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Chapter 148: You don’t deserve these!

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One after another, the guests crowded at the scene, buzzing with curiosity.

The media hounds were drawn to the commotion too.

The atmosphere was tense.

Many of them wanted to see Yun Shishi make a fool of herself.

Yun Na, with her ashen face, carefully opened her eyes to look.

Yun Shishi was staring at her with a chilly expression that she had never seen before.

She was taken aback by this.

Her adoptive sister was usually sweet and gentle and would never shoot her such a deadly look.

She retreated a step in fear.



Before she could regain her composure, an expressionless Yun Shishi went up to her and, with a tilt of her wrist, poured the wine in her glass on Yun Na’s head.


The cold liquid drenched her.

The crowd let out a gasp at this spectacle.

Yun Na was unprepared for her usually meek and defenseless sister to suddenly retaliate by drenching her with wine in front of all these people.

She furiously lifted her head toward her sister, who was looking at her frigidly.

“You! How dare you!” She then marched up to Yun Shishi with her hand held high, intending to slap the latter.

However, before her palm could land on her sister, someone caught her wrist tightly.

With her eyes fuming in anger, she turned to see who had restrained her.

“Xing – Xingze…” It was Gu Xingze who had stopped her.

Yun Na widened her eyes in surprise.

Her fury simmered in his presence.

Gu Xingze was her idol and the man of her dreams.

She had to rein in her temper or, at least, pretend to be meek and well-behaved, lest she leave him a bad impression of her.

She withdrew her hand and looked timidly at him.

Realizing how embarrassing she looked right now, a spate of hatred sprang in her heart for her sister!

It’s all because of her! She shamed me before all these people and my idol!

She cursed Yun Shishi under her breath as she gushed at him, “Xingze, how do you do I’m Yun Na… I’m – I’m your fan.

I like you a lot; you’ve always been my idol…”

She smiled at him, only to see Gu Xingze frostily eye her dress and… necklace.

“Xingze…” Yun Na held her arms in shame.

She was wet from head to toe – an utter embarrassment.

She put on a pitiful and wronged look.

“I’m sorry that you have to see me in such an embarrassing situation…”

Moving closer, he grabbed the necklace on her neck and gently held it as his eyes narrowed dangerously.

“How dirty…”

“Yes, I look like a mess… I – I don’t have another gown to change into, though.

What should I do” she asked pitifully, mistaking his words for sympathy.

He looked her straight in the eyes.

With his handsome face contorting with censure, he ordered jeeringly, “Take them off.”

“… What!” She was partly alarmed and partly abashed.

“What’s that for, Xingze What do you mean by ‘take them off’”

“I want you to take off that dress and necklace now.”

He looked at her with disgust, as if she were a scanty worm crawling in a drain.

“It’s because you don’t deserve them.”


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