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When the father-son pair returned home, the older boy was already asleep.

The woman was in the garden now, trimming the flowers and branches with a pair of scissors.

The sky was gradually turning dark!

She knelt by the flower bed in the dark, her hand holding the stems as she fiddled with them, cutting the branches from time to time.

The wounds on her body had yet to heal.

Her facial features were marred a little by the placement of her lip flaps, but as they watched her gently nibble on her thin lip flap, her beautiful face radiated like a piece of jade.

It was as if everything had been quiet and still.

Most of the time, this woman was as beautiful as a flower but not unobtrusive.

She was breathing and living quietly, as silent as an arrogant cat, nesting in a corner with withdrawn claws.

It was as if she were standing aloof from all these worldly affairs, quiet and contented.

Mu Yazhe leaned against the door and looked at her silently.

She did not notice his presence, her heart set on studying those flowers.

The man walked slowly toward her.

Suddenly, the woman became aware of approaching footsteps from behind her.

She raised her head, but he had already grabbed her waist and pulled her gently into his embrace.

Caught unprepared, she dropped the pair of scissors to the ground.

Youyou looked at them from where he stood for a moment, his lips curving into a gentle arc before walking away.

The woman was shocked by his sudden appearance.

She could not help but glare at him angrily.

“You know to scare someone, huh”

She looked at him discontentedly as she bit her lip.

However, she let out an unexpectedly gentle smile and her eyes glistened, making his heart skip a beat.

The man could not help but give her lips a light peck.

In the beautiful garden, with the air diffusing a faint fragrance, he inhaled the sweet breath from her lips.

In this enchanting garden, he held her gently in his embrace.

His huge palm caressed her cheek and brushed it over her eyelids.

The man gazed deeply at her, his thick and long eyelashes falling into her line of sight.

The beautiful night flourished with tenderness, warmth, and charm.

He caressed her face and began kissing her gently; his thin lips were pressed against her red ones, brushing against them tenderly.

Instead of intruding her cavern, he let himself linger on her soft lips.

The texture of her lips was delicate like jelly, causing him to lose himself in a whirlpool of tenderness.

He deepened the kiss, adding a little more pressure against her lips.

The woman in his arms loosened up like a budding rose.

He could smell her beautiful and sweet fragrance.

His long, slender fingers raised her head.

Closing his eyes, he delved deeper into this kiss.

Yun Shishi pushed him half willingly.

Beginning to feel nervous, she mumbled, “Stop… The kids are here.”

It would be awkward if the two children bumped into such an intimate scene!

Mu Yazhe snorted.

“The kids are tired.

Theyre already asleep!”

His hand, which was on her body, began touching her gently everywhere before he let out a grunt.

“Why are you skinnier again”

She had gotten thinner by a lot.

She had been eating very little in the hospital these past few days.

Also, this woman was naturally petite.

No matter how much she ate, she would not put on much weight, but she could lose it in the blink of an eye!

He was a little unhappy about that.

This woman was too skinny.

This was not good.

She was all skin and bones.

She did not feel nice to hug in his embrace.

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