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Chapter 4099: The Other Side 68Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Natalias mouth was filled with sweetness, and her mood naturally improved.

When she looked at the boy again, she finally found him pleasing to the eye.

She did not look at him out of the corner of her eye, but she did glance at him.

Finally, her gaze fell on the candy box he was holding.

She looked at it tentatively, and half-suggested, “Is the purple one blueberry-flavored”

In other words, she was eagerly expecting the boy to give her the purple candy to try as well.

Youyou wanted to laugh aloud.

This lass looked cold and aloof, but she was actually a little foodie.

The moment she saw candies, all reservations went out of the window.

The boy ventured, “Will you be friends with me, then”


“Unless …” Natalias gaze was locked on the candy box cradled in the boys arms.

“Give me the box of candies and Ill be your friend!”

Youyou wondered if she would turn on him if he handed over the candy box to her just like that.

Still, he held it out to her.

“Here, its yours!”

Natalias eyes widened in surprise! She had not expected the boy to be willing to give her all those candies.

Wasnt he having any Or… was there poison in the candies

Perhaps because candies were precious to Natalia, and because the boy had given them to her so casually, it was hard not to doubt if this was real.

The boy stifled a laugh at her skeptical expression and pursed his lips.

“These candies are all yours.

Dont worry, I wont take them back!”

“And you wont go back on your word”

“Uh huh, of course!”

Natalias face finally broke into a genuine bright smile.

Her eyes crinkled as she smiled at the boy, peeled the wrapper off another candy and popped it into her mouth.

In the distance, Alice and Gong Jie watched them, rubbing their chins.

“Are you … going to settle Natalia in the Hurricane Group”

The man furrowed his brow for a moment.

“Youyou says he is not keen on having Natalia grow up in Hurricane.”


“With you around, hes worried.”

Alice fell silent.

What did he mean by being worried with her around!

“Am I a tiger”

“Hes afraid youll use Natalia as a guinea pig.”

Alice fell silent yet again.

Fine! It seemed that her image as a witch had taken root in the boys mind.

“So where are you going to settle her”

Gong Jie was contemplating this as well.

He racked his brains and suddenly thought of a good candidate.

Ding dong ding dong.

On the big bed in the bedroom of the apartment, Hua Jin was still deep in sleep.

As the doorbell continued to chime, he finally woke up.

“Who is it” He muttered angrily and reluctantly lay on the bed for a while.

The doorbell continued to chime, more urgently now.

He finally got out of bed and shuffled to the door in his slippers.

He thought his new assistant had gotten the schedule wrong again.

He opened the door and said unhappily, “Its my day off!”

The moment he opened the door and saw the tall figure standing before him, Hua Jin became wide awake! His sleepiness disappeared without a trace instantly.

“Gong…” The words were barely out of his mouth when he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, Youyou standing next to Gong Jie, and with them, an unfamiliar but adorable little girl.

He was even more startled and awake now.

“Whats going on”

“Get out of the way!” Gong Jie squeezed past him and walked into the apartment as if he owned the place.

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