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Side Story 1 (1)

“As soon as we got married, it was an international long-distance… Looking back on it, I don’t think this is right.”

Taekyung, who was silent throughout the drive, only after arriving at the airport did he spit out the grumbling he had endured all the time.

So-young smiled lightly and pulled the hem of his shirt.

“Are you here”

Early Sunday morning, the two were at Incheon International Airport.

Taekyung, holding Soyoung’s suitcase, couldn’t hide his gloomy expression.

Not long ago, the man who was giving generous support with a resolute attitude lost his composure as the departure date neared.

In the end, for the past few days, So-young, who suffered from separation anxiety, did not want to let go of him even a single moment.

Tae-kyung, who sighed openly, glanced down at So-young in his arms.

The complex gaze carefully swept through the face.

“Of course, I just want you to do well.

I thought it would be okay because I was sure I would be fine from the beginning.… I must have been a more pathetic human than I thought.”


“When I see you, I want to hold on and cling on to you even though I know you’ll feel uncomfortable leaving later on.”

“Of course, I feel hopeless and scared when I think about spending time without you.

But if you think about it, we’re separating for a while…”

“It’s half a year.

Soyoung, is it okay to be away from me for that long”

At first glance, Taekyung’s eyes were disappointed.

So-young quietly leaned her cheek against his chest.

When his big hand wrapped around the back of her head, she felt protected.

“It won’t be okay.

But I’ll still contact you every day…… We’ll be able to overcome it somehow.

I’ll try to hold out well, so don’t be too lonely.”

“My loneliness is not the problem…”

Tae-kyung, whose sentence was blurred, held So-young in his arms.

He who smacked his lips together, sighed quietly.

“If I’m leaving, it’s okay.

As you have people here.”


“But considering that So-young will suffer alone in another country, I think it was a wonderful decision.”

So-young felt emotional from Taekyung’s sincerity.

However, it was enough thought and decision between the two.

If So-young was weak now, it was clear that the man who was all over her would suffer too.

While thinking so, So-young could say nothing to reassure Taekyung.

When she shook her head silently, she gave strength to her arm, holding him as if she understood everything.

* * *

The time between the two passed wonderfully fast, and in the meantime, every moment was filled with joy.

Just because they were in a relationship doesn’t mean that their daily lives have changed.

The only change that would be worth mentioning was that the team that Taekyung operated exclusively was divided and the existing innovation team was divided into a strategy team and an operation team.

And unlike Taekyung, who was in charge of the strategy team, Soyoung was called up to the operation team.

Taekyung disliked the fact, but Soyoung thought it was a good thing.

This was because a cautious atmosphere was inevitably formed inside the team after the relationship between the two became known.

Everyone maintained a superficially fine attitude, but it wouldn’t have been like that in their minds.

In this ambiguous situation, transferring the department became a kind of new breakthrough for So-young.

Tae-kyung wanted to keep So-young by his side as much as possible, but he could not actively stop her from moving to the department.

In the new department, So-young’s authority and responsibility were strengthened, so it turned out well.

Conversations after work have increased significantly, as there have been fewer encounters at work.

The topics of conversation were truly diverse.

From trivial daily convenience to the unprecedented future, the time between the two people with similar natural values has always been colored with colorful enjoyment.

Above all, the two agreed that marriage does not necessarily mean settlement.

They believed that people who could trust and support each other could achieve greater achievements than now because they united.

In particular, Taekyung tried to give active support to Soyoung no matter what lifestyle she pursued.

It was only after the marriage between the two became a fait accompli that he carefully gave suggestions that he had previously kept silent, considering them to be overpowering.

In particular, Taekyung wanted to send active support to Soyoung no matter what kind of life she pursues.

It was after their marriage that Taekyung started asking some questions that he previously kept silent about.

[Last time, you said you wanted to study a little more if you had a chance, but is this still what you want]

One day, when asked by Taekyung, who was having dinner together, Soyoung nodded with a puzzled look.

[What Well… That’s true, but as you know, I don’t have any specific plans or thoughts.

But it’s hard to do that since the company is busy.

Why suddenly]

[I’ve been thinking about it myself, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing.]

It was Taekyung who first recommended Soyoung to study abroad.

It was possible because he knew better than anyone else that she was motivated to develop her career.


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