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Chapter 4392 - 4392 The Other Side 361

4392 The Other Side 361

The two kids got onto their feet.

They hadnt gone far when they heard a particularly slight movement behind them.

Youyou stopped suddenly and turned back warily, sensing that something was following them.

Gong Fan couldnt help but become vigilant when he saw him looking back.

“Whats wrong”

“I heard a strange noise.”

“How is that possible!” Gong Fan turned and looked around.

“Why didnt I hear it Could it be your imagination”


‘Didnt you hear it

“Uh huh.”

Youyou exhaled.

“Maybe its my imagination.

Maybe its the movement under our feet.

I misheard.”

He started walking again.

They were in a forest, treading on grassy ground.

Under their feet was a patch of grass.

Even if they were careful, theyd inevitably make a slight rustling sound.

The boy had only taken a few steps when he heard the strange movement behind him again.

He stopped dead in his tracks.

This time, even Gong Fan heard it.

Now that the boy had mentioned it, he was suspicious.

He kept an eye out for movement behind them.

As they moved forward, it was clear that someone was following them.

“Theres someone…”

Youyou lowered his voice and said to Gong Fan.

Gong Fan nodded as well.

“I heard it!”

They spoke softly and had reservations.

However, the footsteps that seemed to be following them made them wary.

“What do we do now” Youyou looked worriedly at Gong Fan.

“Ill count to three later.

Then well make a dash in the southern direction.”

“Are you able to run”

“Its okay.

Im fine.”

“Alright then.

Gong Fan and Youyou reached out tacitly, and tightly held each others hand.

They pretended to be calm as they walked forward.




The moment Gong Fan announced “three”, the two little guys immediately ran! They sprang into action!

The mysterious figure behind them clearly did not expect them to suddenly run.

After being stunned for a moment, it quickly gave chase.

Gong Fan and Youyou were not terribly fast, but their advantage was that they were not tall.

They moved through the dense forest without any problem.

In the forest, the tree branches grew low.

Gong Fan and Youyou were like agile leopards as they quickly shuttled through the dense forest.

Gradually, they ran out of the forest.

To their surprise, they saw the familiar manor again!

“Were back here again!” Youyou panted and said in a defeated tone.

Gong Fan did not have time to catch his breath.

He pulled Youyou into the manor.

“Should we split up and distract him” Youyou made the suggestion.

Gong Fan shook his head.

“No, Ill worry about you!”

“Alright then, lets move together!” The two little guys ran upstairs one after another.

They ran to the highest floor and sprawled on the staircase.

The manor had spiral stairs.

Lying on it, one could clearly see the figures walking up from below.

Very soon, that figure entered the manor and followed the footprints to the stairs.

Gong Fans heart skipped a beat.

He raised his foot to take a look.

As expected, his foot was stained with some mud.

Mud had gotten stuck to the bottom of his shoes when they were running wildly through in the forest earlier on.

Just as Gong Fan was feeling vexed, the boy exclaimed in surprise, “Its… its him! Its the man we saw in the hospital!”

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