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Taekyung naturally wrapped his arms around So-young’s shoulders and walked.

He opened the door to her passenger seat, and as she sat down in her seat, he bent over and kissed her on the cheek.

It was quite an impulsive behavior.

Soon after, the car started, carrying the two.

* * *

Even in this situation, So-young was a little uncomfortable seeing Tae-kyung relaxed.

Unlike So-young, who is blatantly awkward, Tae-kyung, who is calm, perhaps thinks that this is not a big deal for him.

However, not long after the car started, So-young realized that it was her mistake.

 Taekyung, who had cared for her, wishing that she would not regret it, drove his car at an unprecedented speed as soon as he started the engine.

So-young opened her eyes wide with her seat belt attached.

She couldn’t believe how nimble a semi-large foreign car with a long width was going through narrow alleys and congested roads.

It was clear that he got speeding tickets a couple of times.

The place Taekyung headed to was a rival hotel chain.

It must have been because eyes were watching and were paying attention to people like Taekyung in the CH Hotel, but So-young couldn’t afford to think that far.

“Can a member of CH group come here”

Taekyung smiled and turned the steering wheel as if he was worried about nothing.

“I’m not crazy enough to have sex in my parents’ turf.”

So-young realized what they were going to do today after hearing that.

Contrary to concerns that they might encounter someone they know, the two arrived safely in the suite.

So-young has never used a hotel except for business trips or staycations, and it was also her first time staying in a suite.

She looked around a large space divided into a bedroom and a living room and turned toward Taekyung.

“Do you need a big room like this”

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be comfortable”

The smiling Taekyung hugged So-young from behind.

She stopped breathing in his presence.

He whispered, gently fumbling her earlobes with his open lips.

“Why are your eyes so tense with your bare face and wet hair”


Tae-kyung was accustomed to pulling So-yeong’s outerwear below her shoulder, and also easily removed the large knitwear and jeans.

In an instant, a man’s hand touched the woman’s body in underwear.

His large hands ran up the skin from her slender thighs to her slender waist.

The body temperature on her bare skin was hot.

So-young flinched occasionally, but left her body to Taekyung.

As if stimulated by the fact, a swollen penis was weighed down on her ass.

So-young trembled under pressure.

“Haa… um, ah.”

The hand dug into the bra grabbed both breasts and began to move slowly as if caressing.

The touch of rolling her prominent nipples and gently kneading the breast awakened her nerves.

“Hngh, ngh, uhm…”

A wet moan flowed from So-young’s mouth.

 Taekyung gently sucked on her burning earlobe, and ran his lips closely along the line from the nape of her neck to her shoulder.

It felt like a brush was tickling her whole body.

So-young gasped at the soft but persistent caress.

As she got hold of her mind, she was already in bed.

Taekyung, who laid So-young down, smiled at her.

“I will wash up.

I want to take off my underwear myself, so wait like this.”

Taekyung, who made the embarrassing request casually, kissed So-young on the cheek and left the bedroom.

She dug into the soft blanket and hid her hot face.

After lying still like that, Taekyung, who finished taking a shower, returned to the bedroom.

So-young’s heart fluttered greatly when she saw him.

So-young has been stripped off countless times over the years, but not Taekyung.

No matter how honest So-young was with her desires, it was because she lacked the courage to actively strip and covet him.

Because of that, for So-young, Taekyung’s naked body has only stayed in the realm of imagination.

Taekyung, who was like that, was now wearing only a robe.

The hair, which had always been strictly trimmed, was wet and naturally covered his hair, and face, had a clear light, looked brighter with a complexion.

Moreover, the chest that peeked through the gap in the robe was tightly woven with muscles.

Compared to broad shoulders and thick chest pain, a slim waist and narrow pelvis, the silhouette of a huge penis that cannot be hidden even with thick fabric.

Taekyung itself was a great visual stimulus.

Tae-kyung, who came to bed without hesitation, looked down at So-young with his arms supporting his upper body.

A drop of water from his head wet So-young’s cheek.

She swallowed her dry saliva and carefully looked at the man in front of her eyes.


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