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Her soft and hard tactics were all useless against him, but she was unwilling to let go of the puppy.

If she really left the doggie alone at home, it would certainly starve to death!

How could she bear to let it go through such suffering Clenching her teeth, the woman pitifully tugged on the hem of his shirt and swayed.

The kids\' dad…

These words hit him in his heart!

Only then did he leisurely turn his head to look at her.

Sipping her lips in determination, she thrust the dog to him.

Just take care of it for a while! I… I agree to one condition of yours!

He regarded her for three seconds before he suddenly asked, You\'ll agree to anything

She nodded profusely.

He declared, One\'s not enough; I want three.

She stared wide-eyed at him.

Why would you still bargain…

The man lifted a brow.

What Are you not agreeable

With that, he put on a show to leave.

Gritting her teeth, she hurriedly pulled him.


Three conditions! You must treat it well then! You\'re not allowed to starve or hit it!

He gave his tacit agreement.

Bring it to the car.

With a grin, she carried the puppy to the car.

He first dropped her off at her workplace before leaving for his company.

When the security opened the door for him, he tossed the keys in his hand for the guy to park his car at its usual spot.

As he alighted from the car, he seemed to recall something and turned his head to order.

Bring that stupid puppy in my car to my office.

Yes, Chairman Mu!

Along the way to his office, Min Yu and the puppy caught the attention of many people.

Eh PA Min, is that a puppy in your arms

Doesn\'t the company prohibit bringing pets at work PA Min, you\'re taking the lead to flout the company\'s rules and regulations!

He answered truthfully, This is the CEO\'s doggie; he wants me to bring it to his office.

As soon as he spoke, his colleagues immediately sang a different tune and gushed, Oh, my! Not only is our boss handsome, his pet is so cute as well!

Indeed, what a cute dog; I didn\'t expect our big boss to be so compassionate!

I heard that men who like little animals are actually very warm inside!

He fell silent.

Just like that, Little Zhezhe was sent to the CEO\'s office.

His superior had two board meetings in the morning, and naturally, he had to be taking minutes at his side.

He fed the puppy some water before the meeting.

The doggie was clearly frightened by this unfamiliar environment as its body would not stop trembling.

Lifting its small and cute head, it regarded the assistant as if he were a great demon king and cowered even more.

The puppy quirked its nose warily at the sight of him delivering water and finally extended its rosy tongue to lick a few mouthfuls after sniffing at the water for a long time.


Struck by its cuteness, he could not help extending his hand to touch it.

The puppy shrank back in shock, but after gradually becoming aware that he had no ill will, it squinted its eyes and licked his fingers.

As the puppy\'s teeth were not fully grown, its bites were not really painful; in fact, they were kind of ticklish and numbing!

His heart almost melted.

Oh, my! How cute!

PA Min, the meeting is about to start! An assistant knocked on the door, reminding him.

He promptly stood up and left in a hurry.


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