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Epilogue (2)

However, if not right away, one day, the relationship that Taekyung wanted would be formed.

Those three were the people So-young loved and valued the most in the world.

While So-young was immersed in sentiment, Taekyung, who approached the trunk, began to take out a lot of paper bags.

Her eyes became round.

“What’s all this”

“It’s my first time saying hello, but I can’t come empty-handed.”

“No, we’re just eating a meal, but like this…”

“What do you mean, just one meal It’s an important moment for me.”

Tae-kyung cut So-young’s words with a straight face.

There were three paper bags with the logo of the CH department store, and two orange bags of brand H, which boast high prices among luxury goods.

Tae-kyung, who carried a large bag that looked heavy from the volume in both hands, jutted toward the elevator.

“It’s rude to make them wait for a long time, so let’s go up quickly.”

Without So-young saying a word, Taekyung pushed her and took a step.

So-young sighed as she moved her steps, being pushed away.

“Dad, mom! We’re here!”

As soon as she opened the front door, a savory smell greeted the two.

So-young took off her shoes and took a big step forward.

She missed the smell because she couldn’t come home as often as before, working during the week, dating on weekends.

“My daughter is here”

A gentle-looking woman welcomed So-young.

Taekyung could tell at a glance that she was Soyoung’s mother.

A round, gentle impression, and good eyes.

She held So-young’s hands tightly and was surprised to see Tae-kyung standing behind her.

“You’re Tae Kyung, right “Come on in.”

“Hello, mother.

Please speak comfortably.”

Taekyung smiled and bowed down.

So-young’s mother, who was staring at him as if possessed, soon came to her senses and guided the two inside.

Then, a middle-aged man with a good impression walked out of his room with a big smile.

“Soyoung, are you here Oh, you…….”

“My name is Cha Taekyung, father.”


Nice to meet you.”

Just as So-young’s mother did, her father couldn’t take his eyes off Taekyung.

Taekyung bowed straight and greeted him and politely held his hands.

The gift, which was full of hands, was naturally put down on the porch.

“You’re both hungry, aren’t you I’m done with the table set-up, so wash your hands and sit down.”

So-young’s eyes grew round when she saw the table.

The table was filled with braised short ribs, and it was richly prepared with all kinds of dishes such as sanjeok, marinated crab, oyster pancake, and japchae.

It was an excessive meal for the four of them.

(Sanjeok – Seasoned slices of beef with vegetables on a skewer and grilling them.

Japchae- A savory and slightly sweet dish of stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables)

“When did you prepare all thisnIt must have been hard.”

“It’s easy.

It didn’t take much time because your dad helped.

It’s unhealthy to eat outside, so eat a lot today.

I hope it suits your taste.”

“It’s been a while since I had a home-cooked meal, mother.

It’s my first time seeing you, but I’ll enjoy the food.”

When Taekyung smiled brightly, Soyoung’s mother could not hide her admirable expression.

The meal began in earnest.

The food was delicious altogether, and the atmosphere was not as awkward as she was concerned.

So-young found out for the first time today that Taekyung is a man who can be so friendly to adults.

He expressed unconditional consent to whatever her parents said and responded skillfully to any topic.

At first, So-young’s parents, who were embarrassed by the emergence of a dazzlingly handsome chaebol successor, relaxed.

Taekyung, who emptied his bowl cleanly, said with his eyes closed.

“Can I have another bowl”

“Of course.

It’s nice to see you eat well.”

“It’s really delicious, mother.”

So-young’s mother smiled as if she was in a good mood and gave Taekyung’s bowl full of rice.

Her father smacked his lips and scratched his cheek.

“Everything is good, but there’s no alcohol, so it’s kind of weird.”

“Dad, you can’t drink since the day”

“It’s just that I like snacks, but there are no drinks.”

“Father, would you like to drink some accompaniment I heard you like alcoholic beverages, so I brought something, but I don’t know if it’ll suit your taste.”

When Taekyung spoke out as if he had been waiting, the two women spoke at the same time.

“Team leader, you brought your car here.”

“Who drinks in broad daylight”

“It’s okay.

You can drive me home.”

However, Tae-kyung did not give in, and So-young’s father secretly welcomed him.

“Then… Shall we”

“This punk is really…”

So-young’s mother pinched his arm as if to stop, but her father pretended not to feel it.

Taekyung, who got up without delay, brought a luxurious box.

Inside the box, which looked like a book from the Joseon Dynasty, there was a smooth glass bottle.

It was just an unusual drink.

“It’s a distilled liquor that a master made.

I bought it because it suits the taste of people who like liquor.

Can I pour you a drink”

“Oh, that’s nice.

Thank you.”

That’s how an unexpected drinking party took place that day.


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