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[Cha Tae-kyung: Something came up today, so I think I have to go off first.]

[Cha Tae-kyung: Don’t be late and go home.]

Recently, Taekyung took So-young home unless something happened.

It wasn’t even promised to each other, but at some point it was a naturally formed rule.

So-young tried not to expect anything, but Taekyung excited her.

She knew that Taekyung’s kindness was nothing more.

He was a kind person to everyone.

Nevertheless, So-young felt an inevitable excitement whenever he cared and looked over her.

Just like now.

[Han So-young: Yes, I will.

Thank you for taking care of me.]

There was no answer back to the message sent.

Soon after, Taekyung walked out of the team leader’s seat.

Unlike usual, he seemed to be in a hurry.

“I’m going to go first today.

Everyone, go home early.”

“Yes, team leader.

You worked hard today, too.”

“See you tomorrow, team leader.”


Taekyung, who gave So-young a short greeting with his eyes, disappeared.

Where is he going in such a hurry

So-young thoughts as she saw the vacancy of Taekyung, who quickly disappeared.

Her curiosity was amplified when Manager Joo, who had been away for a while, returned.

“The team leader just left.

I saw him in the lobby.”

“Yes, he said he’s going home early today.”

“He was with a girl”.

So-young’s heart throbbed when Manager Joo said that.

No… That’s possible.

So-young, who was surprised at the moment, felt embarrassed.

As soon as she heard that Taekyung was with a woman, she was sensitive about her thoughts.

However, her heartbeat, which was once disturbed, did not regain its usual beat.

She felt bad thinking that the reason he hurried out was because of a woman.

So-young chewed her lips and fell into thought.

What relationship does he have with the women for her to even visit the company

Don’t tell me it’s his girlfriend.

There was no way Taekyung had a lover.

This was because the two shared each other’s daily lives, and his days flowed in an exquisite golden balance between home, exercise, and company, with the exception of the variable So-young.

In addition, if Taekyung really had a lover, there would be no reason for him to be so persistent in coveting So-young.


So-young thought.

She doesn’t even know the team leader’s weekend and night routine.

There was no reason to be morally criticized only when a man and a woman met each other’s desires.

However, if either of them had a lover, the story changed.

So-young had no intention of wanting to be an unintentional affair partner, and she had no intention of staying still if Taekyung deceived her.

There’s a possibility that it could happen.

She’s sure that’s why it bothered her like this.

So-young tried hard to give a plausible reason to the discomfort she felt and sat down toward Manager Joo.

Her eyes naturally headed to the floor with a stabbing heart.

“The team leader and his lover…… Did you see what happened”

“Huh Not all.”

Fortunately for So-young, Manager Joo firmly denied it.

“It wasn’t that kind of atmosphere.

There seemed to be an age difference, too.”


“Well, there’s no reason not to meet the team leader.

I have a good hunch like that.

Rather than being close, it seemed like a business relationship.

If they were dating, they wouldn’t have come to the company.”


“By the way, she’s pretty.

She was tall and thin, so I could notice her with a glance.”

So-young felt relieved by manager Joo’s words, but soon became a little depressed.

Dullness was a by-product of irrational thinking.

So-young knew well that she did not deserve to be involved in Taekyung’s relationship.

She didn’t want to do that either.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help it as much as she felt sinking.

She said she’s a pretty woman.

She didn’t know, but she thought she was of a similar kind to Taekyung.

As he is, born and raised in a privileged family that cannot be entered by Soyoung.

So-young suddenly realized that the contact between herself and Taekyung was strangely exceptional.

Taekyung was so blunt, but he was completely different to So-young.

When she continued thinking, she felt even worse.

Like a fool… What’s the point of thinking of this

She expected it from the beginning, let’s not expect anything.

So-young tried to calm down, but it was difficult.

Even the early leave of work for the first time in a long time did not make her feel better.

She felt like she was an unknown void as she was absent-minded.

So Soyoung moved her body busily.

She did exercises that she usually doesn’t do, and she swept and cleaned the studio that was clean enough.

It was an effort of its own to relieve frustration in a productive way.


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