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“It’s not like that.”

“Who are you trying to fool You’re such a kid.”

Tae-hee laughed as she treated a 32-year-old man who was nearly 188 cm tall as a kid.

Taekyung made a cold impression that said as if she had ever had a commotion.

“I said no.

Also, I don’t think it’s your business even if you’re right.”

Tae-hee burst into laughter at the unexpected response.

Come to think of it, Taekyung was lovely but not a cute younger brother.

Maybe that’s why she was more mischievous.

“You’re terrible at lying, too.”

Tae-hee continued the topic without paying any attention to Taekyung’s chilly attitude.

“Who made you like that”

“It’s really not….”

“I’ve known it since the first time we met today.

 Even if no one else knows, you can’t fool me.”


“Even if you’re not dating, you’re interested in someone, right”

When Taekyung closed his mouth, Tae-hee smiled and twirled a glass of whiskey.

Then he spoke in a sentimental voice as if he were reminiscing.

“I honestly thought you were gay, Taekyung.”

Taekyung’s eyes turned into slits.

“What kind of nonsense… Stop it.”

“You’ve never been in a proper relationship before.”


“If narcissism is too strong, it’s a disease.

 And you have an undeniably serious condition.”

“You sound like you know me well.”

“Armed with excessive self-love and self-confidence, isn’t it normal to not be able to feel the loneliness that humans should feel”

Tae-kyung showed signs of not wanting to continue this uncomfortable conversation, but Tae-hee easily ignored his discomfort, as always.

As for Tae-kyung, he did not understand Tae-hee, who he met once every few years and spoke without hesitation as if they had been living under the same roof.

It must have been because of this reason that he felt more burdened than happy to hear from her.

“I was really surprised when my father forced me to go out with you.”

Taekyung’s expression changed at the topic that Taehee brought up.

“Who supports the articles of association when they don’t want to get married When I saw my father say that, I thought that my blood pressure exploded.”

When Taekyung joined CH Electronics, Vice Chairman Cha had no doubts that he could wield him at will.

He forced Tae-kyung to face him.

Vice Chairman Cha insisted that a man in his 30s should start a family.

Taekyung’s stress reached its peak, when the Vice Chairman gave him a position he didn’t want.

More than that, there was another problem, he had no need to endure mating and breeding to preserve Vice Chairman Cha’s DNA.

However, Vice Chairman Cha was basically a disobedient person, and Taekyung felt the need to convey his intentions in a clear and effective way.

The result was a vasectomy.

It was possible because there was no desire for marriage or children.

As Tae-kyung, he just chose the most efficient method.

However, no matter how determined and committed he was, there was no way it would feel good to give up the reproductive function and become a physical eunuch.

“This kind of conversation is uncomfortable, so stop it.

And strictly speaking, it’s your fault.

It’s not like I’m inspired to get married because I’m interested in someone after screaming I’m going to live alone for the rest of my life.

Why should I say things I can’t take responsibility for”

Taekyung stared at Taehee with icy eyes.

He seemed genuinely annoyed.

Tae-hee admitted that she was overboard, but she didn’t feel sorry.

Rather, it was fun to see that Taekyung, who draws a line for others, showed his original feisty sincerity to her without hesitation.

“I see.

You’re so feisty.

We don’t have to talk about this anymore.”


“I was just wondering who you would do it with if you were in a relationship.”

Tae-hee smiled and bumped her cup into Taekyung’s coffee cup.

Taekyung buried himself on the sofa with a bent face.

Although he was annoyed with Tae-hee, Tae-kyung internally acknowledged her words.

Until now, Taekyung has never paid attention to others or put a particular value on relationships.

Such awareness inevitably resulted in the idea of Soyoung.

Taekyung suddenly wondered why Soyoung was the only exception.

Why on earth was Han So-young so important to me

Taekyung reiterated that his interest in So-young so far would be lust.

However, whether his mindset of focusing on her is really just a desire to disappear with sex, he has now lost confidence.

Recently, Taekyung focused on the incidental intimacy gained by interacting with Soyoung rather than the act itself.

Although she did all sorts of lewd things, he liked her shy, blushing cheeks, and her cute naivety to react to his pranks.

The aggressiveness of not rejecting anything when he gives stimulation has always been fresh, and when he looked at her helpless face, the itchy sensation spread from his lower abdomen.

If only sexual desire was really the purpose, it was a problem to persuade So-young for him to penetrate her.

The reason for continuing such a ridiculous relationship by indulging in things where they can’t take the next step… What the hell



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