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It was no wonder.

Huang Lili had been ridiculed because of her humble origins.

Hence, having gotten the upper hand by finding herself a rich boyfriend, she was eager to hold her head high in this class reunion.

Humans were vain.

Unfortunately, with her actions, it was inevitable for the atmosphere in this rare class reunion to turn sour.

After Du Jiayan nagged for a bit, he returned to his seat.

The meal finally started as delicacies were presented in rapid succession.

On the table were two bottles of dry red wine; one could tell at a glance that they were expensive.

Someone asked, Lili, this wine looks expensive.

How much is one bottle

Hearing this, she smiled.

She was waiting for someone to ask her that.

This wine was a treasure of Yongye\'s private wine cellar.

Since they displayed it out, someone must appreciate it, right

Otherwise, it would be boring.

Not waiting for her answer, Gao Nan recognized it at a glance.

Lafite of year 96.

It\'s not very expensive at 30,000 yuan, but its taste is the best.

Did he just say that it\'s not very expensive

She pursed her lips.

This man was audacious!

Although that was what she thought, she remained smiling and said, This is the wine cellar\'s collection.

Lafite of year 82, 86, 96, 00 are all premium grades.

Xiao Xue, your boyfriend knows what\'s good.

The man smiled at her praise and humbly exchanged a few words of greetings.

He had drunk plenty of Lafite.

With just a sip, he could tell which year it was from.

He continued.

Premium red wines must be aged in oak barrels and be carefully brewed by the wine-makers.

There\'s an age requirement for the grape trees, and some wineries even select the grapes by bunch or one by one.

Wow! You really know a lot! someone gasped in admiration.

Seems that Lili has splurged a lot to host us.

It\'s rare that we gather together; of course, I ought to spend more effort!

Du Jiayan generously announced, Let\'s not be so formal with each other.

Feel free to order anything you want; I\'ll host the dinner tonight!

Feel free to order

Mu Yazhe took the menu and flipped through the pages.

The other snorted at his action and immediately said, Order anything you like! I\'ll play the host tonight, so everyone can just have fun and get drunk!

Alright! The crowd cheered with excitement.

A deep smile flashed in Mu Yazhe\'s eyes.

Since he told them to order whatever they liked, how could he refuse his offer

Hence, he called for the server.

What wine do you have here

Ha ha ha! The other man laughed until tears appeared in his yes.

It was his first time seeing someone ask this question in the private clubhouse.

Only a hillbilly would ask this!

The crowd looked at one another and the scene turned more awkward.

They did not get what the man was laughing about.

The server promptly politely answered, Hello! We have tequila, brandy, vodka…

I remember that there\'s a winery in this private clubhouse.

Yes, sir. The server smiled and nodded.

The winery has a precious bottle of Dalmore 62, he said faintly.

As soon as he finished speaking, Du Jiayan could no longer laugh!

He… How did he know that there\'s a winery at this private clubhouse!

Indeed, this place was formerly a winery before it was turned into a private clubhouse.

What made him even more astonished was this man\'s knowledge of Yongye\'s treasure.

The server smiled.

Yes, sir.


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