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Chapter 1425 The So-called Reality Show 

“I seldom participate in reality shows, but when I do, I dont memorize the script.”

After a pause, he added, “Its very dry and dull.”

“You… dont follow the script, then”

He answered laughingly, “I just glance through it.

After roughly knowing how the show will be run, I go according to the flow.”

This surprised Yun Shishi for a bit as she lamented inwardly, A born actor, indeed.

All it takes is a glimpse of the script for him to act according to the character requirements.

“Go get ready for the recording.” He reminded her before going into the makeup room to do his hair.

The woman proceeded to the recording site, which was still in the middle of being set up.

For the first chapter, First Loves Heartbeat, the recording site was at a beautifully furnished café.

According to the script, she would meet Gu Xingze for the first time here where they would spend time understanding and interacting with each other by making desserts, cakes, and coffee to create a loving afternoon tea session.


It was a very romantic segment.

She felt indignant when she saw this.

When would Mu Yazhe be able to do some romantic surprises for her

It seemed that, other than that one romantic date at Huxin Island, there were no more of such surprises.

What an unromantic man!

She sighed inwardly to herself.

In fact, she really wished that she could participate in this segment with her man instead of the superstar.

Having not a bit of feelings for the superstar, it was tough for her to take part in such a reality show and act out the role of a passionate lover!

Did her man know that she was taking part in this show

If he saw the program broadcast, that man would definitely be jealous again!

The woman, however, snorted inwardly.

She could not wait for the program to air on screen and let him learn the textbook example of a warm and considerate man from the show!

Get jealous; get jealous!

She looked forward to seeing his jealous look!

An unromantic blockhead!

Unwittingly, half an hour had passed.

After the set was built, the directors announced the official start of the recording.

“‘The Love Diary Scene 1, Chapter 1, Action!”

According to the script, the two first encountered each other in a café for a date.

Each gave a gift to the other for their first meeting.

While the man prepared a limited-edition crystal necklace, which he would personally put around her neck, the woman prepared afailed cake for him.

It was afailure because the cake was not well-made and even a little burned.

This little prop was prepared by the production team.

According to the script, she specially baked a cake for their first meeting, but due to her inexperience in baking, not only did she scald her hand, the finished product was a failure, too.

As she shyly presented the cake to him, she looked up to him and said regretfully, “This is my first time baking a cake, so… it seems to be a failed product!”

The camera then zoomed in on her hand, which had a plaster on a finger.

The man opened the gift box.

The content, a failed cake, was captured on camera.

The camera panned on her guilty and shy face, giving her another close-up.

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