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The mother and son were two chips he needed to hold in his hands.

Either one could not be missed.

Fury rose in his nephews eyes.

“The agreement will take at least three days to take effect.

Three days! They have suffered too serious injuries to allow further delay!”

The situation turned tense instantly.

Furrowing his brows, Youyou suddenly raised his voice.

“How about this: Both parties can each take a step to compromise.

You let go of one first, and then let the other go after the document is fully signed! How is that”

Mu Lianjue sized up the kid with interest.

He was amazed secretly that this child could placidly propose a strategy in such a critical situation.

“Let go of one first”

“What do you propose otherwise Why should we believe that youll let them go after the agreement takes effect The Mu empire will be in your hands after you receive the signed agreement, so what if you decide to go back on your words by then! We must have some assurance on our side, too! At the very least, we need to see your sincerity before we compromise further!” reasoned the boy calmly.

Right now, he was calm, cool, and collected.

Like an experienced and a smart negotiator, he navigated each move carefully.

The wily fox could not help reevaluating the child before him!

This kid is special!

He is meticulous; it appears that Ive underestimated him in the past!

“I can agree to the condition to let go of one hostage first!

He thought for a while as the boy fixed his gaze on him nervously.

His drawl could be heard soon after.

“But a person must be given in exchange!”

His nephew asked with raised brow, “How do we do that”

“Exchange this son of yours for his mother! I can do that much!” He pointed at the boy by his nephews side.

Yun Tianyou: “Yes!”

Mu Yazhe: “No!”

The father and son replied at the same time with totally different attitudes.

The two exchanged glances and the man bellowed, “Have you gone mad!”

The boy frowned.


“I wont allow it!” His father retorted coldly and indisputably!

No father would personally deliver his child into a tigers den!

He would not allow his son to meet with any danger.

This exchange was impossible in the first place.

“He can replace his mother as my hostage! Both children will be released once the agreement comes into effect; how about that” His fourth uncles lips had curled into a conceited smile at that point.

He remained unmoved, but before he could refuse, his uncle added casually.

“If you cant agree, then theres no need for further discussion!”

“I agree to your proposal!” answered the boy in return.

His father objected furiously.

“Keep quiet! I dont agree!”

Youyous face changed at the look of extreme rage on his fathers face.

Mu Lianjue laughed.

“Im busy so Ill take my leave first! Tell me the answer once you decide!”

With that, he got up slowly and leisurely exited the ward under the umbrage of the group of bodyguards.

The man stood up abruptly and walked to the window.

Finally, despite his best efforts, he could not control the fury that overpowered him, and he threw a fierce punch at the window pane.

A crackling sound could be heard.

A few crack lines appeared on the glass pane instantly.

His grandfather sat on the bed, his hawk-like eyes looking sharp.

“Ah Zhe, what is happening now Tell me!”

The man swiveled around violently, his tousled hair covering his piercing glare.

He retorted in his brassy tone, “You just focus on getting well.

Dont worry about anything else!”

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