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Chapter 4091: The Other Side 60Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Natalia stared at him, speechless.

“You…” Her snow-white face flushed red, and her expression grew icy.

She stood up angrily as her bright eyes grew misty.

“Give me back the candies!”

But the boy clung to the box.

“You cant eat that!”

“Why” Natalia blinked, tears staining her lashes.

“Why did you snatch my candy”

“If Professor Romanka wont let you eat it, it must be inedible.

So, you shouldnt eat it.” The boy was doing this out of kind intentions.

Because it is true that some patients need to watch their sugar intake carefully when they are on medication.


Natalia seemed to read his concern, but it only made her angrier.

“Youre just like them!” Her face was pale as she stood up.

Pushing him away angrily, she said, “Youre just like them!” With that, she bit her lip in sadness and ran away.

As Youyou got up to run after her, his movement knocked over the cart.

The boy stared after her as she ran away.

Sighing, he turned back to the stack of papers that had been knocked over and bent over to pick them up.

As he was doing so, he scanned the documents and realized it was Natalias pathology report.

He glanced at it casually at first, but his gaze fell on something and he stopped.


The word on the pathology report caught his eye.

Pinching the pathology report between his fingers, Youyou read through it intently.

Then it hit him.

No wonder Professor Romanka wouldnt allow Natalia any candies.

Hallucinogen is a drug developed to cause hallucinations.

It is usually used in psychotherapy.

Patients on this drug would hallucinate.

A patient on hallucinogen must not take any sugar because this drug contains a high amount of lactose.

Ingestion of additional sugar may trigger diabetes.

That was why Professor Romanka kept a tight rein on Natalias sugar intake.

Hallucinogen is not a commonly used word in the English language.

Most people had no idea.

But he knew.

This was because Gong Fan took this medicine while he was recuperating on Acklan Island.

This drug, taken in a low dose, would cause drowsiness.

However, the boy noticed that the note on the pathology report, that the dosage was five times his.

This was considered a high dosage.

An overdose of this drug could be fatal.

Why would Romanka do that! Youyou was outraged!

“There you are!” Gong Jies voice came through the doorway.

He sounded relieved.

He pushed open the door and walked in, muttering, “I thought you said youd wait for me at the swing.

I was ready to face dire consequences when I realized that youd disappeared!”

He said it so pathetically that it sounded exaggerated.

The truth, though, was that he could imagine Yun Shishi in a foul mood.

The boy was her treasure.

If he lost his nephew, he wouldnt be able to atone for it with his own life!

When the boy looked up and saw Gong Jie, he raised an eyebrow.


“Hallucinogen” Alice was surprised.

“Whats going on”

In the office, the boy laid out Natalias pathology report before Alice.

The woman picked it up and froze.

“Whats going on”

“Didnt you know” Youyou was surprised.

He thought Alice must have known about this.

Alice shook her head and said honestly, “I didnt know Professor Romanka was giving her these.”

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