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She emphasized the phrasespecifically handpicked by Director Mu as an obvious hint to the man.

However, being the persistent man that he was, as long as it was a woman he had his eyes on, Qian Shaohua would be absolutely determined!

“Of course, of course! He he! Obviously, I must take care of her for Mr.

Mus sake!”

He smiled while delivering formalities; he then returned his especially profound eyes on to Yun Shishi.

The latter was made uncomfortable by his blatant gaze and hid further behind Li Lan.

She did not like the mans gaze at all; he was looking at her as if he would devour her completely anytime.

Noticing her shying away, the secretary retained her smile while she felt slightly worried.

She could not help thinking to herself that this man in front of her was not someone easy to deal with!

Although she was Mu Yazhes secretary, Qian Shaohuas prominent status was clear, and she could not be too pushy with him.

After all, she was just a lowly assistant.

She still needed to be wary of her words when dealing with an important character.

However, if she were to be a little milder, this man, being absolutely cunning, would purposely twist her words and try to lead the conversation elsewhere while evading the crucial point.

He insisted that he wanted Yun Shishi.

If she were to firmly reject him for the sake of Mu Yazhe, she was afraid that it would only affect the good relationship between them.

This was not of much importance.

What was important was that her boss was currently working with this man on a large project; he had invested in a large-scale film.

At present, all partnership terms had been agreed on.

Everything was ready, except for the shooting of the film.

All of a sudden, if something went wrong, she would land herself in serious trouble.

On top of all these, she truly did not know of her bosss intentions, and at this moment, it was hard for her to take a guess as well.

Was this Yun Shishi important to her boss

If she called to ask right before his eyes, she would not be giving him an out.

If her boss did not respond on his end, this man would again complain that she was not doing her work well.

Both sides would not be satisfied!

She was truly in a dilemma.

Li Lan, who had braved through many storms, was truly troubled with the present circumstance, and she was placed in an extremely awkward situation.

Honestly speaking, she wanted to properly keep her safe.

Ultimately, there was nothing good coming out from playing with this sly old fox.

Putting aside everything else, as for this young lady, she would have half of her lifetime destroyed!

She could tell that this girl was quite prideful!

It was already pushing it to make her stay by her bosss side, so let alone this heavy-jowled and potbellied old man… just by observing her shun away, she could roughly guess her response: she was definitely unwilling to give in!

How should she deal with this man, though


Mu really has a good eye for things.

Speaking of which… this young lady—”

Qian Shaohua beamingly said as he came closer toward Yun Shishi.

She quickly retracted her hand in her shock and shifted her body aside to avoid him, glaring at him with extreme vigilance.

She presently looked like a frightened kitten with all her hair standing on end and hostility radiating off her in waves!

Although she did not know what this mans intention was, from his eyes, she keenly observed a scary ambition – the exact same ambition she had seen in He Lingxiangs eyes!

She would not allow this man to touch her at all!

Even if it was just a strand of hair, she would not allow for it!

At the moment, Qian Shaohua did not know whether to cry or laugh.

“Why are you so scared of me I wont eat you!”


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