angle, was pulled over to one side and hovered over his forehead.

The sensational languor that offset the usual strict attire surrounded Taekyung.

Somehow, he looked like he came from a runway or lounge bar rather than a company.

As soon as Taekyung’s eyes were directed at Soyoung, his eyes, which had become blank without realizing, shook.

So-young never wanted to be shaken, but her body reacted before her head.

Her heart suddenly throbbed when she remembered the memories of him thrusting into her whole body.


So-young, who came to her senses late, bowed her head and bit her lips.

She was very ashamed that she revealed her lingering feelings that she had usually hidden well.

The more restless she was, the more strange Taekyung’s expression turned.

Having stopped walking at all, he openly observed the stiff So-young.

Did you read what I thought

So-young lowered her gaze, pretending to be as normal as possible.

Rather, she wanted Taekyung to say anything, but he just stood in place.

As soon as So-young, who could not endure the silence of the man without movement, raised her head, Taekyung took off.

He passed by her as if nothing was strange.

At the same time, the strange tension that pressured So-young also lost its strength and disappeared.

……Wake up, Han Soyoung.

So-young sighed and shook her head.

Then, she walked behind the hallway where Taekyung disappeared.

No matter how uncomfortable she was, she couldn’t leave the meeting at will.

And fortunately for So-young, the meeting ended shortly.

“Let’s wrap up this week’s agenda like this.

Good job, everyone.”

So-young was thinking about something else throughout the meeting.

The meeting was over by the time she managed to gather her scattered concentration.

She was empty.

So-young sighed and stood at the end of a crowded line to exit the conference room.

Footsteps followed behind her back.

At the same time, a scent that was once familiar but now unfamiliar passed by the tip of her nose.

It was the cologne that Taekyung uses.


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