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Feeling ashamed and aggrieved at his anger, she cradled her face as fat teardrops rolled down her pale cheeks and quivering lips; anyone who saw her like this would feel heartbroken!

Mister Lus heart ached at how haggard and disheveled his daughter looked.

He reached out to help her up.

She shunned his hand, though.

Holding in her grievances, she stood by herself and ran up the stairs without looking back.

With a pong , the door was slammed shut.

Looking down at his stinging palm, he now regretted his action; he momentarily lost his cool and ended up smacking her hard in the face.

He went up to his daughters room, only to hear her weeping from within.

Worried, he knocked on the door.

Her cries stopped at once.

“Tiantian, dad was at fault.

I shouldnt have hit you… Open the door and tell me what happened to you, okay”

“Dont bother me! G-Go away!” wailed his daughter.

He frowned in anxiety, but since his daughter was unwilling to speak, he could only helplessly sigh.

What happened had already happened; there was no need for him to probe how exactly it had occurred.

Once she regained her composure, he could then inquire about it!

Only when his footsteps receded did she cry her heart out.

Entering the bathroom, she scrubbed her body so hard that her skin nearly bled, but no matter how many times she did, she still found herself dirty and unclean!

Hugging her body while crouching in the bathtub, she cried helplessly!

She thought that it was the end of the matter, but something happened the very next day!

Because she returned late last night, after her bath, she cried herself to sleep.

She was still asleep when Song Enyas call startled her awake.

“Jiantian, where… where are you now!”

She found her friends question weird.

As she was still feeling groggy from her sleep, she hoarsely replied, “Im at home!”

“Are you still sleeping!” Her best friend was shocked.

She could still sleep so nonchalantly when such a big issue had occurred!

She was even more baffled now.

“I slept late last night… Enya, whats the matter From your tone, it sounds as if something happened!”

“Y-Youd better see it for yourself on Weibo! I… I just found out about it! Quickly take a look!”

She had a bad premonition about this.

Instantly logging into her Weibo account on her tablet, she found the hashtag #LuJingtiannudephotos trending on the first page!

She gawked from shock and felt her chest constrict!

It turned out that Li Dongqiang had recorded yesterdays event; after editing, he posted a few screenshots on the Internet.

Other than her, everyone else was covered in mosaic.

From the screenshots, one could easily identify the woman from her disheveled hair, seductive look, and clear features.

Her hands trembled uncontrollably as she held the tablet.

This was not all, though.

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