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When So-young washed herself in hot water for a long time, the hands of the clock were pointing at 10 o’clock.

She stared out the window blankly without even thinking of drying her hair around a towel.

She tried to ignore the feeling throughout the day after work, but eventually failed, but the discomfort gradually revived.

Perhaps because of her mood, she felt like something was poking her stomach.

She wondered if there’s a physical condition.

Soyoung rubbed her flat stomach with a frown on her forehead.

She repeated deep breaths several times, but her tight stomach did not improve at all.

What would the team leader be doing by now

The moment So-young recalled Taekyung, an unfamiliar sensation scratched her stomach.

Her regular heartbeat became unstable.


So-young stared almost at her face reflected in the window.

For some time, an irrational urge suddenly came.

She wanted to see Taekyung right now.

It was because if she met him, the ambiguous discomfort would disappear.

She knew it was nonsense, but once she thought of Taekyung, she couldn’t think of anything else as if she were obsessed.

She felt like she could sleep comfortably like yesterday if she was plastered with his warmth, which she is quite familiar with now.

No, maybe…….

She didn’t know whether sex, which she was afraid of, would be okay now.

So-young found out that the current irresponsible courage was expressed in impatience.

The fact that there is a high possibility of regretting today’s decision tomorrow is also there.

Nevertheless, So-young held her cell phone in her hand.

If Taekyung was with someone now, she didn’t want to put him in trouble.

So-young narrowed her forehead and moved her lips well, and turned on the company messenger application.

Then, she sent him a hard and business-like message as much as possible.

* * *

“Didn’t you say you remodeled it 2 years ago” It didn’t change much here.

Or am I just old”

Tae-hee, who returned to Korea after a long time, looked quite good.

Looking around the hotel lounge, she was brimming with memories.

As Tae-hee said, the CH Hotel regularly remodeled the interior according to the season or for maintenance, but adhered to the policy of not touching the design elements that were the signatures as much as possible.

Taekyung shrugged.

“Uncle, you don’t like loud things.”

“Even so, it contains time.

Tradition is good, but don’t we think change is necessary”

“The inspirations living in the glory of the past will do well.”

Tae-hee smiled brightly at Taekyung.

Indeed, it was the first reunion of siblings in years.

Tae-hee chose Sogong-dong CH Hotel, where she had been to and from as a child, as the dinner place.

After dinner at a Chinese restaurant, the two headed straight to the hotel’s VIP lounge.

The luxurious space was a place where they stayed as they were tired of following Vice Chairman Cha in and out during their childhood, so they were very familiar with it.

“This reminds me of the past.

You were cute back then.”

Taekyung gave a smirking smile.

Seeing her suddenly bring up the old story, Tae-hee seemed to be getting older.

Tae-hee in Tae Kyung’s memory was a progressive and brave person rather than emotional.

“Are you sure you’re not going to drink”

“I told you.

I have to go back to work.”

“It’s not fun.

I don’t think I raised you like this.”

“When did you raise me If I bothered you, I don’t know.”


Tae-hee, who took a sip of whiskey, burst into a light smile as if she had heard a joke.

She seemed to not listen to Taekyung at all.

Tae-hee, who returned home after a long time, was a little burdensome for Taekyung.

Their age difference of 10 years was the same, but most of all, he did not feel comfortable because they had been separated for a long time.

Tae-hee, who was so friendly, did not mind, but Tae-kyung often felt burdened with her overflowing energy.

Tae-hee was currently working as a doctor and staying in the United States.

If he had to pick a soul freer than him in Cha’s family, it would have been her.

Tae-hee liked to play and was an extreme individualist, but she suddenly married a Korean-American businessman a few years ago.

Since then, he has rarely entered Korea, but this time, she suddenly returned home without contacting him and called Taekyung.

“Why did you come to Korea all of a sudden”

Taekyung asked questions that he was curious about all the time, but Tae-hee only smiled strangely and did not return the correct answer.

Instead, she said something out of the blue.

“Taekyung, aren’t you dating”

“What do you mean, dating”

Tae-kyung responded insignificantly, but Tae-hee, who was quick to sense, did not miss the rhymes he revealed momentarily.

“You have a girlfriend”


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