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Song Enya looked in the direction of the ringtone.

It was Mu Yazhe\'s phone; it had slid out of his pocket while he was sitting on the sofa.

She picked it up and wanted to ignore the call at first, but then, she saw the picture of a woman\'s sleeping face on the caller ID.

The woman in the picture was otherworldly beautiful.

Although she was sleeping with a bare face, she still looked absolutely gorgeous.

Her hair lay scattered across the side of the pillow and on her snowy white skin.

It was in a mess, yet it did not diminish her beauty.

Only the word \'Shi\' was displayed on her caller ID.

This was the man\'s phone; she had no right to pick up the call.

However, when she looked at the caller ID\'s picture, her thoughts started to run wild, and without realizing it, she had already accepted the call.

Yun Shishi inquired about the location of the water dispensary at the nurse station.

The nurse on duty was busy and simply replied to her without much care; thus, after many twists and turns, she still did not manage to locate the room.

She was about to return to the ward when a thought came to her.

Should she ring Mu Yazhe about Yichen\'s need to be hospitalized

She was previously occupied with sending the children to the hospital, nervously waiting outside the emergency room, and then fussing over the two kids\' needs.

Now, she remembered that she had yet to inform the man about Yichen\'s situation.

If there was a misunderstanding between the father and son, they should talk about it to clear things up right away.

Hence, she retrieved her phone and dialed his number.

The phone rang for a while before the call went through.

The probing voice of a female was heard over the phone instead.

Who are you

Yun Shishi was momentarily dazed.

The woman on the other end was clearly piqued by her silence.



Is… Mu Yazhe there

The woman hissed, No! before hanging up.

Yun Shishi was stunned for a while.

She snickered to herself, yet her heart ached intensely.

She thought that he was surely busy or that he was still disciplining his son, and that he surely cared for him, but…

She originally wanted to inform him of Yichen being confined in this hospital and bid him to come over.

Little did she expect that a woman would answer the call in his stead.

What was the meaning of this

She was a little peeved and heartbroken for Yichen!

She regarded him as a responsible father at first; now, she had to question this notion of hers.

If he\'s not coming, then forget it!

No matter who he was with, it had nothing to do with her!

She would look after his son if he did not care for him.

She was absolutely willing to do so, anyway.

Was he in any way related to her

As she thought of that, before she knew it, she was already waiting for the elevator to bring her back to the kids.

The elevator came up slowly.

The ward where the kids were in was located high up the building, so it took a while for the elevator to reach her floor.

All of a sudden, a gasping voice rang out from behind her.

Brother Mu!

She knitted her brows and turned to look.

When she thought about this later, she would tell herself that she should not have looked behind her at this time.

A series of events would not have been triggered if she had not witnessed this scene! However, this was a story for another day.

She spun around and caught sight of Mu Yazhe walking down the stairs with a woman chasing after him while looking flustered.

He originally did not seem to bother about her as he went down the stairs without glancing backward.

You left your phone with me; don\'t you want it back! It was only when she shouted this that he halted his footsteps.

Pivoting, he saw Song Enya catching up to him with a smile.

When she noticed his presence, Yun Shishi moved to approach him, but the woman\'s next words stopped her from doing so.

The man\'s phone was with that woman

Was she that woman who had spoken snidely at her over the phone moments before

Her feet were momentarily glued to the ground.


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