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It was a very impulsive proposal.

Even insisting on a conversation when the end was obvious.

So-young knew that, but it seemed that she could not bear it if she did not do this.

Unlike usual, Taekyung always responded quickly.

There was no answer for a long time.

For So-young, those few minutes felt as long as she was frightened.

And when the long-awaited answer came back, she became even more desperate.

Cha Tae-kyung: I would like to be with you, but I think I should go home today.

Cha Tae-kyung: Instead, we go out together when we get off work.

Let me take you home.


Are you going to send me home and spend dinner with her

She knew that these speculations were groundless delusions.

However, even though she thought so, So-young couldn’t help feeling dizzy.

* * *

“When are you going back”

When asked by Taekyung, Tae-hee, who was lying down on the sofa and eating grapes, raised her head.

She smiled and raised her upper body.

“Why Are you uncomfortable”

“It’s uncomfortable.

Why are you doing this here”

It was an unfriendly reply, but Tae-hee smiled with a face that didn’t really care.

But her smile soon faded away, and she folded her fingers, conscious of his darkening expression.

“Firstly, I don’t have a house that is vacant in Korea right now, and second, it won’t be long enough to find a house.

Third, because I don’t want to make unnecessary repairs and have everything I do go to my father’s ears.

Then that person will know too, right He should have a hard time finding us for the time being.”

“A couple fights.

I mean, don’t you think it’s something you should do to Ji-woo”

Tae-hee did not budge despite Taekyung’s cynical reaction.

He barks, she will ignore it.

It was a consistent attitude since she stayed here.

Taekyung sighed openly, but inside, he thought it was fortunate that Tae-hee’s condition was more stable than the first day.

Tae-hee came to Korea a few days ago saying nothing.

The reason was ridiculously a couple fight, but this time the intensity of the fight seemed to have been a little severe.

Both Tae-hee and her partner had powerful personalities, so they tended to reconcile after bumping into each other and fighting rather than making concessions.

This time, they seemed to have touched each other’s sensitive parts beyond just a battle of pride.

On the day he returned home from a business trip, Taekyung suspected his eyes when he found Taehee’s hat, which took over the living room as soon as he arrived home with his tired body.

However, he could not reveal his uncomfortable feelings.

This was because Tae-hee’s condition was very unstable.

[I came because I couldn’t be with him]

Tae-hee did not inform anyone of her entry, and her cell phone seemed to have turned off when she returned home at all.

Taekyung wanted to tell his brother-in-law about it by now, but Tae-hee’s stubbornness was on his mind to act arbitrarily.

In fact, he was not curious about Tae-hee at all.

Unwanted cohabitation was uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, Tae-hee could not be sent out.

It was because he couldn’t tell how extreme she was now.

If Tae-hee was in a state of reaching her close limit, I hope she wasn’t the only one who pushed her precarious back.

Still, he couldn’t kick Tae-hee out.

Because he didn’t know how extreme she was right now.

He wished that if Tae-hee was close to her limit, he wouldn’t be the one pushing her away.

Tae-hee was not in good enough condition to be left alone, so Tae-kyung tried to spend time with her as much as possible.

It was because he was worried about leaving young Jiwoo to the unstable Tae-hee alone.

His nephew, who was still young, reacted quickly to his mother’s emotional state.

He started dating So-young, who he had hoped for so much, and the more he thought about the situation, the more he sighed.

Taekyung, who was anxious to return home while on a business trip, could not even spend proper time with Soyoung when he returned to Korea.

Unlike Tae-kyung, who was anxious, So-young looked calm.

Once again, he realized that he was the only one who didn’t know what to do because he was too tired, but he was fortunate this time.

It was because it would have been difficult if So-young had asked about the details.

He didn’t want to hide anything from So-young, but he couldn’t even talk about Tae-hee’s personal situation.

In addition, although it’s a very selfish thought… It was also worrisome whether she would be negatively affected by Tae-hee’s complicated history, who already does not seriously consider the future with Taekyung.

He didn’t want to hide anything from So-young, but he couldn’t even talk about Tae-hee’s personal circumstances.

Besides, it’s a very selfish idea… Also he was concerned that she might not seriously consider her future with Tae-kyung because of Taehee.

Therefore, all Taekyung could do was hope that the current situation would be sorted out as soon as possible.

“Oh my! Oh my! This! Me! Me!

It was time for Taekyung to stare at Taehee with a complicated feeling.

Jiwoo, who had been spending a long time in the study, ran out swinging his arms.

A tropical night-shaped wooden sculpture was held in one small hand.

Taekyung bought it as a souvenir at a travel destination one day.


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