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“Hngh, h-hold on.”

“You’re sensitive, Manager.”

In the end, So-young, unable to bear it, slapped and took Tae-kyung’s hand.

He smiled happily.

Taekyung pulled the hem of her blouse, revealing her bare skin through the gap in her pencil skirt.

His hand, digging into the gap, lifted her bra and wrapped her around his chest.

So-young’s body shook as his neat fingertips bounced off the thick, prominent nipples.


“It’s standing here prettily.”

Soyoung couldn’t stand the blatant touch and was fed up.

Every time Taekyung rolled and pulled her nipples, an indescribable sensation came rushing to her sensitive peak.

Taekyung’s eyes darkened fiercely as he slapped her on the butt without realizing it.

“Ngh, um…”

“Undo the buttons.

I’ll suck it up properly.”

At Taekyung’s whisper, Soyoung barely raised her trembling hand and squeezed the blouse button.

His hands were still attached to her chest.

Her hands kept spinning with tension and excitement.


When So-young barely undid a button, Taekyung leaned her against the wall.

As soon as he did that, he uttered an unconscious swear word.

So-young was putting her bra above her chest with her whole body dyed red.

The thickly swollen chest, crushed by the bra strap, was full compared to the slim body, and the pointed nipples were light pink.

Taekyung stared at the scene that disturbed his eyes and lowered his upper body without hesitation.

“Team leader… Hngh!”

Taekyung’s lips touched So-young’s chest.

Soft lips swallowed nipples while sweeping up a lump of soft flesh.

The nipples, which were sucked into the gap of his lips, were teased by the tip of his tongue.

So-young shuddered at the sensation of her being wet and grabbed his shoulder with both hands.

“Team, leader, haa, ugh.


At the persistent caress of her nipples through sucking and licking, So-young collapsed helplessly.

Her luscious juices overflowed from her damp vagina, and sweat filled the gap in her thigh, which she pressed against.

She was caught up in her raw thirst and did not know what to do.

Taekyung rolled up the skirt and touched So-young between her legs.

His finger touched a crack in the wet core.

So-young trembled with a face that was close to tears.

“It’s already wet.

Did you get wet imagining me Or was it because I sucked your chest”

“You’re saying…”

Taekyung looked at So-young with only his eyes raised.

Then, he intentionally stuck out his tongue and licked the nipple, which was bigger than usual.

Just that alone disappeared So-young’s will to protest like smoke.

“Hngh, ugh… ang.”

So-young’s moan was music that wrapped around his ears, and Taekyung’s lips, which were flushed redder than usual, were satisfactorily bent.

He greedily tasted her breasts and rolled Soyoung’s stockings and panties up to her knees at once.

A piercing gaze reached over her pubic hair, barely concealed at the hem of her skirt, and her thigh bent under the pressure of stockings.

As Taekyung raised his upper body, his gaze changed.

With his back to the front door, he was neat as usual, but he was a lot bigger than usual.

On the other hand, So-young had her skirt draped around her waist, revealing her wet breasts, and her soaked panties and stockings were down to her knees.

Aware of her disheveled appearance, she turned her head in shame.


Taekyung, who persistently stared at So-young’s disorganized face, pushed his hand through her legs.

His fingertips touched the hole, which was wet and stiff.

So-young lowered her head and put her hand on his arm.

“T-that’s still…”

At Soyoung’s crawling voice of refusal, Taekyung clenched his hand and split her vulva this time.

“Then should I touch this side first”


The moment Taekyung rubbed her swollen clitoris, which was more sensitive than usual, Soyoung tightened her thighs and moaned.

He grabbed her entire vulva and curled his lips.

“You’re sensitive.”

Taekyung, who lowered his head, bit So-young’s earlobe in his mouth.

At the same time, he moved his hand grabbing the clit as if he were kneading a dough.

So-young couldn’t come to her senses with the pleasure rising in her at the same time.

In particular, she burned like crazy because direct stimulation did not come to the clitoris.

“Ngh, Team leader, heuk.

Like… That…”

Eventually, So-young pulled Taekyung’s sleeve.

At the same time, it was unclear whether it was uncomfortable to say what she wanted to do.

Taekyung pretended not to know and asked, licking her lips.

“What’s wrong with you”

“Ngh, hm, I mean… down….”

“Are you talking about down there What should I do I don’t know what you want if you don’t say it properly.”

“Hngh, ugh, really… itchy.”

So-young stared at Taekyung with wet eyes.

Only then did he smile and use his two fingers to widen the vulva.


So-young’s eyes rolled back, showing the whites of her eyes, due to the direct stimulus applied to the swollen clit.


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