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Chapter 1101: Who says that I am marrying her

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She looked wan without her makeup, albeit her features still looked pretty.

Her eyes were red and puffy from crying excessively, and it made her look especially miserable.

The bars loud music had mellowed into a soothing slow rock.

The man did not push her away, though his expression remained cold and remote.

He bowed his head and coolly watched her in his arms before he uttered slowly, “Dont you find it disgusting to get so drunk”

Stunned, she looked down resignedly.

Her teary appearance looked sorrowful as she replied softly, “Yes, I also find myself ugly, but… Brother Mu, why are you ignoring me”

He answered neutrally, “Ive said before: until you acknowledge your fault—”

“My fault What did I do wrong” She broke down suddenly.

“Im just… just—”

“Enya, I know how you feel toward me, but Ive already told you very clearly whats my stand on this matter! Its impossible between us.”

“What do you mean byimpossible Is it because of our blood relations Is that so”

She hugged him sadly.

“I know that Ill be despised by society if Im with you, but what can I do when I love you so much Brother Mu, I love you more than anyone else!”

She suddenly thought of something as she looked up at him and said with a forced smile, “Im not looking for status! I dont need you to marry me—just the right to stay by your side for my whole life and be your lover! I just want to be with you forever, even if it means Ill have no status or it cant be in the open…”

“Nonsense.” His eyes turned sharp and chilly.

“Why are you putting yourself down in this way Dont you find it utterly disgraceful!”

“I dont care!” she retorted, tears rolling down her face anew.

She added hoarsely, “Thats because I really, really love you!”

He pursed his lips coldly before spouting cruelly, “But I dont love you.”

That statement struck her like lightning.

She could not reconcile with his words and asked, “Do you love Yun Shishi, then”

She suddenly tugged at his sleeve and asked seriously, “Brother Mu, answer me: Do you love her”

He turned his eyes away coldly and refused to look at her.

The love between his woman and him had nothing to do with a third party, so he did not see the need to answer this ridiculous question.

Alas, his avoidance was misconstrued by his niece as him not loving Yun Shishi that much.

“I dont believe that you really love her! To you, shes only a plaything, isnt she” She was eager to confirm that and searched his face desperately for an answer.

He merely told her icily, “Enya, have you fooled around enough Now, you go home; understand”

“You havent answered my question!” she persisted before breaking into a woeful laughter.

“You dont love her! I know that! If not, why would you make plans to marry Sister Wanrou”

Raising an eyebrow, he frigidly asked in return, “Who said that Im marrying her”


She was stunned.

Dumbstruck, she said, “I heard that you will hold a press conference to announce your wedding…”

“Im going to announce my wedding.” His aloof tone paused as it dipped lower.

“But its not with her!”

Now, she was thoroughly floored.

He said that hell announce his wedding but not with Mu Wanrou!

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