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The man shifted his gaze from the textbook to his son, only to see the latter scrambling to one side with a dejected face.

He smiled and sat in the chair at the table.

Yichen heaved a sigh of relief.

His father stretched out his hand, and in the next instant, he was pulled into his strong arms with a gentle tug.

As he sat on his fathers lap, he smelled his faint but cool fragrance.

He could not help burrowing deeper into his embrace.

“Daddy, Im not done with all the math problems…”

“Which one” The mans hypnotizing voice resonated from the crown of his head.

Yichen flipped his notebook to where his answers were written and then gestured to one of the few problems.

“I dont really know how to do… this one.”

Mu Yazhe grabbed his pen while maintaining his composure.

He penned down several multiplication formulas in the notebook and the problem was solved in a jiffy.

Yichen blinked in surprise and snatched the notebook for inspection.

This was the answer! Although he did rack his brains to remember it, he could simply not recall the formula for solving the problem, so he was stuck at this one.

“Anything else”

He shook his head.

“Just this one.”

“Have you memorized the multiplication table”

“Yes… but Im not good at it.”

He showed a face to express his suffering and hatred over the subject.

His father sniggered; he looked really good when he smiled.

Those long and slender eyes slightly came to a tilt as his thin lips gently formed a curve.

His smile was truly breathtaking.

Even if all the existing flowery words in the world were used, they were not enough to express his beauty properly.

He gesticulated and calculated the math in the notebook as he gently provided explanations.

That crystal-clear voice of his sounded like water flowing in the spring.

His distinct voice almost sounded effeminate and mellow, yet it was so gentle and pleasing to the ear.

The little boy thought that, if this man were to be a teacher, he would definitely make an excellent one!

Mu Yazhe was so very detailed that, despite the little boys mind occasionally wandering off, the latter still understood his explanation.

Looking up at his father, he revealed an adorably bright smile, which was adorned by dimples on both sides of his mouth.

He gazed at the little boys smiling face and suddenly fell into a trance.

He was reminded of Yun Tianyous small face, which was haughty and stubborn.

Genetics were indeed something inconceivable.

Of the two children, one was a master of the pen, and another was a master of the sword.

Youyous body constitution was barely satisfactory, yet his intelligence quotient more than made up for it.

Little Yichen might not possess Youyous prodigious mind, yet his physique was even better than Mu Yazhes younger self.

He had extraordinary talent in weaponry and combat to boot!

“Know what day it is tomorrow” He lowered his head and pressed it at his sons ear.

Yichens brows slightly knitted.

Pondering on it for a while, he shook his head.

“I dont know…”

Dumbfounded at his answer, he poked his sons head and said, “Its your birthday; dont you remember”

Yichen pouted and spoke helplessly, “I really forgot…”

As if he were performing a magic trick, he fished out an exquisitely wrapped gift from his pocket and presented it to his son.

Laying his sight on the gift, the little lads eyes bugged out.

He was quite taken aback by this surprise.

He hugged the gift, and a shyness and excitement, which differed from the usual, spread across his small face.

He always bottled-up his emotions – this part of him was totally similar to Mu Yazhe.

Be it happiness or sadness, such emotions rarely surfaced on his face; they were hidden away deep in his heart.

However, he was ultimately a child.

When the gift was presented before him, the happiness from within him rose spontaneously.

Children loved gifts.


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