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Tae-kyung thought So-young was a person with an aesthetic, even though she was strange.

Seeing her blatantly mesmerized with him, it was clear that she was at least considering the size of a man’s cock and his face.

However, when he saw her flirting with squid, it didn’t seem to be like that.

Well, it has nothing to do with me.

Taekyung tried hard to concentrate on a drink that he felt bored enough to yawn.

However, when So-young blushed and burst into laughter at the squid’s lame jokes, he unknowingly smiled.

What’s so funny about it

Taekyung was usually rational and kind in most situations, but he was not really such a man.

Rather, he had a personality that could solve his problems if he wanted.

As Taekyung watched So-young flirting with the squid in front of his eyes, he felt the rationality that had reigned, lose focus and stumble.

So-young, who usually looked at Tae-kyung’s cock with the eyes to take him right away, didn’t seem to care about him at all for this moment.

Taekyung closed his eyes and took a deep breath to endure discomfort.

Was Han So-young a woman who had an eye for good looks, but was not afraid to compromise with reality

In this atmosphere, it seemed nothing strange even if So-young, who had fallen for the tongue of a squid, ran to the emergency exit and started flirting with a man.

Of course, it didn’t matter who So-young met, Taekyung didn’t care.

However, Taekyung’s team was currently in charge of heavy work across the company, so there shouldn’t be any obstacles in carrying out the work.

The most important thing above all was the fact that he was not a squid, but a human being.

No matter how much So-young was a woman who flirted with men and made naughty jokes without hesitation, there was no chance for squid.

So Taekyung put So-young in the car.

With them leaving, his stomach that had been throbbing became surprisingly comfortable.

Every time Taekyung felt So-young’s glance at him, Taekyung felt her discomfort dissipating that had filled him like a mist.

If I ended the day like this, I thought it wouldn’t be that bad.

Taekyung changed his mind when he saw So-young smiling while communicating with the squid.

The moment she smiled with her white reflected lips on the cell phone, an unknown urge rose from his chest.


Taekyung, who pulled over in a narrow, old alley, watching and leaving So-young, who was asleep.

For quite some time, he did nothing.

[Well… Thank you for taking me there.]

[No problem.]

By the time So-young, who had fallen asleep, woke up in shock, his rationality, which had lost its strength, had returned to some extent.

Fortunately, Taekyung was able to behave like a team leader.

The reason why his rationality collapsed once again, which barely found its strength, was due to the gaze of So-young, who got out of the car and habitually stole Tae-kyung’s groin.


Taekyung don’t know if it’s a metaphor, but he somehow thought he seemed to be nothing more than a pornography for So-young.

Did you just have fun with squid and are currently looking at my dick

He knew it was strange, but nevertheless, heat surged.

Instead of digging into the identity of the emotion that poked his stomach, Taekyung impulsively said what he would never have said.

[If you’re so curious, I just want to show you what it looks like.]

After all, So-yeong must be a promiscuous and faithful woman to her instincts, and Tae-kyung has no attachment to her work life.

He had no intention of denying the fact his sentence was manifested as an absurd impulse.

But it wasn’t just that.

Behind the urge to embarrass So-young, there was also a desire for her to accept this ridiculous offer.

Taekyung was extremely rational and so he felt a little defeated by that fact.

[T-Team Leader…]

So-young repeatedly turned red after contemplating.

Her lips, which made Taekyung thirsty, trembled thinly.

He imagined licking and biting it, as he pretended to be expressionless.

[Well, I…]

As if So-young was crying, the more she couldn’t help it, the more Taekyung’s head seemed to turn.

 He chewed hard on the inside of his mouth to avoid acting on impulse even more.

Even though he didn’t drink alcohol, he felt dizzy as if he was drunk.

Blood rushed through the veins of his body and shook his heart violently.

Taekyung clenched her fist several times to endure his desire to hold So-young.

[I-I’m sorry.

Team leader… I didn’t mean to…]

So-young almost cried and shook her head.

Hair that reached the shoulders fluttered from side to side.

All the elements that make up her, was seen in Taekyung’s view.

[I’m so sorry.]


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