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When Yun Shishi returned, she found her son pestering his father, asking endlessly, “Daddy, daddy! How did you plant me and little brother into mommys stomach, then”

“…” She froze in place.

Her face flushed red once more.

She felt shy and frustrated as she glared at the man.

She did not know what this father-son pair had been secretly discussing while she was away!

What did they mean byplanted into mommys body!

Why did those words sound so dirty and lewd!

Clearly, the two were completely unaware that she had entered the ward and were still discussing a certain sacred field ofknowledge.

As Mu Yazhe peeled the apple for the boy, he answered mysteriously, “Youve received an injection before, so you should know how an injection is carried out!”

“Yes, I know!” His son nodded fervently with a face full of curiosity.

He instantly replied, “Thats how it entered!”

Yun Shishi: “…”

Little Yichens eyes widened in incredulity, but he still did not fully understand it.

“Daddy, I dont really understand! A syringe is used in an injection; did daddy use a syringe to inject the seed in!”

The man impatiently answered, “Research it on your own.”

“Oh, I understand now! Is daddy that syringe”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

Yun Shishi: “…”

She was completely floored!

“Then, how did little brother and I come out of mommys body” He then continued his questioning, once again displaying his thirst for knowledge.

The little lad was bent on getting to the bottom of things!

His father shot him a glance.

“Son, cant you ask some questions that are beneficial to the mind and body”

“Arent these questions beneficial to the mind and body” His queer, questioning look rendered his father speechless.


With a flushed face, she faked a cough.

It attracted their attention in an instant.

She did not know what the man would instill in his son if she did not interrupt them at an opportune time!


How embarrassing…

What syringe and injection…

Is that the way to answer the question

The boy turned his head to find his mother back in the ward with two thermal flasks in hand.

He warmly greeted her at once, “Mommy, youre back!”

A warm smile brightened up her face.

“Yes, mommys back!”

She then squinted and shot her man a look.

The latter calmly sat at the side without a hint of repentance!

She got even more furious at the sight.

As soon as the woman sat down, the boy latched onto her and continued asking the earlier interrupted question.

“Mommy, tell me: How did Youyou and I come about”

She looked at him smilingly and pinched his tender little cheek.

“Why are you suddenly asking this”

“This question has been on my mind for a very long time.

Ive been wondering how my existence came about from daddy and mommy being together.” His brows furrowed in distress; it seemed that he had been troubled by this profound topic for a long time, indeed!

With a smirk on his face, the man gave her a mocking and mischievous look.

He, too, wanted to see how she would answer this question.

The woman fell into a daze.

When she was a child, she asked her mother this very same question.

‘Where did I come from

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